The “Safe” HPV Vaccine That is Anything BUT…

By TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

According to the British Journal of Medicine the HPV vaccine is effective and safe and works best in young women. The conclusion of the BJM was based on 26 different studies that claim the vaccine is effective in preventing changes that could lead to cancer. How could this possibly be, considering they also say that because “insufficient time has passed no trials have yet shown an effect on cervical cancer deaths”.  This means not enough time has passed to show any proof that the vaccine has any impact on cervical cancer.

Were this not bad enough, reports about the HPV vaccine make light of the fact that there were  severe adverse reactions in  656 out of 10,000 participants in the vaccinated groups. As a person living with a vaccine injury, I am angered by the idea that vaccine safety is all about manipulating numbers and trying to convince people that dangerous products are safe. When one digs a bit deeper it is easy to find studies promoting the HPV vaccine that have a lot of flaws.

Why is it that there were no long term follow ups regarding how the HPV vaccine impacts fertility? Males have been completely ignored in almost every study of the HPV vaccine. How is it they continue to recommend this vaccine for boys and young men but leave them out of any safety study?

I keep going back to the fact they downplay the number of people who had reactions to the vaccine. Could it be that the HPV vaccine is so dangerous that the only way to continue marketing the vaccine is by omitting facts and outright lies? Take a look at the following videos and ask yourself who do you trust? The victim of vaccine injury, or the pharmaceutical companies that have a product to sell.

We The People NOT They The Elite! (CW)

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