TLB Radio Premiers: The Citizens Forum Broadcast


The Citizens Forum Broadcasting

Inaugural Broadcast: UNITE AND WIN!

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Hosted by TLBUK Senior Admin, Steve Cook, with very special guest, Roger Landry, the founder of The Liberty Beacon global alternative media network.

This is the inaugural broadcast of the Citizens Forum.

Upon the foundations provided by this show will be built over the ensuing weeks and months Citizens Forum Broadcasting (CFB), an online station devoted to helping the thousands of groups, organizations and heroic individuals who have taken up the challenge of fighting one or more of the manifold aspects and manifestations of tyranny.

CFB’s mission is to help and encourage all such betterment groups to stand shoulder to shoulder in an alliance or brotherhood that will form a powerful united front against tyranny.

We will be doing this by featuring and forwarding The Liberty Beacon’s Freedom and Unity Project and its purpose and rationale. We will be inviting the aforementioned betterment  groups to have their say, to promote and explain their missions and goals, activities and victories.

To kick things off, Steve interviews Roger to discover the inspiration and purposes behind the Freedom and Unity Project, the strategic importance of forming such a grass roots alliance and how combined and coordinated effort will create an unstoppable power by, with, of and for The People.

Many dream of a better world, some cry out in advocacy of it. The time has come to bring together in a united effort all those who are BUILDING one.


Let’s unite and win!
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