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We live in a very different world today than our parents grew up in. Parental rights used to be rock solid with the state only stepping in in extreme cases of abuse, or a child/children orphaned by the death of their parents. All of this has changed … and in a imposing and frightening fashion! Today removing children from loving and dedicated parents seems to be a rising phenomenon predicated on greed, profit and medical experimentation. Do you think the opening statement to harsh or fear porn … well think again.

Today on The Liberty Beacon Special my Co-host Terry Roark and I have the extreme privilege of discussing this issue with two very intelligent, outspoken and courageous activists on this subject, they are …

Melissa Diegel:

Melissa is the mother of (3) children, two of whom were medically kidnapped. She is the voice of the voiceless and speaks out on humanitarian issues. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona and supports the constitution, family rights and believes in the right to freedom of speech. Just recently she accepted the position given by the Liberty Beacon Project to be a radio talk show host. She is a published writer and has been a frequent guest on many international talk show radio programs. Currently there are 18, 265 children in the Arizona DCS system, more than any other state…..35 children a day are being taken. Two of those children out of those 18 thousand are her daughters.

And …

Karla Johnson:

Karla is a well-respected community advocate who has been exposing judicial corruption in Arizona for the last 6 years. She is known for her outspoken nature, videos, articles and guest appearances on radio talk shows. She has recently been offered the position as co- host on a radio talk show offered through the Liberty Beacon Project. Karla’s excellent ability to research and her involvement with families in the community has helped to keep children free from a rogue DCS agency that has lost its original purpose to preserve families and protect children. It is Karla’s mission to help educate the public of this humanitarian crisis and to one day see that justice is served, which includes the return of her 4 grandsons.

Combined with the research and activism for parental rights of my Co-Host Terry Roark, we delve into a sad topic of Government Kidnapping on a massive and ever increasing scale. Please listen as these three highly intelligent and concerned mothers and activists bring the truth to you in a fashion you cannot ignore.

Medical Kidnapping





All combine to bring our parental rights and Constitutional freedoms to the verge of extinction today. If you have children in America today, or plan to then … This is a discussion you must hear!


Click on the TLB Logo to here this recorded discussion, and please read the comprehensive article by Melissa Diegel attached below the show.

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Did Hospitals Find The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

By TLB Contributor: Melissa Diegel

According to the code of federal regulation 46.116, wards of the state such as foster children can be used in clinical research trials and a doctor, researcher or any other state appointed representative can sign consent. Medical Kidnapping has become an epidemic! The entire country is now affected.

In 2008, Phoenix Children’s Hospital started an add on expansion to their hospital to the tune of $538 million dollars. Phoenix Children’s Hospital is currently responsible for conducting over 200 clinical research trials. How many of these children were taken for genetic research?

In November 2012 Boston Children’s Hospital signed a $225 million dollar collaborative research agreement to do clinical trials on patients at their hospital.

Massachusetts – Meet Lou Pelletier

Pic 24

He was a financial adviser turned outspoken father willing to go to bat for his daughter. A father with no criminal record. Justina Pelletier was removed from her parents care on February 14th, 2013 by Boston Children’s Hospital. The accusation against the parent? Medical Abuse. Specialists at Tufts had been treating Justina for a rare medical condition, called mitochondrial disease. BCH did not agree with that diagnosis and sought to change it to Somatoform Disorder. A 16-month custody battle then ensued, where the parents were denied all medical access or input into their daughter’s medical care and treatment, and were restricted to 1-hour per week, supervised visits with their daughter Justina. The public watched in horror as her health deteriorated and outrage grew and even Congress started paying attention to the fact that hospitals were medically kidnapping children for research. By the time her parents regained custody their child was paralyzed from the waist down, was suffered from foot drop, hand contractures and other severe medical complications. Hospitals can and are doing this by falsely reporting the parents to the Department of Child and Families Services, (DCF/ DCS/ CPS) for medical child abuse in order to place certain children with rare genetic makeups into drug trials for which grants or contracts are received to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

A Miracle for Justina

On June 26th 2014 Justina’s Law was proposed……

“Representatives Karen Bass (D-Calif.), Tom Marino (R-Pa.) and Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) joined Bachmann in introducing Justina’s Law on June 26. Bass declared, “This bill will make it clear that children are blessings, not guinea pigs.” Marino stated, “The bonds between children and parents is sacred.” McDermott added, “We must act to protect and cherish children in the care of a state and make sure that they are not the subject of risky medical experimentation.” H.R. 4989 was immediately referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Unless the bill lingers in a forgotten stack on a crowded committee table, it is unlikely to be opposed.”

It’s wasn’t enough…and it was never was passed …

Chicago – Meet Michelle Rider

Pic 25

Michelle Rider is a nurse. She has a fingerprint clearance card and no criminal record. She was accused of medical abuse. Her son Isaiah was taken by Lurie Children’s Hospital. He suffers from a rare genetic condition called neurofibromatosis, which causes abnormal, painful tumor growth. Isaiah has suffered extreme ABUSE and PAIN while under the state’s care. He is also an amputee. He was taken in April 2014. The state won custody and seeks to hold Issiah until age 21. His proposed study is titled “Phase 2 Study of Cabozantinib XL 184 for Plexiform Neurofibromatosis in subjects with neuro type 1 16 or greater.” Lurie’s collaborative agreement is through Stanley Manne Research Center Institute.

