The unlikely One World Order of Black Ideology (Part 3 of 3)

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Our beautiful world… Where Love fills your heart…

By TLB Contributor: Ken LaRive

As one travels to work this beautiful morning, it is hard to believe that anything evil could be hiding just beyond our field of vision. There is a cool spring breeze that smells like new growth, and the birds are excitedly building nests. Flowers are blooming, and honey bees, thought to be endangered just last year, are abundant again in my neck of the woods. A fuzzy sun is burning off a soft morning fog of pastel pink and gold, and the weatherman promises blue skies.

Moods are rising as winter disintegrates into spring, and the sidewalk on Camellia Boulevard are full of joggers, walkers with dogs, bicycles, and young women pushing baby carriages. and you see on everyone’s faces, the joy of being alive… and Love fills your heart for all mankind… and yet, there are men speeding… texting while driving, just four feet away…

What beauty and hope this wonderful world offers; what bounty and promise for all! And this is the nature of good times here in America, and the horrors that are common place all around the world has never been a reality here. Men are civil when the world is balanced, safe and sane, but all of that could change in an instant… and everything we so take for granted, can disappear with one flash of light in the sky… A flash of light that would suppress all electricity, and plunge our society back into the stone age… No, this generation has never been tested, not like that. And if Katrina is any indication of modern man’s ability to cope in tragedy, some would indeed fail miserably. The world would be filled, without a doubt, with a mixture of good and honest people, along with morally vacant opportunists. Yes, there is a negative side to our human nature, a side not normally shown in a polite society, and yet, it lurks in the heart of many desperate men. There are men who care nothing but for their own selfish concerns, and they can not appreciate this precious morning, without somehow owning it.

There are men so powerful on this planet, they could destroy us all in a whim. Men, who are poised to make profit in ciaos, and all of it beyond our human ken.

The true nature of our world…

It has been reveled that Russia has been funneling money through a California-based company called the Sea Change foundation. They are financing the most prominent and politically active anti-fossil fuel groups such as the Sierra Club and the Natural Resource Defense Counsel. They care nothing about the truth of their allegations, but want to paralyze our domestic oil-patch who are vying to be energy independent. This is nothing new. We used the same method in 1983 when we broke the back of the USSR with false information, funding Osama ben Louden, a CIA operative, to fight Russian Boys in Afghanistan. And our so-called Saudi friends flooded the world with cheep oil, just as they are doing today, and it caused a spectacular default on what was borrowed from the World Bank, but one element was absent then… our overburdened National Debt.

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Photo by Ken LaRive


In 1983 the National Debt was about six trillion, and though the Cold War attack on Russia utterly destroyed our American Oil Patch for almost a decade, we as a country could survive because our debt was low. Today we are at 18.3 trillion in debt, with two trillion unaccountable from the Pentagon, so the outcome might not be the same…

All’s fair in Love and War?

…Is the justification by some in times of strife, where unfair and unpleasant competition insures survival. It is justified in dire circumstances, a competitive behavior, or nature, designed to win at any cost.

Cambridge Idioms Dictionary, 2nd ed.

And so, just as there are men who would do anything to endure, so too are there Countries, Corporations, Religions, and Institutions, who would do anything at all to survive. They would risk the entire destruction of the human race, to win. And so we have, laid out before us. an ever shrinking world, a fragile world where men are vying for world dominance, and others who would do anything at all to survive. Money indeed makes the world go round, but fear is the grease that oils that machine, and blood is the fuel.

At no time in the history of the world has this competition been more dangerous, as they strive for a black bottom line…

Energy, the catalyst for war.

We Libertarians see the need to be energy independent, and our Republic based on Constitutional Law reanimated. We see these endeavors to be of utmost importance for our very survival, and there is a primary world-wide undertaking to do the same. There is a push from the bottom up to become self-directed and self-reliant, to regain sovereignty from foreign banks and international industry who control their individual countries with debt slavery, and to have a hand, by the people, in formulating a viable future… a future that belongs to them, and their children… They are questioning the powerful lobbyists buying favors in their respective governments. a process that has grown so omnipotent they control not only the purse strings of the populous, but their minds by scientifically designed indoctrination and propaganda… So well hidden, clandestine and ultra-secretive, truth is virtually impossible to gather, and without truth, no viable decision can be made…. We are well played, and this realization is causing emotional and irrational fear, a perfect catalyst for war.

