The Regime’s Recovery Con



Ah, the happy glow of phony numbers and a compliant mainstream media.

Following the release of Friday’s jobs report, Bloomberg’s headline simply beamed “Hiring in U.S. Kicks Into Higher Gear as Unemployment Plunges.” All is now rosy in the Obama recovery.

“Stocks rose on the improving jobs picture and Treasury yields climbed,” Bloomberg proclaimed. Sorry to bear the news, but it’s all as farcical as the phony money the Federal Reserve is pumping out.

Bloomberg highlighted a 288,000 gain in employment. But you have to read way down to see that the labor force shrank by more than 800,000 in April. Funny math Bloomberg is using. 288,000 minus 800,000 equals negative 512,000. Only in the sociopathic world of government doublespeak does such a huge negative equal a positive.

That’s a far cry from a gain in employment, and it’s reflected in the labor force participation rate, which dropped to 62.8 percent. Labor force participation is the share of working-age people in the labor force. It hasn’t been this low since 1978. That means that 92,594,000 “workers” are not workers. That’s an all-time record. What April really saw was 988,000 drop out of the labor force, the second highest total ever.

President Barack Obama and his minions proclaimed recovery summer in 2010. At the time, the labor force participation rate was 65.2 percent.

Blessed recovery. Just imagine if things weren’t going well where we’d be.

Looking deeper in the numbers (thanks to for doing the dirty work) we see what a con job the regime is doing with the statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Household survey showed an actual decline of 73,000 jobs. All this while the number of people who currently wanted a job remained unchanged at 6,146,000.

And here’s some more depressing news about America’s depression: The average number of jobs added per month since the peak of the depression (February 2010) is 172,000. But the average number of people who have dropped out of the labor force each month since that time is 175,000.

And what’s more, the “recovery” is not translating into more jobs for workers under age 55. Workers aged 16-54 – note this includes the most productive sector, those aged 25-54 – lost 259,000 jobs in April. Only those aged 55 and above showed a net gain, according to the BLS.

For women, things are even worse. The Obama regime’s war on women workers has driven the number of females 16 and older not in the workforce up to a record 55,116,000. That’s an increase of 428,000 over March.

Workers 55-69 gained 174,000, likely indicating two things: older workers are unable to retire because they’ve spent their life savings (what hasn’t been lost to inflation) just surviving the depression, and they’re now forced to work to support their grown children who can’t find work.

In 16 million out of a total of 80 million U.S. homes, not one person is working and there is no income beyond a government check. That’s 20 percent of all households that are being supported off the backs of a declining number of American workers.

But never mind though, Obamaphiles ensure us that all those jobs lost at the opening of the “George Bush recession” have been recovered.

On Obamacare

Obama’s White House told us, “you can keep your health plan if you like your health plan.” Further affronting fact, they’ve claimed that Obamacare is not forcing you to pay for other people’s abortions. The law, they continue to insist, is working perfectly for all Americans.

Of course, Jay Carney pointed out last week that  the Administration doesn’t have any real Obamacare numbers; but any numbers that don’t put a positive spin on the healthcare law are wrong.

One in three ACA enrollees had not paid their premium by April 15. But Obama continues to claim the debate on Obamacare is over and the law is working.

If by “working” he means it’s destroying the health insurance industry, doctor-patient relationships and middle class job opportunities, I guess he’s right.

Thanks to Obamacare, on Jan. 1 the top marginal tax rate went from 35 percent to 39.6 percent. The top income payroll tax jumped from 37.4 percent to 52.2 percent. Capital gains taxes – which is money already taxed once – went from 15 percent to 28 percent, taxes on dividends leapt from 15 percent to a whopping 39.6 percent, and estate taxes jumped from zero to 55 percent. And Obama wants more.

On the Bundy Ranch

I’ve documented for you Senator Harry Reid’s criminality. Here are couple more tidbits that have come to light.

Reid’s interest in Bundy’s land goes beyond transnational green energy boondoggles and the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone. It seems that Reid is in possession of 93 acres of land near the Bundy Ranch that sit on the path of a future development and a freeway interchange.

Also, the BLM may have violated posse comitatus in its standoff with Bundy and his supporters. The website Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, a site run by Marine veterans with ties to the intelligence community, spotted at least one U.S. Army Special Forces member among the government-backed thugs threatening Bundy and his supporters.

Remember that Reid said in reference to the Bundy standoff: It’s not over. Las Vegas police officers claim they’re doing all they can to identify any of the militia in the crowd that may have pointed a gun at law enforcement.

Demonstrating the double standard that is a police state; LEOs are free to aim guns at civilians without consequence but go all apoplectic when guns are pointed back by free Americans.

The reality you won’t hear from Obama’s media lapdogs

The whole U.S. economy is a stack of cards hanging on lies and money printing. The stock market is an expanding bubble of insolvency. There is still time – though the window is closing — thanks to the manipulators to buy silver. It’s still under $20 an ounce. That’s a bargain. You need it in your possession. Now!

The President can only tout his failing healthcare overhaul as a success by pretending that evidence to the contrary is invalid.

“We dispute their numbers. We don’t have hard, concrete numbers, but we dispute them,” Carney said last week.

Besides, Obama likes to say, the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, so get over it. (Last time I checked, the 2nd Amendment is another, much older, law of the land.)

Meanwhile, The Administration is using the same strategy to deflect an even more transparent failure on the part of his Administration: the terror attacks that led to the loss of American life in Benghazi, Libya.

Last week, former White House National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor responded to Fox News’ questions about newly publicized White House documents that prove a coverup took place, saying, “Dude, this was like two years ago.”

Based on statements by these spokespuppets, the Obama message is really quite simple: This Administration will be held accountable for no failure and will answer to no criticism, evidence notwithstanding. And as we’ve witnessed with the events that unfolded at Bundy Ranch, the government vows consequences for any American who dares challenge its corruption by exercising the very rights put in place to the keep tyranny at bay.

Can there be any doubt the U.S. is a collapsing fascist state?
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