The TPP Economic Treaty Is The Calling Card For Death Of The United States As A Sovereign Nation



Joachim Hagopian

After five years of negotiations, this week in Atlanta the trade ministers from all twelve nations finally arrived at an agreement to the biggest economic treaty in human history, co-opting their masters’ Trans-Pacific Partnership after hashing out their final bones of contention and bringing their New World Order one giant step closer to mankind.

Sending their final 30 chapter product for each of the dozen national governments to now sign off and ratify, once that hurdle is navigated, enter the Brave New World Order of a one world government. Back in May US Congress already voted to give up its oversight role by handing its reigns of authority over to presidential dictator Obama to personally fast track it. To accomplish the passage of the May fast track bill, Big Business bribed US Senators to vote in favor by a 65-33 margin with a carrot stick sum of $1,148,971 between January and March 2015 when the bill was debated on the floor. This sadly is how business as usual gets done in Washington.

Meanwhile, citizen movements that bring pressures to bear on national governments to protect the people and the environment are rendered defenseless amidst the onslaught of corporatized dominance over nations and their populations. The Philip Morris tobacco company is suing Uruguay for imposing health warnings on cigarette packaging. A Canadian mining company is taking El Salvador to court due to citizens’ grassroots efforts to halt mining operations from pouring poisonous chemicals into the ground to extract gold. If TPP is passed, governments will no longer be able to protect its citizens and any democratic rights of the people will be completely destroyed.

If the fate of humans is to somehow avoid this totalitarian horror and nightmarish tyranny of a fascist one world government, then the time to stand up and be counted is now. Citizens of the 12-nation Pacific Rim that include the US, Canada and Mexico as well as Chile and Peru along with Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Brunei must demand that their government representatives refuse to pass TPP. Obviously our work is cut out for us and it will not be easy.

Last year a Princeton-Northwestern study officially declared the United States an oligarchy after determining that Congress operates on behalf of the ruling elite that pours billions into politicians’ pockets effectively bribing and buying them off to vote for its self-interest rather than the American people who voted them into office. But despite the rigged political system stacked against American citizens and this same blatant, in-our-face corruption pervasively entrenched now in virtually every nation on earth, it is up to us citizens of the world to ultimately band together in solidarity in order to make sure that this Trojan horse of a Trans-Pacific Partnership does not become NWO law.

Regardless of what happens, the 21st century has to go down in history as the age of global deception when Orwellian doublespeak is the universally uttered language spoken by all the most prominent political leaders on the planet. But really the globalists who’ve long been perched at the highest echelons of US power have been speaking in fork tongue for centuries. Fresh off their Jekyll Island conspiracy in 1910, the globalist bankers achieved their first coup de tat in Washington when they snuck through Congress another bill no one read just prior to Christmas recess in 1913.

Just as 2002’s Patriot Act subsequently undermined and destroyed the US Constitution from being upheld and practiced as America’s rule of law, the two most subversive pieces of legislation in US history effectively destroyed the United States as a democratic republic – the deceitfully privatized Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the unconstitutional Federal Income Tax Act of 1913. In their third attempt at establishing for good a central banking system within America, the globalists adopted the same economic system that had been operating with Rothschild money in Europe since the Bank of England began in 1694.

No sooner did the Wall Street bankers wield power over the US government seizing control over America’s money supply, usurping the function of the US Treasury, they were able to lock in an unconstitutional financial system whereby they were handed authority to create money out of thin air in order to charge interests on loans to the US government so wars that bankers actually caused could be conveniently financed at a handsome profit. Additionally, the globalist banksters were able to bludgeon both commercial businesses and private citizens with usury debt through interests accruing on bank loans also cut out of thin air. And then with the annual collection of Americans’ federal income tax used to pay off mostly the government’s interests on war loans, the bankers had manipulated both Congress and Americans into their elaborate Ponzi scheme of a feudal debtor system.

Just months later the only thing left in 1914 was to immediately plunge allied nations into the first world war against a globalist funded militarized Germany, always ensuring major dividends from war profiteering by financing both sides of both World Wars as had been the European-Rothschild custom for centuries. Thus, bent on killing fair free market competition and indeed the free enterprise system itself for the sake of establishing a cartel of overriding monopolies, a handful of elitist families – the Rockefellers, the JP Morgans, the Fords, the Carnegies and the Bushes to name but a few – proceeded to make their killings off the blood, sweat, and tears of the American population, sacrificing our fallen soldiers for obscene profiteering while turning the rest of us still alive into the robotic walking dead sentenced to a lifetime of indentured servitude.