When we question what can only be considered our masters, here in America, we are labeled social deviants, with words like anti Semitic, Truthers, Conspiracy Theorists, Terrorists, and many more, and all of it designed to silence dissension.

OPEC is now found to be another driving force behind the anti-fracking movies, Gasland and Promised Land, with billionaire activist Tom Steyer’s announcement that he will fund 100 million to any candidate who opposes the Keystone pipeline. You see, his stance on this might be for what he thinks is the good of America, but most likely it is because it would damage one of his investments… It is said that America is bought and paid for, that we have the best Congress money can buy. Observance of elections indicate they are fixed, and that both sides of the isle are mostly complicit to a higher power structure, above not only our rule of law, but are unaccountable to any authority. If that doesn’t concern you nothing on this earth will.

Though I do not speak for the Libertarian Party on Keystone, I agree with Steyer, and oppose it wholeheartedly. I argue against any pipeline coming into my country, be it from Mexico or Canada. How is that good for America? We have all of the natural resources we need right here, so why not drill here, drill now? Why should we, as a nation, care one iota what an international company’s bottom line should be? The benchmark should have one criteria, and one only: Is it good for America? The Keystone pipeline would slice through the center of the United States, with right-of-way mandates to property owners. If this was during a time of war, that possibility might exist under the War Powers Act, but this is something else entirely, and not for National Security. As we stand back, we see that it is nothing more then one corporation’s lobbying and propaganda over another… No other alternative should be considered but to keep America viable and healthy. That is our primary National Security concern, not corporate profit…

Canada does not want refineries. They are too dirty in many ways. No, they want to send their low quality crude to Texas and Louisiana, our Cancer Alley. Would you like to speculate as to why we are having so much cancer here? And they will buy our Congress to approve it, as they are unrelenting in their goals, putting their profit before the good of America. If push went to shove, you can believe it! They they would step on our heads to go up and over.

When I was in Saudi back in 2006, it was common knowledge there that the once great oil-gushers were drying up. Where once we had a 95-5 oil water ratio, it was now 45-55. Of the three wells I helped drill there, all of them were Natural Gas. Not one of them went on line, but were capped, waiting for a future, more lucrative market, and a black bottom line. At that time Saudi had no idea that America ingenuity would produce the science of fracking, a veritable bonanza, a twenty fold, or more, increase in production for the same drilling and exploration cost… So hold on to your hard hats!

Lets go, one more time to the downfall of Russia… and Iran, and look at why.

A coordinated effort was put forth utilizing the Mossad and CIA, and in that process of deception, we trained Osama Ben Louden and his tribe to fight Russian Boys in Afghanistan, thwarting their efforts to build a pipeline there, in a quagmire of blood and sand. That history describes their own Vietnam… Overextended by the West’s Central Banks… the debts were called. There was no quantitative easing for them, and they fell hard in what can only be described as foreclosure. Do you think they have forgotten this? And yet, in the process, a process that produced a moral and human rights revolution, they expelled the power structure that created its brand of totalitarian Communism during the blood bath of the Bolshevik Revolution, a undemocratic morph of Marxist Communism, and in the ashes, a new Russia emerged… a Christian Russia. A Capitalistic Russia. A competitive Russia.

Are you ready? Here is what we have today… our world… in a nutshell…

What I will show below are only the main feelers, tentacles that permeate from one power source to another… Power structures that were built on the ashes of previous civilizations who feel in war and famine, and all of it orchestrated by the tools of religious dogma, high finance, propaganda and deception, to promote their competitive power structures… and each, if they could find a way to survive it, would destroy every other form of rivalry… This is the catalyst for war.

