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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

So you wake up in the morning to a beautiful day, the sky is clear, the sun is shining, a mild breeze is blowing, and all is perfect in Whoville. Then you notice several high flying jets crisscrossing the sky endlessly and leaving long trails in their wake. Within hours the trails have all expanded and merged to the point where the once beautiful and clear sky is now a blanket of putrid gray … What just happened?

Now if you try to discuss this with most people who have no basis in scientific reality, or are so propagandized into a state of ignorance, that they will tell you all this is a result of persistent contrails … BULL-CRAP !!!

So lets climb down this rabbit hole …

Try to count the number of trails in this picture, and then try to tell me this is any kind of an insane holding pattern or flight path.

Chemtrails 3

Try to explain the persistence of these trails (many hours) when the humidity at altitude is insufficient to support them.

chemtrails 4

Try to tell me these precise patterns laid are not for maximum area coverage as the trails expand.

chemtrails 6

Try to tell me these images above are persistent turbo fan contrails !!!

High Bypass Turbofan jet engines cannot produce persistent contrails because of the high pressure that exists at the exhaust. This is due to the front intake fan acting in the same fashion as a propeller would. The turbofan is the thruster mechanism (about 90% thrust from fan), with not as much of the thrust coming from the turbine exhaust as most would think! All of the modern commercial jets, and most of the large military craft use the high bypass turbofan jet engine for propulsion.

A huge factor in persistent contrails is the relative humidity at altitude.

So Contrails or Chemtrails? We present you now with an individual who is willing to put his money where his mouth and research is!

Please read and listen to the attached article and recorded TLB Special with special guest Mike McCoy …


By TLB Contributor: Michael McCoy

I retired and sixty seven years old. I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. I graduated from HS in 1965 and without the money to go to college I was draft eligible. I decided to join and get it over with. I scored vary high on the AFQT in the 98th percentile. I was eligible for any job in the Army. After meeting a man who had lost an arm in Vietnam I decided to go into the Airborne Infantry to fight for my country. At eighteen I had a huge patriotic mind. I was blessed to survive heavy combat.

Upon returning stateside I married a girl I had dated one time before going overseas. She had written me and was still unattached when I returned. We have been married 48 years. While still in the Army I went to night school and graduated with a BA in Business. I left the Army after 13 years and went to work for a major Pharmaceutical Firm. I did MBA studies at Pepperdine and learned to read scientific studies. I read hundreds of them and even taught doctors (CME Classes) based on the science.

I never was any kind of activist until I was made aware of the weather modification and chemical spraying going on right above my head. I started to read the science behind persistent ice crystal contrails and after some study realized the government was lying about the incessant spraying going on all over the country and in many foreign countries.

This is how the study I conducted in Las Vegas came to be the center of my $10,000.00 Challenge. It was obvious the humidity here was much to low to allow Ice Crystal Persistent Contrails to form.

When you view my video please note there is an error in the temperature needed to form persistent ice crystal contrails. The true temp required is -40c or lower, not 40c as I mention. It is a moot point anyway as I conceded that the temperature on my study days was low enough at all times above 26K feet. In other words the temperature was not a consideration, we are discussing relative humidity here.

I would ask you all to post my video on weather channels and activist sights you belong to. I would also let you know that the humidity is too low in most areas to the country to support ice crystal contrails that persist.

Please consider doing your own study wherever you reside.

My thanks go out to Roger Landry the tireless fighter for truth and director of The Liberty Beacon project.


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