And to seize even more control over Washington and its foreign policy in particular, guaranteeing virtual nonstop war by globalist design, in 1921 the elite’s most public face credited as the NWO architects was born in the Council on Foreign Relations. Over this last century nearly every Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense and over half the US presidents have all been card carrying members of the CFR. After all, war’s always been most profitable to globalist bankers. Hence, it’s no accident that 93% of its time as a nation, the US has been killing other humans somewhere on the planet 222 of its 239 years in existence. No other nation on earth can dare boast such dubiously shameful bragging rights.

So through nearly two and a half centuries of nonstop war, and now after the 21st century “Pearl Harbor event” of 9/11 that was planned years earlier by the neocon Project for the New American Century, their demonic agenda has become reality. They’ve taken down America and its constitutional freedoms as the world’s strongest nation by overextending its fighting war machine, decimating its middle class, and in effect destabilizing every nation and region on earth by manufacturing a permanent war of global terror, an unsustainable global economy driven by a gluttonous military industrial complex, and establishing their New World Order tumultuously operating under public radar behind US Empire’s full spectrum dominance on their geopolitics chessboard.

After all, when the richest 1% of the global population is able to steal so much wealth that they actually own more than the rest of the 99% of the entire 7 plus billion population combined, at the global masses’ expense their New World Order’s already been fulfilled. The only thing left is to codify the NWO into formal existence by writing laws that multiple national governments will co-sign into effect relinquishing and destroying all national sovereignty. If TPP passes, transnational corporations will supersede all national and state laws and courts.

We are at this final stage right now, and their puppet-in-chief wearing blackface backed by his GOP pro-globalist Congress is rushing to finalize these trade agreements as foremost on Obama’s lame duck schedule just under the wire before the US dollar gets blown up by the collapsing bubble burst of the bankrupted global economy and a cast of neocon madmen drag us all into yet another world war. The death and destruction that awaits if we allow it is the globalist ticket for thinning the global pop. down to a “sustainable” UN Agenda sized 21 of a half billion humans while gaining absolute totalitarian microchip control over every earthling left alive on the planet.

And now a century after the fork tongued globalists hijacked Washington, they’re still at it, but today the stakes are graver than ever. Their treasonous thievery couched in obscure doublespeak language touts “free trade” as their main selling point when it’s anything but free trade. Only five of the thirty chapters even have anything to do with trade. The unholy trio of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) economically merging North America with the European Union, are now being fast tracked under the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) that Congress yielded to Obama in May.

Just like they did 100 years earlier, now they’re far more skilled and experienced at fooling the public than ever before. At this point the globalists are counting on the average American Joe to be so dumbed down and confused as to not even try and stop them. They’re counting on us not understanding what’s at stake here, allowing their doublespeak lingo buried in technocratic legalese deceit and propaganda to con us into passively believing TPP may actually be good for us.

After all, if you believe the lies from the minion spin, TPP will knock down all the red tape barriers that have made “free trade” so impossible for the dozen nations responsible for 40% of the total world economy. Ostensibly TPP will streamline and standardize “free trade” products for global consumption. These are the lies they propagate in selling TPP to the public. However, history already foretells a grim TPP outcome if it passes. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was hyped early in globalist Clinton’s first term in office as a guaranteed boom for the American economy promising more jobs but all it did was provide a cover for outsourcing American manufacturing jobs to Mexico.

The TPP intends on just more of the same, for all intents and purposes simply expanding NAFTA eastward to Asia in an effort to hedge China as the emerging global economic giant due to eclipse the US as the economic kingpin. Similarly to Clinton, the known pathological liar Obama who as presidential candidate vowed to be the most open and transparent president in US history but proved the most secretive and deceptive claims TPP will “level the playing field” for American workers and businesses, adding that the US public will have months to openly review the deal prior to his signing it into law. Obama is a psychopathic master of doublespeak deceit.

In actuality TPP will allow oil companies and other multinational corporations to sue governments for obstructing their further rape of the planet. It will only increase fracking and drilling worldwide. The fast tracking component effectively bypasses any chance of public debate and mobilizing citizen opposition. It will permit foreign transnationals to legally challenge any existing domestic environmental regulation. TPP has been written by the globalists to serve only their own special interests. Globalists have both history and ultra-secrecy on their side. By calculated design they’ve carefully withheld virtually the entire 30 chapters of detailed critical information even from Congress members needed to sign off on the agreement. Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) had this to say about how TPP has been handled:

The majority of Congress is being kept in the dark as to the substance of the TPP negotiations, while representatives of U.S. corporations – like Halliburton, Chevron, PHRMA, Comcast, and the Motion Picture Association of America – are being consulted and made privy to details of the  agreement.