The politics of Saudi Arabia takes place in the context of an absolute monarchy founded upon the tenets of Islam, where Mecca is located. Said to be our friends, most all of their population might be considered anti west extremists, and hate the Monarchy who controls them… Almost every person involved in the attack of 9-11 were Saudi Nationals. The power structure there is attempting to manipulate the world’s resources, so that they can still be at the pentacle of supply. They are now destroying our American Oil fields for that reason… a true catalyst for war.

The new Federation of Russia is now vying to be considered a Christian nation, as they constitute about 50 percent of the population, with the largest tradition being the Russian Orthodox Church. Official statistical information indicates that there are 68 patriarchies of the Russian Orthodox Church, and they were not friends with the Jewish Oligarchy who controlled their country, nor Catholics, or the multitudes of Protestant denominations. Though there are areas where Jews live in peace, the Russian mafia, mostly Jewish, has scattered to the four winds. Taking power during the Bolshevik Revolution, they were expelled in stages, with the last actually being arrested, or fleeing to England and America just a decade ago. They, Russia, remember well the hardships imposed by Mossad and the CIA, and this sticks in their craw. They consider the United States of America under the dominion of these same Jewish Oligarchs, who tried to control Europe since WW1. They are in bed with Iran, who were also raped by Mossad and the CIA, stealing oil, and displacing a duly elected President with a puppet dictator, The Shaw of Iran… and both now owe their existence to the competitive vacuum we created… a true catalyst for war…

The Israeli system of government is based on parliamentary democracy, and considered a Jewish Church State. Here is a truthful history of Israel and Zionism, the veritable pivot point, and the catalyst for WW3. Overwhelming evidence suggests that Israel had prior knowledge of 9-11, and their fingerprints are on the entire scenario. They are said to be our friends, but do not listen or adhere to international law, using snipers and terrorism, spying and illegal intelligence, stealing the nuclear bomb from us, and spying on Congress, Senators and Business men who might not show support. Though France, England, and the US are thought to be both friends and partners, there is growing opposition to their constant and incessant warfare. This is the catalyst for war…

The politics of Iran is that of a Presidential Democracy and theocracy in a format of Syncretic politics that is guided by an Islamist ideology, and now closely aligned with Russia because of energy. At one time Iran was considered the lamp of moderate eastern thought, with a duly elected and moderate president. All that changed when Mossad and the CIA orchestrated a coup, and placed a pupped dictator, The Shaw of Iran, in office… In the process BP grew into a mega company… Here is the true history of that… And yes, a true catalyst for war.

The Government of India (GoI), is officially known to be a Union Government, and The politics of the People’s Republic of China takes places in a framework of a socialist republic run by a single party, the Communist Party of China. Both of our relationships are one-sided and convoluted, as our manufacturing base, like Japan’s, was transferred there, with the lion’s share of their sales based on American Consumption… When that dries up the international carpet baggers will descend on them with debt slavery, and that will not be tolerated. War wipes clean what is owed, and so too is a catalyst for war…

And America, once a Republic based on Constitutional Law, and predominately Christian, is now owned by a Secular Jewish central banking cartel, in league with a Jewish-owned Federal Reserve System. There is a predominate and overwhelming Zionist influence in Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and retail, newspapers and publishing, real estate, technology for the cold war with a powerful international military industrial complex who makes money on destruction and reconstruction, on both sides of war. This close knit, highly organized entity, controls most all television, film and video, and much more, with a Zionist mindset. This is the catalyst for a new American Revolution, at the same time WW3. It won’t be pretty.

We have so called Progressives on both sides of the isle, some called ultra right wing Neocons on the Right, and they all take their marching orders from the same Zionist dominated hand, the Federal Reserve and Central Banks, with atheists to the left and Evangelicals to the right doing their bidding, and all of it a dog and pony show for the elite. Yes, during the election there is a clear division of ideology, but after the election it is business as usual.

