The Truth About Monsanto (King of GMO’s)

Monsanto is the sad story of imbecile opportunists trying to get wealthy off of a very bad idea: Scientists know more than anyone else that Earth is a very fragile place. We thought stories like Monsanto only happened under regimes such as Hitler’s or Stalin’s. Never could we have imagined that the problem would actually be caused by our fellow citizens at home.

Its’ not like people haven’t heard about Monsanto; there is just as much information about the issue, as there is disinformation. This is the Information Age we live in, we have to dig to find out lies, no matter how ridiculed they are by the “Corporatized” status quo; a status quo which obviously prefers to consume and debilitate our Global Village. They do that, instead of actually promoting a better way of life for all Earthlings. The same stupidity and myopic visions caused the mass Nazi graves, and has hid from Americans, that America has killed more people than Nazis and Communists, combined. That is the problem with money; it can turn an absolute blind eye on issues, no matter how out of hand those issues become (and no matter the flag or political ideology). The People can resist, but eventually after enough bombs and dead family members, they give in to Capitalist hope. That is the systemic reoccurrence some professors chose to mention about Capitalism; eventually, no matter the system, as long as it is Capitalist (meaning the use of monetary trade and wealth accumulation/property ownership) turns to Fascism. The basic principle of owning property leads to Fascism, a good example of that, is slavery in America.

I finally found out the truth about Monsanto on a French/German Channel called Arte (through a friend of mine); and since I never write articles unless I am absolutely certain of what I have to say, here are the fruits I bear.

Monsanto as with Veolia was invested in by Billionaires and their Hedge Funds, these weren’t the same ground up Companies which had been around for over 100 years; they were financed ideas, brought on by the very rich, similar to the Italian Mafias who invested in Hollywood. Monsanto was therefore sold to funds fronted by two ambitious billionaires, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet (although we must remember that Forbes’s richest people list are economic bubbles, which can pop whenever the powerful/connected chose). The idea was to use the interest money from those funds to finance Monsanto, never losing a dime from the original sum deposited (just as Veolia had done before and continues to do, maybe that is why the French Media talks about Monsanto and the American Media talks about Veolia; gets journalists thinking they aren’t always censored and there might yet be justice to serve). These two men set up theses funds, to start funding programs in the beauteously declared name of philanthropy! Just as the rich fund U.N Ecological Programs in Colombia, ultimately servicing to further enslave the Columbian people, and rob them as usual, of their resources and land (as if we hadn’t heard that one before, the richest Countries in the World are still rich for very obvious reasons).

What happened was that these two Philanthropic foundations, started giving money to the African Agricultural Technological Foundation.  In exchange the African Foundation promised to buy Monsanto Products (just as there is a Veolia Foundation which gives funds to certain key people in Bolivia so that they soon forget about the prior Bechtel catastrophe, once again all in the name of philanthropy). The simplified version is: the very rich are forcing privatized water and food in poor Countries, just as they have already done in certain developed ones.  And none of this is sadly new.

These people are making the availability of fresh water and natural seeds more and more, scarce. They are turning nature into property, and scarcity equals profit, but it makes the World a very dangerous place in the future. They are buying up Politicians in America to do their biddings. And if the American people were ever to wake up to this, there are always a lot of cops to break up movements, to stop activists and through their media they obliterate organized protests (I don’t know if you ever tried to organize a protest it is a lot of work). They tell you that a good person works and a bad person who doesn’t work will probably end up in jail; which is fairly true George Bush is a free man, while activists are very poor, and regularly end up in jail.


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  1. We have to stop Monstersatan! We need numbers to do it. The best attack is to not buy any gmo products, hit them in the pocketbook! Join this great group to learn more and do something about this before it’s too late!

    and Join in the March against Monsanto on May 25th!

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