KEN’S CORNER: Truth Is The Death Of Innocence

KEN’S CORNER: Truth Is The Death Of Innocence

Commentary by: TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive

I remember Saturday morning as a little boy, and a word I took with me for the rest of the day… “Pow!” With my impressionable open mind and wide eyes I looked over my pile of cinnamon toast and a hot cup of cocoa, and mimicked what I saw on the screen. Lash LaRue, Solders of Fortune, Roy Rogers, Sky King, and they all had one thing in common, they used a gun to settle an argument. Yea, they were the good guys… Pow, Pow, Pow? And in orange-gold of late afternoon, under the umbrella of our Rain Tree and the sounds of locusts, I pretended to shoot my friends with my Red Rider BB gun.

I learned quickly in the inner city of New Orleans that they were teaching me true reality, real life. On the wall in my living room was a rifle my father had brought back from Japan after WW2, and I remember every part of that gun from the little compartment at the very end of the stock that held a paper written in Japanese, to the razor sharp bayonet on the other. I fantasized myself in war holding it, and as it only held three shots, I saw myself using that bayonet in close combat. Pow, pow, pow, three shots, and after that stabbing your enemy in a charge. It was too heavy to pick up back then, but I saw myself as a man, with big strong arms.

I look around me sixty years later and I see a lot more than Pow, Pow, Pow, and it is from every direction. Little is left to the imagination. The other day I was flipping channels and something called “Kill Bill” came on, and there I watched a samurai woman cut off the arms and legs of about three hundred men. I could tell they were the bad guys because they were dressed in black, but I wonder just where I was taught that? What kind of person would want or have the need to watch such a movie? Well, guys like me. Men who were primed to get an adrenaline rush when looking at violence, and I yell out , “Yea!” as they slaughter one after another point blank.

Ever wonder where the insensitivity and lack of empathy comes from? It is from that black box sitting in your living room. It teaches us just what to think, convincingly illustrates to us what to do or not do, stimulates motivations so subtle we don’t even notice, even thinking, perhaps, that these feelings we have are innate, a human characteristic …an original thought.

I carry concealed when I travel to New Orleans, and I was taught that survival technique from the silver screen to boot camp. I survived the mean spirited, ignorant racists of New Orleans, because I learned my lessons well. I fear no man, no matter how big, or how bad he tries to project himself to be. Actually, I’m more afraid of my own ability, my ability to react, than any kind of adversary, and I try with all of my might to think clearly, and react with my intellect. Not every man raised on pow, pow, pow can do this, and I think the primary reason is that they are not in control of their life, or have a semblance of responsibility for their actions. Anger gets the best of them, and they will spend twenty years in a cell paying for it. How many times in my life has a picture of my wife and child flashed in my mind in the middle of a potential situation, and they saved both me and them.

Beyond Pow

We have a front row seat on the internet. With the press of a button that says “enter,” we can watch everything in real time, from running with the bulls in Spain, deep sea fishing in the Caribbean, to a rover exploring Mars. The technology for this is truly amazing, and can be uplifting to the human spirit, but there is a flip side to this newly developed phenomena, and it is opening up our minds to a new reality of evil and horror not only hard to deny, but so heart wrenching we can, with just a glance, be irrevocably changed. We can watch children actually burn a puppy to death with gasoline, a screaming cow being squeezed through a giant meat auger, or a cat being skinned alive in the back of an oriental restaurant in China, but the horrors do not stop there… no, there are far more,and if you have the stomach for it, with the help of a key word, google can quickly bring you to what human beings around the world are doing to each other… We can watch a child die still attached to its placenta on a cold metal table after an abortion, the jaws of death opening the door to a decapitated man on a highway just a few blocks away. They will even photograph a child’s shoe, or a Louie Vuitton purse in the middle of the road, for effect… and tell you the last words they were texting… And the news is designed to have you sit through three five minute clusters of advertising, with ticklers along the way, for the really significant news…

On the history channel we can watch burning men run out of holes in some far away jungle war, or watch an African child take his last breath in 120 degree heat from starvation… while a buzzard waits in the background just a few feet away, with the photographer…

But the effects of our own military campaigns around the world are not shown on our televisions. For that, you have to go on line.

You can see both panoramic and HD close ups before the dust has actually settles from a motor or rocket that has an American flag on its side… and gaze into the eyes of a screaming mother as she pulls the mangled and burned body of her child from a pile of rubble that was once his school. And there is a reason that is not put on television: it hits too close to home. We want to believe we are the good guys, and that what someone else is doing in our name is for the good of us all, but on RT, Russia’s news, you see another side not found on our black box, and that omission is louder than the screams of that woman. They know that if you saw what was really going on, in your name, you might do something. Yes, you have the potential to do something.

