TLB Presents: Holistic Doctors Murdered: The True Inside Story

Holistic Doctors Murdered

Listen to a vital interview (youtube) further down this article.

Preface by: TLB

What you are about to read and listen to is soul shaking! Are there those among us who would allow the unnecessary suffering and death of millions for their own profit?

Does greed or evil (or something even more sinister) of this magnitude really exist in this modern day and time?

What you are about to find out suggests the answer is not only yes … but Hell Yes.

Many have heard TLB radio shows and read our articles that point a steady finger at the Pharmaceutical industry as exercising massive power and influence over governments across the planet … What you are about to find out is the next level of sinister in what can only be described as Greed, Death and Murder for the sake of Profit and Control!

Please continue …

By TLB Talk Show Host & Contributor: Richard Sacks

Holistic Doctors Murdered: The True Inside Story

If you’ve been watching any real news source over the last few weeks, you know that there have been at least 8 holistic doctors, and possibly up to 13 or more, that have died under suspicious circumstances, within a several week period.  At least some, and many now think possibly all, have been murdered. When I first heard of this terrible sequence of events, I knew it was not random coincidence. But I thought the element tying all the deaths together was that these doctors were all interested in health solutions that were not drug-oriented and were therefore seen as a threat to the drug-centered medical industry. I was wrong. The common thread in these deaths is far more specific.

Join me now in the most sensitive interview I have ever done, to get to the bottom of this tragedy, and help me share this audio recording everywhere, for security purposes, either as the youtube shown with this article, or as a MixCloud audio at: Better still, share both, and by doing that you may help us save the lives of more brave doctors, patients and others who have been involved in this incredibly important work, proving that real natural cures for killer diseases exist and are forbidden under our current medical system.

You also need to know that, even if the particular breakthrough cure explained in this interview is successfully suppressed and hidden, with a bit more understanding and focused work on your own body, there are ways to eliminate these same diseases that do not require any high tech discoveries, only the application of timeless laws of nature that have been known to a few since long before our recorded history began. Those ways of healing also, of course, you are not supposed to know or ever hear about, but they are harder to hide and many have proven they work. With a bit of investigation and research on your own, you can find them.

Please listen to this Vital discussion


richard_sacks 3Richard Sacks has been an independent holistic health scientist since 1965.  Much of his work has focused on the reversal of degenerative disease and “aging,” by natural means.  Now he teaches principles of natural health, is an internationally known radio host, and does a small number of one on one consulting sessions for those wanting to upgrade their health status on all levels, working with clients in areas of health and consciousness.  Visit, for information, links to study group meetings, and more.


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