There Was No “White Only” Sign at the Gates of the Alamo

There Was No “White Only” Sign at the Gates of the Alamo

Ring the Bell, Schools In!

By: Bill the Butcher

America has been called The Great Mixing Pot. As the huddled masses yearning to be free crowded Ellis Island and later took off for the Salt Lake Rim, manifesting their destiny, the American Dream was alive and well. There were some bumps on the trail, such as a Civil War and so-called Civil Rights, but the Founding Fathers wrote a hit called The Constitution, and we all rode the freeway, but as the prophet, Waylon Jennings said, Did Ol’ Hank Really Do It This way?

We the People?

Well, in a word, he didn’t! Like many of you, Hank Williams believed the official line. Americans could expect life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That is unless you objected to paying a sizable portion of your income to the government to rent those rights. If you objected then you became a criminal. . . stealing money from yourself. If you define self as that elusive entity invoked in 1776 known as We The People.

You vs everybody else!

There has never been a We The People. There is We The People and Them The People. You vs everybody else! But, it sounded good. All men are created equal. But right after the water broke they were Crackers, Spics, Ni**ers, Limeys, Chinks, Fat Dagos, and Krauts. God Bless ‘Murica

All men were created equal. All white, land owning, Protestant, (Except Mormon), Born on American soil, and it helped if you were a 32nd Degree Mason. If not, please see the distinctions above. That’s YOU! All bunched up in one place, and last Tuesday you all ran to the polls and now you sit there like the proverbial bumps on the log, praying to Apple News for the “answer” to what the hell just happened? The Naval definition of rape is And penetration, ever how slight, constitutes the act! So pull your panties up and listen.

Mark Twain


It doesn’t matter what the votes are! It only matters who does the counting

Well, the bean counters got involved. They always do. In the past it’s been a bit more “flagrant” if you will, what with things like The Battle if Athens, where a bunch of We The Peoples got together and decided to run the government out of town and hold an honest election. Looked good! Power to the people, and all that other crap. Everyone was gonna eat Ritz Crackers. But, seventy-four years later they’re all mostly dead and Tennessee is right back to the same ol’ crackers!

The Battle of Athens was a rebellion led by citizens in Athens and Etowah, Tennessee, United States, against the local government in August 1946. The citizens, including some World War II veterans, accused the local officials of predatory policing, police brutality, political corruption, and voter intimidation. Wikipedia

Them that’s got’s get’s

Your so-called political parties are corporations. That is not a conspiracy theory, that’s a conspiracy fact. A political party is an entity designed to choose a candidate and then by hook or by crook, put him, her, or non-binary into office with the understanding that said candidate, owing their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to the party (of the first part) will vote as told or take the last train to Clarksville. If We The People get two more dollars on their Social Security Check that’s good, but if Exxon Mobile gets a two billion dollar tax write off that’s even better! Two billion goes over two once with nothing left over. Do I have to tell you people everything?

Place Yo’ Bets

There is a shady transformation that occurs somewhere between the dusk and the dawn on Election Day. Now, we’ve already established that the political parties are self interested corporations. They pick the players, clean ‘em up, and lead ‘em to the gate. You The People are in the stands cheering for your favorite horse. Then you place your bets. And you just know that there’s no collusion between the interests of these two entities, right? Well, if you believe that I still have a vast supply of bridges for sale. Hey! A man’s gotta do something for a living.

Do you really believe that the party bosses, after all that work and investment on their chosen leaders of the free world, would leave it all to something so fickle as democracy? That’s where the bean counters come in. And they’re not even cool about it. From judges to janitors, everybody has a part. And it’s not even secret. There are no more stuffed boxes. Why shucks no. A vote that’s disqualified is just as good as a counterfeit vote from the graveyard. Naught from naught equals naught. Jethro math!

That’s why we have this silly ass situation six days after the election!

Silly Ass Election Results


Why the delay? Because it takes time to inspect the signatures, color ink, address of the voter, exact time the voter was there and making sure that votes are all right along the approved party line. Putin just shoots you. I like his way better.

MAGAing Your Way Across the Great Divide

But you are MAGAing your way to the next Trump rally. How the hell do you think he won? Donald Trump was just the wrench the party bosses threw in to restart the system. Man never ran for dog catcher and BAM, he’s the president? America was getting out of control. After Obama it was becoming a little too Democratic. The bosses give, and the bosses taketh away. Trump got uppity, actually believed that he was the President, and the bosses tooketh away. Brought Hillary out of her box, scared the piss out of you, and now you worship at Golden Idol of Bidenism! Wag your tails.

For God’s sake will somebody give Walker a box of rubbers!

And now the fate of the nation hangs in the balance of a few measly votes from Screw All Georgia. The Democrats disqualifying as many votes as they possibly can, and the Republicans are praying to God and five other old white men that some horny ex football player they’re running can pull it off, or out, whichever the case may be . . . And they even called Ted Cruz in to tell everyone that John Henry Never had sex with them womans! Give me a freaking break, and for God’s sake will somebody give Walker a pack of rubbers!


Good and Bad News

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is nothing’s changed. The election discrepancies Trump made so much hay about have always been there. From Ol’ Edna and her twin sister counting votes until three in the morning under the watchful eye of “Poll Judges” to party bosses throwing the proper switch on a highly sophisticated transcontinental computer setup, never forget that penetration, ever how slight, constitutes the act!

And the bad news. Nothing’s changed. I love consistency, don’t you? Nothing I’ve said here will sink in to any of your heads, and that’s a good thing because there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. Without another Civil War or selling the whole thing to the Chinese this will happen again and again and again.

But, There was a Time and a Place . . .

There was a time. There were some people. There was a dream. There was a place. And the people there were willing to risk it all to form a republic. And they did. They fought, and they died, and they won . . . until they joined you. The place was called Texas, and the place they joined was called America. Texas is still a republic. America is not! And there is no White Only sign at the gates of The Alamo!


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