Zionist AIPAC, it the largest of all lobbyists in the US, and they control our country from the inside out. No president is allowed that office without symbolically praying at the wailing wall…

Each and every power structure I have presented here, and thousands more on this earth, with secret societies in every fold, would, if they could, take it all from the others. This is the reason wars are fought, and why we die by the millions. A one world order will happen when one faction grows so big, that all resistance from the others are futile. This can only happen if the world is laid to waist and a new world order is erected by the winner is built on the ashes. Our differences now, just as they were in the past, are used as a reason for war, but in actuality it has nothing to do with that … War is a racket, and the true reason for war is profit and power.

Wrap you mind around this…

Humanity lost between 40 and 58 million during WW2. World War 1, between 15 and 31 million. The Three Kingdoms of China killed between 36 and 37 million… The Mongol Conquests between 30 and 45 million, and the Qing dynasty conquest of Ming accurate at 25 million… and this is but a tip of the blade. The Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin, the People’s Republic of China under Mao Zedong, and the Khmer Rouge of Cambodia estimate the total number of non-combatant deaths to be between 60 and 70 million. Was this collateral damage, or was it something far more diabolical? It is competition, and it is corporate in design. Go to the Builtmore Mansion in South Carolina and look at what riches are wrought during the war enterprise, well planned and orchestrated…

There will be great resistance to a One World Order, and not just from each individual power structure. Resistance will also come from the very center of every country, religion, and corporation, and before it is over our world will again run red. Obama promised us change, and there is no greater promoter of change than war. America is being dissected, sold off to the highest bidder, distributed, and bled dry… What we have in our minds, what we think we are as a nation, could not be further from the truth, and as we strive to close our borders, to fight government intrusion into our lives from education, medicine, privacy, with a list a mile long… It originates from the NDAA and Patriot Act’s suspension of our Bill of Rights and Constitution. We see a power so strong it can print money out of thin air, with trillions missing from the Pentagon… Trillions? What change can you forge with two trillion dollars? What can you promote, cover up, create or destroy? The Federal Reserve is a catalyst for war.

Consideration of what can we do, besides crying.

I don’t have the answers to every question, but I try. It is a universal law that every question you ask will be given in like kind, so no matter what your circumstances you can find an answer to your predicament. Ask an empowering question and you will get an answer in like kind…

What can we do about it? Resistance is nothing if you are uneducated. Learn what form of government you had, and now have, and demand it back or embrace it. That choice comes from knowledge … Start with yourself first, define what you think by defining what you want, and move to combine with people of like mind. Study definitions, like what is a Progressive, what is a Neocon, and what is a Libertarian…There is strength in numbers, but you must know yourself first…. Do your homework, and find out who you are in the middle of it all. Take action and participate in the process, and you, and others of like mind, can change this world for the better. History will attest that sometimes just a handful of people make a big difference, and that should give you solace and strength of purpose… So, above all, demand truth, as nothing is of more value to a free and open society. Truth will set you free, and be the beacon of Liberty.

Question why you feel the way you do. Be suspicious of strong ideas that pop up in your mind without reason or understanding. Any religion, institution, government or corporation who asks you to do harm to another human being should be questioned… Do your own homework, educate yourself, as that is your responsibility alone. Know that in most cases your greatest enemy is yourself, and that your inability to cope is you inability to find truth. Search for that. Without it, your quest for answers will be for nothing. Read your Constitution and Bill of Rights, and demand it in those you elect, and hold them accountable if they falter. You can only do this if you are paying attention. Believe nothing promoted on face value, but get to the bottom of it by study. Do not trust anyone or anything with your life and soul at stake… Take responsibility for your own life first, before making any demands. And when you do participate, do it with all of the energy you can muster, because you are fighting a power of great strength of purpose, and it can change its face at will. Know this, your life, and the life of your children depends on what you fight for, as Liberty is not free. It must be won every generation, and that takes constant vigilance. Once lost, Liberty will only be regained by the blood of Tyrants and Patriots. Be prepared for that with the knowledge and conviction that if you can find little or nothing to die for, you will find little or nothing to live for…

And remember, what you sow so shall you reap… and we will, all of us, get exactly what we deserve. If this thought gives you chills, I suggest you change your ways…

As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves – Gandhi

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