How can you ever, till the day you die, forget a naked Christian woman being burned alive slowly over an open fire, as others, so called Muslims, laugh and beat her with sticks… and much more I can’t write about here, even for men who were primed from before they could talk to say “Pow!” And I have seen, with my own eyes, how people can change from a loving father and mother, with hope for the future, to what can only be described as monsters. They have lost everything, and the only thing they can now produce is revenge. And they want to kill you.

We can try to stay detached from these things, quickly turning it off perhaps… because we know that if you see too much, even the sound of it may linger to replay in our heads like an old song. And try as you may, by thinking of happier thoughts, it will sit on a dusty shelf in your mind until you are too tired to hold it at bay, and it will return to haunt you in the middle of the night. And after the years pile on, one on top of the other, you realize that some things are indelibly fixed in your mind, forever, forever, forever… and in spite of it all, you want to be a good and honest person, a loving and caring person, a sensitive and insightful person …………. in spite the horror you know exists all around you, and the fears that grip your very soul.

And sometimes, as you try to reason out what can only be described as insanity, a heart wrenching revelation hits you right between the eyes.

And in a moment of clarity you see beyond the horror, to the element of cause, a cause that stimulated the effect, and in that instant of illumination, you see that you are indirectly and inadvertently responsible for a lot of it. Yes, we are responsible for this world and everything in it whether we want to believe it or not, even though we have been designed over cinnamon toast and hot cocoa to be insensitive to Pow! And as this knowledge kicks in, as we sit back in our little microcosm, we suddenly start to question ourselves, and the world around us… And as we sit in the blue light of that black box illuminating our minds to a reality based on an agenda formulated in its deep recesses by men looking for a black bottom line, they can finally be seen, so cleverly hidden behind curtains. And your mind and spirit, your creativity, your emotions, your dreams, the love you hold in check, belong to them, and you think, for just a moment, that you want them back. Pow!

From the mind of man

I was raised a Catholic, and yes, there are some of you who are reading this who immediately have something negative to say about that. I no longer care. If you think your method of faith to be superior, that you have found the ultimate truth, well good for you in your delusion, as your faith is better than my faith… We were taught, as Catholics, that the New Testament is just that, a New Testament of God by the life and death of Jesus Christ. And though we saw the Old Testament to be of value, we were taught that it was emphatically displaced by a new way of perceiving God, where salvation was given to us by the very last and ultimate sacrifice, Jesus dying on the cross. Jews do not believe or accept this, and laugh in disrespect between themselves, some not even believing he ever existed, and some Jews are atheists….

Muslims, on the other hand, venerate Jesus as the greatest of all prophets. But their faith tells them he was just a man, a man inspired by God, and they venerate his Mother Mary too… Though the Christian philosophy is a bit complex, and interpreted differently, several elements rings in my mind from St. Raphael to Loyola…. One is that Jesus taught us about men who say they are Jews but are not, that His kingdom was not of this world, that he who lives by the sword will die by it, to forgive and love your enemy, and to love your neighbor as yourself.

On the other hand, in my study, I have seen a great similarity between the Jewish religion and Islam, who, to some degree, collectively see God as wrathful, revengeful. vengeful, and a domineering force to be feared, and profoundly, one that manipulates men to war in his name. Jesus was a man of Love and Peace, and yet there are passages in the New Testament that people have used to promote horrific crimes against humanity, from witch burning, the dark age inquisition with imaginative tortures and public burnings, and Holy Wars… screaming their God’s name as they slaughter others doing the same. Any innocence that got in the way was called collateral damage, and well justified, as the cause was considered far greater…

And then Agnostics, who sit on the philosophical fence, points out that there is no historical record that Jesus ever existed, as Roman scribes wrote down everything, and they preach that the story of Jesus Christ is a fable, a myth, and that his life and death were identical from Zoroaster to Amen Ra. And seculars and atheists have concluded that religion is overwhelmingly evil, where men are enslaved by mind and body by a belief system created by dominating men who uses the fear of death, and the ability to foretell celestial events, to dominate and control. And all of us attempt to live together on a small blue planet so amazingly beautiful, and so very precious.

A possibility of hope

I have been watching what has been unfolding in the Middle east for a very long time, and it seems to me that the conflicts there will be everlasting. It is designed that way. Though I see that my very good friends are taking sides on this issue, opposing one another with great verve, something I have noticed might be of some value to all, and I hope the following might give a new perspective of hope.

The Zionist Jews, mostly from Europe, and predominately from Russia, went to that place with the help of a mandate called the Balfour Agreement, in 1948, and with arms, “liberated” the populous of opposition for their “right of return” as Jews, as their book foretold.

Orthodox Jews think these thoughts an abomination, and a perversion inspired by secularism who they feel should not be speaking for the religion. Before that time, for a hundred years, this new Zionist idea had two avenues, two means of achieving that goal. One was the creation of a Jewish Homeland, and the other a Church-State. Now a homeland is a peaceful method, and already existed there, just as Christians and Muslims and many Persian religions think that area was the veritable seat of their religion. A Church State, however, is a military force, and that machine marched in and took over the land by force, displacing 1.3 million people off their land. In that process, many people died, and businessmen, farms, and many generations of mostly peaceful coexistence was forfeited.

