The True Fundamental Transformation of America: Invasion From the South


Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

What will it take for Americans to wake up to what is going on right under our noses, what we are not being told, or told the truth about? We were promised the “Fundamental Transformation of America” and this is about the only promise the current occupant of the white house has kept, and he kept this promise in spades! Except it is nothing good for We The People and is facilitating the downfall of America as we know it.

Today we live in a nation that is broke beyond understanding with a debt load  weight that will bend the backs of our children and their children for generations to come. The services WE pay for are being cut back even as our tax burden increases because we can no longer afford them.

Today those who have, are getting more and paying less, and those of us who don’t have are getting less but paying more. Today the average American is locked into a system of economic slavery who’s only beneficiary is the caste that controls this very government and a vast majority of the world. A caste who creates their wealth out of thin air and lend it to us at interest … Isn’t this something you or I would go to prison for and stay for a very long time?


The Fundamental Transformation of America is almost complete, but not quite, because we are Americans – stubborn, not easily defeated or discouraged and we still hold our middle class mindset that we are great and proud, with the innate ability to overcome any adversity. So another mechanism must be brought into the war being perpetrated against us … The dilution of the American population, a perpetual invasion from the south of millions of people not of our mindset (more on that below).

The biggest threat to our national security today is NOT from the middle east, Not from China, and Not from Russia etc… it is from our own compromised southern boarder. A boarder that is compromised NOT by lack of money or manpower, but by “intentional sabotage” by the very people we elect and trust to protect us. Think this is a stretch or an exaggeration, then watch this …

No, all who cross the border illegally are not bad people, and some wish only for a better life, a chance to fulfill dreams never attainable in their homeland. But they are not us … they are not legal citizens of this once great nation, they will be the straw to break the proverbial camel’s back, and those who would play God KNOW this.

But what about the radical Jihadists allied with the Mexican drug cartels (FACT), or other sworn enemies of America known to be in Mexico? If the border is no hindrance for Mexicans, south or central Americans … how the hell is it a hindrance for those who wish to see America fall?

Why is this president failing his constitutional duty to protect the American people by sealing the boarder, all the while passing the buck to an inept congress? Congress was never needed to seal the border.

He as Commander In Chief could at any point in time send troops or national guard to the border to supplement the border patrol and stem the tide of illegals, criminals and terrorists invading American soil. This is his most prominent mandate as our President, to “Protect American soil and sovereignty from foreign entities”! Sure to make immigration policy or law, yes congress is integral … BUT NOT to seal the border!

So after years of this ongoing invasion, why hasn’t he? NO I mean REALLY … WHY ???

It is estimated by some that more than twenty million illegals are currently in this country (I would venture a much higher number) and more flood across the border daily unhindered by this government. Remember the part about our services being cut back because we cannot afford them? How many illegals do you think your tax dollars are supporting?

Millions of Americans go hungry, live on the street homeless or die because they lack the healthcare to keep them alive. Yet we feed, cloth, educate and maintain the health of a HUGE number of ILLEGAL immigrants … so basically rather than stem the immense tide flooding illegally into this country … this government encourages it (by the very action of NOT stemming it) and offers them through its (not ours) generosity all that MANY Americans can only wish they had,  but due to a failing economy, must do without. So Please tell me again how this is not intentional … a mechanism to dilute the financial, mental and cultural strengths of America.

What we now see is instead of these illegals striving to become a integral part of the society that is hosting and indeed supporting them (some do) in so many ways (welfare. Healthcare, housing, education), this government institutes policies that force the American society to accommodate them and their shortcomings, such as the language barrier and education. These actions mentioned above ultimately result in the retardation of the need or ambition for learning, working or contributing to their host communities, and facilitates the perpetuation of this burden on you and I … and you have to know this government is very aware of this.

I am not anti-Hispanic … My wife, children and grandchildren are Hispanic, so do not dare to throw that in my face … I am not anti-immigration either … I am anti ILLEGAL immigration and pro America first … a concept those we elect to serve and protect us seem to have forgotten … or those who they really serve have instructed them to ignore.

It has been said many times that in order to fully facilitate the New World Order, America (thus the powerful middle class) must be brought to its knees first … You are getting a first hand glimpse at their play book, my friends and our defensive strategy is WHAT ???

You want some reasons for my RANTING?  Ok, I will offer them! Please read the attached article links, paying special attention to the time line in the first one and fully comprehend that this is ample proof that this plan has been long in the process.  These are just a few examples and I can offer MANY more, or you can do some research!

Then you decide if those of you who voted TWICE for the Fundamental Transformation of America … are content with it.

I am not, and I am PISSED OFF !!!



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