The States Usurpation of Parental Rights: One Fathers Fight for Justice

72_family_court_cover1[1]By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Those who suffer this injustice are extremely aware of the almost total usurpation of parental rights in America today. There can be little doubt remaining of the states end goal to destroy the family unit and thus the foundation of American society.

Since when does the state have the right to decide how you raise your children, how you chose to educate your children, whether or not you are smart enough to home school your children (as long as you meet state guidelines), what religion you wish to present to your children etc…? How many parents today must comply with outrageous, intrusive and embarrassing demands simply to keep their children or be allowed to see them at all.

All of this is culminating in the destruction of the family unit, it’s values and is culminating in generations of mentally confused and abused children who will never know the true love and devotion of an isolated parent. Is some intervention justified by this system into the family unit … Yes, but the system is bloated, corrupt and on a power trip that is extremely destructive or counter to the mission of the system in the first place.

Please follow as one concerned and loving father struggles for a decade just to spend time with his child. Is he a criminal … no, abusive … no, does he lack in intelligence … no, but the state trumps his undying love as a father with every tool they can muster. This loving parent is not alone and this story plays out in every community across this land.

This is a story of struggle as seen through the eyes of a loving parent who is determined to see justice for all parents! Please read and watch more.



United States Supreme Court marked off with Crime Scene Tape

WLYB…Feb. 5, 2013 Lawless America Patriots Wrapped the Supreme Court in Washington DC with our “crime scene” banner about Judicial and Family Court Corruption in our country.

I, Glen Gibellina was proud to be a participant in this historical event that will live on in history in the hope’s that our children will know we as parents will NEVER give up on them, not yesterday, today or tomorrow. Never give up, never retreat and never, never surrender.

Crimes have been committed inside these hallowed halls. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the FBI or the police stretching out the Crime Scene banner, it was members of the Lawless America Revolution. The 150-foot long 4-foot high CRIME SCENE banner was unfurled in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Security, police, and others looked on with shocked expressions.

For those who are unaware, the federal courts in America are a criminal racketeering enterprise, and the Supreme Court is as corrupt as it gets. Even the Clerk’s Office of the Supreme Court is outrageously corrupt. Visit us on Facebook @ Actof Courage or Lawless America We THE PEOPLE are Rocking THE SUPREME COURT


Congressional Testimony: Glen Gibellina to Bill Windsor of Lawless America



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