The World’s Most Deadly Special Interest Group Is …


Special interests?

Whose special interests?

Could we be referring to SELF interests that are often euphemistically called SPECIAL interests by those mysterious few who form public opinion in their exercise of human domination?

By: J. Speer-Williams

Yes! Mass public opinion in America is molded by the work of a highly paid thousand people, under the direction of better paid hundreds, ordered by a secret few, who have repeatedly proven to be enemies of mankind. And, special (self) interest groups are often the vehicles used to accomplish depraved purposes.

Such is the story of the world’s most deadly self-interest group: the nuclear power industry.

Of all the international bankers’ hundreds of special (self) interest groups receiving preferential treatment and vast sums of money from our government, the most dangerous to mankind is the nuclear power industry.

In spite of nuclear energy’s monstrous risks and unreasonable costs, the anti-life nuclear junta, and their loyal sycophants, continue to vilify coal as a fuel to produce electricity.

An American special interest group is a pressure group that works to advance its own interests by gaining governmental favoritism, regardless of how it effects the general US welfare.

These self-interest groups are secretly organized and funded by those oligarchs who would enlarge the scope and power of the federal government they have for decades controlled.

These radical fringe groups never protest, campaign, or lobby for freedoms from US despotism, but for more authoritarian controls in the forms of favoritism, biased laws/regulations, and large financial subsidies for themselves.

Our elected politicians and appointed bureaucrats, alike, care remarkably little what their constituents need or want; it is what the lobbyists promise or threaten them with that matters most. At one end of that promised/threaten scale lay riches, while the other end is political death, or perhaps one’s own death.

We can easily see that if a special interest group is to be successful in gaining huge  government favors, it must be sponsored, promoted, and financed by the foreign bankers and their mega-corporate media.

By the Controllers’ use of their major-media, the demands of their self-interest groups are publicized, are made to appear justified (or at least reasonable), and then portrayed as the wishes of the majority of the American people.

This tactic appears to be the wondrous workings of a democratic society when, in fact, it destroys democracy in favor of the statism of fascism.

From the corporate media we continually hear that the burning of coal produces carbon and thus global warming. But can you remember when your television set told you that nuclear power plants cause leaking radiation that produces cancer?

So we are left to decide between the questionable dangers of carbon (and global warming), or the assured dangers of radiation (cancer and death).

First of all, the long promoted myth of anthropogenic (man-made) global warming has no basis in scientific fact.

The bankers, with control over their media and science, would have you believe otherwise. These grand shysters think nothing of using their mainstream media to broadcast fraudulent reports, trying to prove anthropogenic warming does occur, and then calling the hoax a consensus of all the world’s greatest scientists.

In time, it became obvious that much of the world was getting colder, rather than hotter, so the tag line global warming had to go the way American prosperity has gone – to nothing. And the brand new tag offered to the bankers by public relations experts was climate change.

The catchphrase climate change was an excellent choice, as the earth’s climate is always changing. In this way, no matter what kind of inclement weather we might experience, the governmental authorities could say Americans were causing it and needed to be taxed in order to stop it. And, they plan to stop it with something they are calling carbon credits.

And guess where this new heavy stream of tax revenue will end up. Those who say, “in the pockets of the banking oligarchs,” have been paying attention.

More importantly to the furtive bankers, however, is their mysterious Agenda 21, sponsored by the United Nations. Yes, the banker influence extends from our federal government to the United Nations and beyond.

Along with population control, the US/UN Agenda 21 goals are to massively reduce private property, homes, farms, resorts,  and vehicles in order to produce a more sustainable environment.

The feel-good buzzword sustainable has been used so often by the Controllers that the word has become an easy tip-off for deceptions of magnitude.

In short, the government/media attack on coal is all part of the implementation of the Controllers’ insane Agenda 21 plan.

And why have the Controllers built for themselves hundreds of nuclear power plants around the world?

The answer everyone can agree with is they did it for the hundreds of billions of dollars they receive from these absurdly expensive to build and maintain facilities.

The main reason, however, is not so easily believed. They built these nuclear power plants to reduce the world’s population, a key element of the Agenda 21 scheme.

And how do the bankers plan to live when the earth is covered with radiation, whose half-life is around 4.5 billion years?

Do not try to track with the thinking of psychotics, lest you too go insane. The fact that they are committing an insanity with their nuclear power plants is, regardless of why, uncontestable.

Below is an excerpt from one of my novels. It features Rebecca Silverthorne’s email to two twin sisters, Leslie and Lindsay.

Ms. Silverthorne is an ex-economics professor at Williams College, in the small town of Williamstown, Massachusetts.

We pick up the message about midway in her email.

Our planet is suffering from massive and purposely caused governmental and corporate pollution, much of it radioactive in nature.

Our great landmasses are being turned into irradiated deserts, bound by poisonous seas, meant to cause our DNA structures to mutate and regress.

That’s the reason, I believe, for all of the continuous atomic testing, the use of DU (depleting uranium) in warfare, and the building of nuclear power plants. Atomic testing has lasted long beyond what was needed to test bombs – after all, the US  military has tested its bombs on millions of noncombatants all over the Middle East.

Atomic testing continues in order to get  ionizing radiation into the trade winds and jet streams so as to attack every DNA on earth.

