The Revolution Lives On

By: Dan Asmussen, The Liberty Beacon

Dear fellow patriots,

We are soon to be engaged in a war for the gratification of the lust of power and aggrandizement, for greed, for our conquest and subjugation, with a malignant ferocity and with a disregard and contempt for our unalienable rights entirely unequaled in American history. Such, I have warned the people, were the characteristics of liberals.

We are now facing an unparalleled time in our history, as neo-conservatives have joined the ranks of liberal tyranny; the blasphemous assault on our Declaration of Independence and Constitution coming from both sides on opposite ends of the spectrum to meet the same ends. The oligarchs who command them are poised to disarm us, thus removing our last resort, exercisable when the sanctions of society and laws are found insufficient to restrain the violence of oppression.

After what has happened during the last four years, my only wonder is that we consented to live for so long a time in association with such miscreants and have loved so much and served so faithfully a government rotten to the core. If this were 1776 I could no more consent to enter into Union with such a people than I could to trust myself in a den of thieves. There is, no doubt, a difference between patriots and liberals. Let no man embrace the delusion that there can be a renewed association between them.

Our enemies are a traditionless, immoral, and unethical race. From the time of Franklin Roosevelt they have been disturbers of our nation’s peace. Gathered together from the slums of big cities, the deserts of Arabia, the wastelands of Mexico, and the streets of socialist Europe they commenced by disturbing the peace of their own countries and communities. The issue before us is one of no ordinary character. We are not soon to be engaged in a conflict for conquest, or for aggrandizement, or for the settlement of a point of international law.

The question for us is, Will we be slaves or free men and women? Will we transmit to our children the liberty and equality which our forefathers transmitted to us, or will we bow down in adoration before an idol baser than ever has been worshipped by ancient pagans? Nothing more is necessary than the mere statement of the issue. Whatever may be the personal sacrifices involved, I am confident that you will not shrink from them whenever the question comes before you.

Those traitors who now assail us, who have hijacked what once was the best government the world had ever seen — these men, when left to their own devices, have shown that they are incapable of governing justly, within the bounds of the Constitution, and of preserving even the most basic of personal liberties. They have destroyed or are now attempting to destroy every unalienable right proscribed within the Bill of Rights; they have seized upon and imprisoned citizens who dissent or exercise their God given rights; men have been carried off into captivity in distant “states” without indictment, without knowledge of the accusations brought against them, in utter defiance of all rights guaranteed by the institutions under which we live.

These people, collaborating amongst themselves behind closed doors, have in the last few decades and especially the last four years have demonstrated their utter incapacity for self-government. And yet they claim to be our masters. They have determined to divide our property and prosperity among themselves and those who would sell their vote for entitlements.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights they have devoted to the direst vengeance of all. But vengeance is the Lord’s, and beneath His banner we will soon meet and hurl back these worse than vandal hordes. Until that day, we will continue to fight them with every means at our disposal, and we shall prevail. Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, and there are many among us who are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our beloved nation is not destroyed.

As the eve of a new year comes to a close, our immortal history prepares to be written, and our revolution lives on. May God bless each one of you… and may God continue to bless the Republic, the United States of America.

Happy New Year to you all…

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