Timeline Taking: Life Overcoming The Nothing, And Cracks In The Trick Traps



By Dustin Bond

Where does one begin with a title like that? It could inspire and promote fear, it is my guess that the dark ones will attempt to do so. I will put my best foot forward thwarting such with the light of truths. Timeline taking, what the heck is that and how does it affect me? First off, expand yourself a little bit further than me, start thinking us. Not the collectivist us that the old world order presenting itself as the new world order is currently at play with, this is not the flimsy and plastic us, but an actual Rainbow Tribe us. One must pay attention to the seemingly small changes, tiny and dismissible differences working among you. We are being worked against at every available opportunity, and if you think that that cannot be the scenario, it is possible this article isn’t for you although, I would suggest sticking around for shits and giggles if nothing else.

Timelines are being taken, that is the case, that is the truth. Now, who are the timelines being taken by? A resounding us reverberates, and not all of us are against the nothing. Some of us have gone rabid, possibly beyond repair. There is but one reason alone why this article is to be read, it is to be read by timeline takers so… don’t keep it to yourself! Spread far and wide! Hell rename it and call it your own even while sharing the knowledge of preservation, fat chance one can be more selfish than what Life is up against. I am attempting  to bring home the severity of the situation in a way that is not conducive of the properties of fear rather, explain why one has ample reason to be anything but afraid. The following is of my own personal experience in battling the forces that seek to violate Life in every way imaginable.

If it CAN be taken away from Life to keep Life held back, understand that a servant or servants of “the nothing” WILL work for such, and likely currently is/are. There are many different forms from around the world of describing  such malevolent things, I have found calling them demons brings great impact so that’s what I’m going to run with. Do not look for them in caves with matted hair,  a disgruntled face and gnarled teeth, they do prefer beautiful forms as to match their waking arrogance. Now we “kind of” know what is taking timelines, let us delve into how it is being done. There is but one start and that is Love in your heart, that if you lack you have been beaten already. I have the ill fortune to remember much of that. But it is a step because I must also say that Love isn’t enough. Although in a normal situation it would be, more is required of the forces of Life now. Heartstrings will be tampered with, along with countless other things to be used against those who are benevolent. I fear that I cannot explain, nor in great detail, how timelines are taken, because the truth is that …that which works against life changes tactics like facial expressions. And so constantly evolving. So if you have ventured on this and thought you got it right, or if you will later on, there is no shame in saying: Maybe I’m not on top of my game. That is probably the first step to taking back timelines.

The following is an anime video from Dragonball Z of a student from a master in an alternate timeline who attained more than one way of “setting wrong things right”

I do not care, and it is too lowly of a concern to bother myself with to ask to be believed, but much like the video above I can relate in that I “slightly” remember stronger beings “taking charge” who are not here now. Perhaps they now never get to be, I cannot say for sure or not. However…WE ARE, and we are right now, in this waking moment. So fill your heart with Love for the now because that which can take it from you is always developing new and interesting ways of doing so. The good news is, they are stealing abilities because they cannot themselves create, so the more imaginably creative one can become, the more success “should” be attained. There is one thing to remember, if you are feeling comfortable, it could be because you are not in the arena for the Forces of Life. And if that is the case, I would remind such beings that greater beings aren’t here while we are, and not to throw away golden opportunities possibly and likely hard won!

This article was in part inspired by friends at in5d.com, a true force of good to be reckoned with in this world!

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