Fortunately WikiLeaks managed to intercept limited portions of TPP to gain a glimpse at its ambitious aim to codify New World Order into supreme law. Some of the concealed fine print spells a foreboding blueprint for setting back both human rights and workers’ rights centuries, plunging us into another dark aged feudalism. In recent years labor unions in America have already taken a major hit in protecting workers’ rights. But TPP also threatens to throwback worker safety standards to the cold winds of hell as well. Worker conditions today are becoming so dire that owner-management has taken full advantage. Knowing that for every job opening, dozens of desperate job seeking applicants are available, owners exploit these stacked numbers working against American employees to grossly underpay and view their workers as mere expendable commodities. Job loyalty and dedication are largely overlooked.

American workers in the current permanently stagnated economy ready to go bust are working far longer hours for less wages that carry far less buying power than in multiple decades. In this increasingly austere culture and climate, the actual numbers are astoundingly scary. An estimated over a quarter of the total US working population isn’t even looking for work anymore, one fifth of all US households don’t have anyone employed and over 101 million working age Americans are without work. Those still holding down fulltime jobs have been made to feel fortunate just having a job to attend each day. Job security is another dead and gone relic from our past. For decades large corporations have been outsourcing US jobs to overseas markets like China for cheaper slave labor and higher corporate profits. TPP will only bring more lost American jobs and even more dire conditions.

Media censorship will eliminate internet access to billions of us globally. The powers-that-be are well aware that fewer and fewer people are paying attention to mainstream media as it’s finally been recognized for what it is – nothing more than gov.corps’ propaganda department. Truth is their enemy and the globalists are fuming over the ugly truth about them getting out to the public by way of independent alternative media found primarily on the internet. Hence, TPP has the internet targeted in its crosshairs for elimination, completely controlling all outflow of news and information to the public masses worldwide. Net neutrality is due to be scrapped as yet another NWO graveyard fatality if TPP gets passed. Additionally Hollywood’s been gunning to restrict copyrighted material from internet access in countries like New Zealand in effect attempting to usurp New Zealand laws.

TPP will allow Monsanto’s genetically modified organisms full toxic reign by restricting all government labeling of food. Despite increasing numbers of countries around the world passing laws prohibiting GMO products from entering their borders, TPP for the dozen nations it affects will trample over consumers’ rights to accessing healthy foods. Under TPP, health conscious states like Vermont that already passed a law last year requiring food labeling due to go into effect in 2016 will again become null and void.

The US pro-Pharma lobbying delegation pushing its 12-year monopoly on Big Pharma drugs being price inflated immune from any generic competition for a dozen years was one of the contentious issues holding up the trade ministers’ agreement. Despite US Congress already granting Big Pharma its power to charge absorbent, overpriced costs unaffordable to consumers to remain unchallenged for a full 12-year period, in the end the trade ministers agreed that the years of monopolized thievery for TPP were reduced to a range from 5 to 8 years of exclusive rights for the pharmaceutical manufacturers. This compromised feature is still being called a win for Big Pharma as it will continue seriously limiting access to affordable, potentially lifesaving medication for millions if not billions of people on this planet.

Yet another not so hidden negative consequence of TPP will be to specifically ban any movements, campaigns or policies promoting at either the national down to the community level the purchasing oflocally owned goods and services. Again, this ensures enforceable removal of all fair open market competition placing the smaller locally owned businesses at a severely rigged, too often lethal disadvantage.

Despite Obama and his rabid Republican backers in Congress, the globalist puppet president does not have strong support from congressional members from his own party. Though he finagled Congress to cave in to his fast tracking TPA earlier this year, it was not without formidable opposition generated from an anti-TPP activist movement that had successfully pressured politicians to not support it. Also with next year’s presidential election up for grabs, the shifting sands of fickle election year politics may cast changing loyalties to either side whichever way the wind blows. Though generally the money holders hold court, there are no guarantees. The vote will not even come up for another four months from now, plenty of time to demand action from our elected representatives to kill TPP once and for all.

Meanwhile, the EU-US’ TTIP appears to be unraveling in the face of defectors mainly from France and Germany abandoning US Empire’s house of cards hegemony. At the same time a stiffening groundswell of increasing vocal opposition to TTIP rising from Europeans long fed up with the EU technocrats out of Brussels calling the shots that counter their own localized self-interests have been galvanizing in resolute commitment to defeat the globalists on the Euro-front. They also justifiably fear that their own health standards for food products will be lowered by the fast and loose US market that permits far higher toxin levels. As informed and empowered citizen activists, we collectively have no other choice but in good conscience to exert our full unified efforts across continents toward derailment of the globalists’ sinister agenda that’s been specifically designed to fatally harm us as both sovereign nations and sovereign people. Together as a world citizenry we must break the yoke of oppression gripping our planet. Defeating TPP is one urgent place to start.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at




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