The Vaccine Alternative – A Non-Toxic Option

When my first baby was born I hadn’t even thought about vaccines, but almost as soon as I met him, I had to start. I began reading anything and everything I could find time for about the vaccine debate. I felt sure that Enzo was too young to start getting hits of aluminum, perservatives and additives into his tiny body. I only wanted breastmilk to go into him at first. Though I wasn’t totally opposed to vaccines, I did want to know more before I started administering anything directly into his bloodstream.

Enzo was born with a yeast infection that just wouldn’t go away. The pediatrician sent me home with a slew of cortisone creams that would help for a minute, but then the rash would come back with vengeance. It spread into my breasts and into my baby’s mouth and seemed to get worse every day. Someone sent me to a homeopath and the very moment that we gave him the remedy, the yeast literally melted away and never came back. It also left my breasts and we never had to think about it again. Homeopathy became a regular part of Enzo’s life, but I really didn’t know very much about it. It made a tremendous difference in him though and my husband and I were both astonished at the fast and effective results of each remedy we used for him.

I didn’t want to read Robert Sears’ book, The Vaccine Book, for fear I would surely decide to go to the pediatrician and give him at least a selective schedule. But finally, when Enzo turned 8 months, I decided to pick it up.

The book didn’t make me feel I needed to bolt to the pediatrician’s office. It seemed to say that one way or another he would be all right. My baby wasn’t in day care and was breastfeeding—that seemed to be enough to exempt him, at least temporarily, from the routine vaccine schedule. I was shocked. My husband and I discussed the options and opted to keep studying and breastfeeding until things seemed really clear. It didn’t seem they ever would.

Some months later, at an appointment with Enzo’s homeopath, she passed me Kate Birch’s book, Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infections Contagious Disease with Homeopathy: A Manual for Practitioners and Consumers. That night I started reading and I couldn’t put it down. I read straight through and stayed up until midnight.

No one had yet explained to me what homeopathy was, why it worked, where it all began and what it could do. I had watched it work on my child, but didn’t know what it was. The book introduced the history of homeopathy and elegantly addressed the topic of vaccines in a way that finally made sense to me.

In reading, I realized that I had also been vaccine damaged myself. As a girl, I suffered from chronic ear infections and they bombarded my system with penicillin, which, though has its place in the world of medicine, killed off all of my good and bad bacteria making me extremely susceptible to illness. I developed an allergy to the antibiotic as a teenager. I caught every flu going around growing up.

The book explains that head-banging and ear infections are two very common vaccine reactions. Some babies’ immature immune systems cannot yet ward off and fight the pathogens being introduced to their systems and the pathogens therefore roam around the baby body searching for a place to imbed. They often end up in the ear or in the head making for these common childhood illnesses.

Kate offers an alternative schedule that introduces the diseases to the immune system using homeoprophylaxis, inciting an immune response much like that of a vaccine without the potential effects of immunization. The most impressive thing about this is that using blood titer draws they have found that the children using this alternative to vaccines do, indeed, have the antibodies to the diseases they have been treated against.

After reading this riveting book, I knew that I would not vaccinate my baby. There were too many interesting cases against it, and this alternative seemed clear and even safe.

The book even inspired me to start studying to become a homeopath myself and I have since been part of a study group every two weeks and will be in an intensive course with a homeopathic doctor from India starting next month.

I was invited to be part of a conference call with Kate Birch and the other homeopaths throughout Canada and the United States that are signing families up for the alternative immunization schedule and supervising their treatments. I am considering opening the program here in Mendocino, CA where 40% of families choose not to vaccinate their children. This is a method that can safeguard our town and towns like ours against epidemics of whooping cough and measles that are already starting to crop up due to such low rates of immunization.

After talking to Kate and the other homeopaths I went home and started studying Isaac Golden’s website with more scrutiny. I saw some incredible things. This practice is not new. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, first used homeoprophylaxis in 1798 to prevent Scarlet Fever and since it has been used to treat millions of people around the world to prevent infectious contagious disease.

Golden has been treating children with homeoprophylaxis for over 20 years. Kate Birch’s program is based on his research, schedule and potencies. He has followed the overall health of over 2,500 kids for 20 years charting their level of health in 5 categories: skin, lungs, nose/throat/ears, allergies and behavior. He has charted the health of children vaccinated with traditional vaccines, children not vaccinated, children treated with classical homeopathy and children treated with homeoprophylaxis and the latter have been the healthiest children across the board with 0-1% incidence of any complaint in all five categories.

I read that in 1998 homeoprophylaxis was used to treat 65,826 Brazilian children during an epidemic of meningococcal meningitis there was no vaccine at the time so a group of homeopaths developed the nosode to treat the children. 23,539 children in the same region were not treated. After 6 months the efficacy of homeoprophylaxis was 95% and it was 91% by the end of a year.

In Cuba in 2007 a homeopathic nosode was used to stop an epidemic outbreak of leptospirosis after extreme weather conditions caused terrible flooding and a breakdown of sanitation levels in the country. 2.3 million people with treated with two doses of the nosode and within weeks there was a dramatic decrease in morbidity. To this day the epidemic is under control.

Could homeoprophylaxis be an alternative for families like mine? I am still debating whether or not to put my own son on the program, and this film will be part of that exploration. I am looking for another option–a non-toxic option–and this may be it.

Kate is starting large scale research projects now and will implement homeoprophylaxis programs as a vaccine alternative in the US, Canada, India, Europe and Africa this year. I have started to collect funds for a documentary on homeoprophylaxis to find out if this is actually a viable alternative to vaccines.

Golden’s doctoral thesis states that the best possible system would involve a dual system of immunization where parents could choose either to vaccinate or use homeoprophylaxis. Because antibodies are seen in the bloodstreams of treated children, there doesn’t seem to be a reason this couldn’t become a legal alternative to routine vaccines.

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  1. That was my question too, since health reports from the California Dept of Health ahow that most cases are among vaccinated individuals, and very few in the unvaccinated.

  2. Great read. Great information. One concern: “This is a method that can safeguard our town and towns like ours against epidemics of whooping cough and measles that are already starting to crop up due to such low rates of immunization.”

    Are you implying that the epidemics are a direct result of the unvaccinated population? If so, what data do you have to support such a claim?

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