DU is not a good military weapon because it reduces the efficiency of (and eventually kills) one’s own troops. Worse yet, DU attacks the DNA of mankind as it circles the globe.

My sources tell me that the American armed forces have expended over 1,800 tons of DU in Iraq and Afghanistan, alone. That is the rough radiation equivalent of over 14,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs. That has placed our ground troops, along with Arabs and Jews in the Middle East, among the walking dead, plus turned the entire region into a radioactive wasteland for about 4.5 billion years. Sadly, there’s no known way to clean up DU.

Already, there’s a growing mass of valid research pointing to the decline in the quality of Israeli male sperm. This serious evidence was boasted by a study conducted at the Hadassah University Hospital, Mt. Scopus, which found a fifteen-year decline in the viability of the semen donated by Israeli students.

All this while my ignorant relatives in Israel cheer their use of DU weaponry in Gaza and Lebanon. Do those idiots think  that their DU radiation respects national boundaries and therefore won’t cross into Israel? Talk about ignorance.

But ignorance is not isolated in Israel. Not so long ago, a large sign crossed the main street of a city in the prefecture in Japan where the Fukushima nuclear power plant was located.

The sign carried an ominous and fatal omen:

Nuclear Energy: Our City’s Future!

Their future has proven to be massive premature deaths with many more to come.

Prior to the Fukushima disaster, the nation of Japan enjoyed the lowest incidence of cancer in the world, probably due to their usual diet being from the sea – plants and fish. Today, no thanks to the nuclear power industry, Japan is the most radiated nation on earth.

Cancer is the engineered Black Plague of modern times; and the Banking Cartel is ensuring that their governmental agencies are keeping it that way with many atomic power plants all over the world.

To have forced the construction of fifty-five nuclear power plants, with another twelve in various stages of development, in Japan, the most seismically active piece of real estate on earth, is more sinister than a mere combination of utter ignorance and arrogance. It is nothing short of a deadly, covert attack by the power structure on and against the family of man.

Nuclear power plants are an extremely costly, dirty way to produce power. But this is exactly what the Controllers have their owned and controlled media and political minions say about our coal-powered plants and other alternative ways of safely and cheaply creating electrical power.

Fact is, the 440 nuclear power plants around the world all off-gas tremendous amounts of radionuclides, even when they are operating without problems. Two of these radionuclides are strontium-90 and tritium.

Some of our nuclear power plants are over forty years old, some twenty years older than their planned lifespan, and they leak badly.

A much bigger problem is that our federal government has never found safe storage methods to protect us from their highly radioactive nuclear waste, in the form of spent nuclear fuel rods. This absolute and terrible omission ranks as one of the most irresponsible acts of a government that is well known for its irresponsible actions.

We now have over 66,000 metric tons of spent fuel rods, inadequately stored at 77 sites around the country, all radiating our citizens while they benightedly watch their television sets.

David Lockbaum, the Director of the Nuclear Safety Project for the Union of Concerned Scientists said, “The federal government has failed the American people by not dealing with spent nuclear fuel for decades. The next nuclear facility built in the United States should be a depository rather than more nuclear power plants that contribute more spent nuclear fuel to the waste we have not been able to solve for decades.”

Plans to make Yucca Valley in Nevada a long-term storage site were scuttled by the Obama administration in 2010, after twenty years of planning, at an expense of $14 billion.

Does Mr. Obama have a better idea? If so, tell us, Mr. Change-we-can-believe-in.

Currently, 2,000 metric tons of spent nuclear rods are added to our storage problem each year. This is crowding our existing storage tanks and making them less efficient at reducing our deadly exposure to them.

To shut down coal-fueled power plants (as often proposed by Mr. Obama) instead adding scrubbers to them, making them safe for our environment, is well beyond ignorance. It demonstrates a concerted covert effort to damage human DNA and shorten lives, as is occurring daily around most of the Northern Hemisphere from the Fukushima disaster.

The Fukushima catastrophe was not an event that came and went, as much as it was the Controllers’ media continually  trying to convince you that the danger has passed in order to prevent a mass uprising against the criminals of the nuclear power industry.

The Fukushima disaster is a game changer. It is a worldwide, day-to-day, year-to-year, decade-to-decade cataclysm, which may continue for a long time to come.

Following the atmospheric jet stream, radiation from Fukushima is continuously traversing our world, blanketing America, Canada, Europe, and even migrating into the Southern Hemisphere.

It is already estimated that the radioactive fallout in the Northern Hemisphere from the destroyed Fukushima reactors is more than what would have been generated from 70,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs, with  much more coming our way.

Is this some kind of divine payback for the two completely unnecessary atomic bombs we dropped on a defeated Japan?

The amounts of cesium-137, alone, being continuously released from Japan and circling our globe is well beyond our best calculations. The Fukushima disaster could increase our worldwide cancer epidemic ten times, without many people ever knowing why so many of us are being so stricken.

The 440 nuclear reactors around the world only produce about seventeen percent of man’s electricity, thus creating far more problems than they solve.

We certainly don’t need any more nuclear powered plants. The people of Earth should demand that the nuclear power industry be shut down forever and the key proponents of the industry be indicted for their crimes against humanity.

Well, enough of all that. But keep in mind, your mere knowledge of potential dangers offers a degree of protection.

So, stay protected.

Love, Rebecca


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