Solutions to GMO’s and Toxic Health: Announcing Our Partnership with FUEL FOR THE BODY and the PURE INTEGRITY SEAL

Say No 01By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Those who support and follow The Liberty Beacon project are well aware that we rail against tyranny … in any shape or construct. If a mechanism is intentionally designed and utilized to produce harm to, or facilitate the subjugation of, individuals or the masses in general, we make it a point to push back against it with all the veracity we, as a viable project, can muster.

Included in this lineup of tyranny are two mechanisms that are being utilized to foster the most heinous attack on a mostly unsuspecting global population in the history of civilization. These two evils are being linked to a multitude of blights, epidemics, sickness, infertility, suffering, handicaps, cancers, autism, destruction of the biosphere and death, all culminating in disasters approaching biblical proportions globally! By now most reading this and in the know would have guessed I am describing Vaccines and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).

Through the research TLB has done and the information we have propagated to you, our supporters, through articles, videos and radio shows, the jury is in and the proof abundant. Over and over again we present blatant and irrefutable proof of the harm being perpetrated on humanity on a massive scale, and in what has to be a choreographed plan by those either too greedy to care or with an agenda that goes well beyond sinister, and with the aid and complicity of most global governments.

So what do we do? What do you do, with a mechanism such as TLB that constantly rails against issues (even though correct) but never offers alternatives or viable solutions to negate or alleviate this evil influence? Eventually most will turn away because constant railing without solution is self defeating.

So it is in this light the The Liberty Beacon project would like to announce our newest partner, Organic Guru Lynnette Pate and her organization FUEL FOR THE BODY. It is well past time TLB offered you avenues of research dedicated to solutions to these problems – real, effective and proven solutions. It is time TLB partnered up with an organization that goes beyond just getting the facts and the truth out and steps into the realm of giving you options on how to avoid these poisons and, if needed, how to counteract them.

Attached to this article you will find a BIO of Lynnette and a links to her organization. And since we are firm believers that true faith in a person or an organization is greatly enhanced by getting that information straight from the horses mouth (figuratively speaking), you will also find a link to a great radio show discussion I was privileged to record with Lynette.

Going forward FUEL FOR THE BODY will have a bimonthly news letter published on our main website,, to keep us abreast of health tyranny and the viable solutions we, our families and our loved ones need to live a healthier, safer and happier life.

Please read the encluded BIO, follow this link to the  FUEL FOR THE BODY website and, above all, listen to the recorded conversation where Lynnette will tell you in her own words her path to awareness and health, as I could never adequately describe it.

We_The_People(Click on this link to listen)

We The People Special (radio show) We The People with Organic Guru Lynette Pate


Lynnette PateBIO: Lynnette Marie, Organic Guru, is a student of natural & holistic health care and nutrition and was named a ‘Patient Expert’ by Dr. Ramah Wagner, national speaker and chiropractor. She is the author of international best sellers, “Fuel for the Body” and “Lose Weight the Pate Weigh”.

In 2014, she will publish “What Does Our Creator Have to Say About Our Food & Health” and “Where There Is Life There Is Hope….Never Mind What the Main Stream Tells You.” She travels the world with health information to various health expositions across the country and Mexico. She and her staff created the Pure Integrity Verified Seal of Approval – to help others find toxic-free products.

She and her husband, Tommy, created the Coty Pate Foundation for Respiratory Papillomatosis, named after their son who suffered from this illness and is now alive, well and a successful chef at age 24. Lynette was recently named Regional Ambassador for the American Anti-Cancer Institute. She has also been asked to work as Regional Ambassador for the Gerson Treatment Clinic in Baja, Mexico.

Lynette can be heard on radio shows such as Natural News, Home Grown Health, Freedomizer Radio, USA Prepares, Health Conspiracy Radio and The Liberty Beacon (We the People) She can also be found on bicycle tours across the country as she spreads her health message, entitled Fuel for the Body bike T.O.U.R. (Total Organic Understand Ride) She is the spokeswoman for a company called PHresh Products and also been named as Ambassador for America’s Outstanding Mom.


(Lynnette) We heard your concerns, we listened! Now, we have brought to YOU, the Consumer, one of the purest seals of approval in the world! We bring to you: PURE INTEGRITY VERIFIED™ seal of approval. Imagine a seal you can finally TRUST with PURE INTEGRITY, Beyond Organic, GMO FREE and Eco Friendly. A seal that declares the ENTIRE company PURE and Toxic Free, not just one product. This is the seal you have been waiting for. By looking for this unique seal, you can feel confident that the company has YOUR best health at heart!

Pure Integrity Seal

TLB: As you can see the seal is made up of a multi-layered heart with each individual heart bearing a specific and special meaning …

Pure Integrity Seal 01

No-GMO-290x300[1]The information provided by our valuable new partner is varied and priceless including information on a topic we all rail against … GMO’s

Our Organic Guru provided the following information on this subject (Click on blue text) GMO: JUST SAY NO

Fan PageYou can also follow Lynnette on her Facebook



This is a three part introduction series with the next two installments covering Lynnette’s Bicycle Tour and Galas so please stay tuned for these two additional publications as well as the FUEL FOR THE BODY bimonthly news letters.

A parting shot from our new partner …

“The better you take care of your body, the better your body takes care of YOU” LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE!

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