This recent conflict is escalating violence world wide, with Christians paying a horrible price some places, Muslims in others, and Jews have never been more despised and hated. Many Orthodox Jews are coming forth to separate themselves with this violent Church State Philosophy, saying their interpretation of the texts say to them that the land will be freely given, without violence, and that what is happening in Israel is an abomination.

Two sides of the same coin

There seems to be some similarity between the two sides that I would to point out. Both sides are fighting for what is called a “right of return” to their “homeland”. One was displaced in the 1960’s and the others 2,500 years or so ago. One side is said to be using children as human shields, and they counter this by saying it is justified collateral damage for a cause far greater. The other, though they say they are reluctant to do it, bombs what they think are military facilities found in densely populated areas to protect themselves, and the children are collateral damage to that greater end. One side has superior fire power, and the other side has missiles that are unguided, and merger arms smuggled into the country, in spite of a blockade that isolates them into what many consider an apartheid state.

They have, however, another formidable weapon, millions upon millions of very angry, fundamental, and hate driven Muslims who profess that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. None of these people, on one or the other side, wants to do harm to the land of Israel certainly not to destroy it by a nuke Israel. The land is precious, so precious they would die trying to take it back, forever and a day…

Another factor to consider are those who use religion to promote, not for a righteous cause, but to make money in the mayhem. And banks are the only entities who are designed to make a profit on both destruction and reconstruction, even government involvement in war is bankrolled by these banks. Isn’t war, and the ciaos and fear that promotes it something they might take advantage of?

Surely some bankers are good and honorable men, but wouldn’t conflict, already existing and seemingly out of their hands, be used to make a profit? And if this is so, wouldn’t the path to a lasting peace be for the same reason? What I mean is, can peace be just a profitable as war? It is said that about 85 percent of our American industry exports has something to do with war, and we have been warned from Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Ron Paul that this will be our ultimate demise. It is the reason we are in a constant state of war, one after another, since WW2, the very reason for 9-11 and every false flag along the way. Ask yourself, who paid for Gaza arms, Israels Iron Dome, every tank, every guided missile? You did. And look at who stands to profit from this? Corporations. The military Industrial Complex.

The avenue to peace

And why are our borders being breached at just this time? So that you can focus your attention on that. And why does Israel now advertise for help on our televisions? Is it because they see that sentiment for them is waning, that Americans are finally having enough of a battle that can never ever be won, and may in fact bring us into WW3? Would you give up America for Russian Zionists who want a military state? Would you give up our country for Gaza? You want to back Palestinians so blinded by hate they justify the death of their own children for the cause, and for several thousands of years? It seems to me that these two factions are not capable of resolving this matter, and another solution has, must, be put on the table. Two state?

How can that work when children are still fresh in their graves? Forgiveness in a world with out the teaching of Jesus makes that scenario impossible. Displacing the Palestinians to another place, as some Zionists are suggesting to take Gaza into their Jewish collective? How could that work if just another border is created? Or possibly World war three, where we kill or exterminate each other in ethnic cleansing? Come on, as that a viable option, in spite of Evangelicals helping that scenario to manifest to actually bring in the second coming? They interpolate their biblical text’s revelations, and inspire war to promote that assumption, faithfully executed.

The answer will only come when an international force descends on the area and takes complete charge of the situation, on both sides. What needs to be created is something akin to an international park, protected by international law, and under the dominion of international forces designed to keep order. All religions will be under the blanket of protection, and the original Zionist ideal of a Jewish homeland can be implemented in the same manor every other religion can. A homeland, like a multicolored blanket of peace, where all men can come to their ancestral home and reflect, pray, and in the process, respect and love all others who do the same. And all who want to dominate, from Zionism to Hamas, permanently expelled. Reparation will occur after formal hearing by an international tribunal based on international law will try both sides for humanitarian crimes.



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Ken LaRive

From the Author, Ken La Rive – We in the Liberty movement have been fighting to take back this country for less than a decade, peacefully and with the love of God and country in our hearts. Our banner has been trampled on and displaced by a multitude of distractions, further eroding our nation and the cause for Liberty. And so, as we are pulled by forces we cannot fathom, powerful entities with unlimited resources stolen from our future, unaccountable trillions printed out of thin air and put on our backs as debt, we must formulate the most pitiful of all questions any patriot might ask in the final hour: Are we going to fight for our master’s tyranny, or are we going to demand the return of our civil liberties and Constitution? Are we going to choose The Banner of Liberty, or the shackles of voluntary servitude? Will it be a war for corporate profit, or a war to regain our ability to self govern, as the blood and toil of our forefathers presented to us, their children, as a gift? I fear that decision is emanate. I fear that any decision will be a hard one, but my greatest fear of all is that the decision has already been made for us.

Image credit: “Roy Rogers and Trigger” by Olivander is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0



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