Arizona – Meet Dr. Jessica Boklan

Pic 26

Dr. Boklan is currently responsible for running multiple leukemia drug studies right now on children at Phoenix Children’s Hospital …

She went to Harvard University as an undergrad, New York University for medical school, and then did a residency at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In 2001 she moved to Arizona and became the director of oncology research at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She works with children who suffer from blood cancers (like leukemia.)

“Her particular mission has been to develop the Phoenix Children’s Hospital into a major regional research institute, where newly diagnosed patients can be enrolled in Phase I clinical trials—that is, extremely early stage trials that take a first look at how potentially helpful compounds work in humans. One of the things she likes best about pediatric oncology is that “science and research are so integrated in what you do,” she says. Because pediatric cancers are so rare, the culture is that “we really want to learn from every child. “So far, the project has been going well, according to Bob Meyer, the hospital’s president, who praised her efforts: “Without her, research as we know it today probably wouldn’t exist in the Phoenix area.” However, “Not all trials pan out.” -Taken from Scientific American (2009)

Arizona has recently become the country’s leader for taking the most children, currently at 35 children a day.

Arizona – Meet Tonya Brown

Pic 27

Tonya Brown is the mother of Christopher Brown she adopted him because she fell in love with him the first minute she laid eyes on him. Despite the fact that he was severely developmentally delayed, and there was brain damage she made preparations to adopt him. Poor Christopher was then diagnosed with CML, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, a cancer that is extremely rare in children. At the time Tonya thought she was seeking the best medical treatment available in the United States so she went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. It was there that she met Dr. Jessica Boklan. Tonya did not know it at the time, Dr. Boklan happened to be heavily involved with medical research and multiple active clinical trials. She began to pressure Tonya to sign papers for Christopher to be entered into a clinical trial on multiple occasions. But Tonya told her NO! Probable study “A Phase II Study of Dasatinib in Children and Adolescents With Newly Diagnosed Chronic Phase CML or With Ph+ Leukemias Resistant or Intolerant to Imatinib.” There were frequent disagreements over Christophers care and his pain level. Her son was taken away by Phoenix Children’s Hospital and forced to have a bone marrow transplant without his loving mother there. Tonya’s right’s were terminated by Arizona DCS in 2013!

Pic 28

December 4th, 2012 Phoenix Children’s Hospital Signs a Collaborative Agreement for $50 Million Dollars

In December 2012, Phoenix Children’s Hospital announced the creation of the Ronald A. Matricaria Institute of Molecular Medicine with the goal of unlocking genetic codes and developing drug therapies. A generous gift of $50 million dollars started off this collaborative agreement by a board of directors member and former CEO of St. Jude Medical Inc. Daniel Von Hoff, MD, Senior Investigator and Director of Translational Research for TGen joined in both a leadership and collaborative role, and leverages his experience in both clinical trials for adults to advance therapy development in children. Initially, the institute will employ 50 scientists and other staff, contributing to Phoenix’s growing biomedical corridor.

As mentioned on the Phoenix Childrens Hospital website:

“A critical component to this venture is Phoenix Children’s collaborative relationships with leading bioscience institutions.”

“The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix brings academic and research programs, as well as academic credentials necessary to recruit and develop a research program. “

“The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) contributes deep expertise in genomics and bioinformatics and sophisticated laboratory space.”

Arizona – Meet Melissa Diegel

Pic 29

Melissa Diegel was a former Preschool Owner and Habilitation Technician who had devoted her life to working with children and families. She has a level 1 fingerprint clearance card and no criminal record. She was also accused of medically abusing her disabled daughters a common ploy and tactic they use to take children from loving homes of medically fragile children. Hannah and Kayla were both diagnosed with rare congenital disorders and ironically, the glycosylation trial whose collaborative agreement is through NHGRI/ TGEN happened to open up on March 14th, 2014, just 3 weeks before the two Phoenix sisters were medically kidnapped. The trial is called “Clinical and Basic investigations into Known and Suspected Disorders of Glycosylation” and might be being initiated on several mitochondrial patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. “Cardy focused on a much rarer set of developmental disorders, working with TGen researchers to identify mutations that cause congenital disorders of glycosylation (CDG is a form of mitochondrial disease,) a step toward facilitating individually targeted therapies for persons with CDG. Cardy said that the technology her work employed could slash by 90 percent the $30,000 per-patient price tag for such mutation identification.” -Flinn Foundation

On January 12th, 2015 Arizona Politicians Come to the Rescue and Bring “The Sisters Bill” to Light

Pic 30Five Arizona state legislatures introduced a Bill to the house (2049) that would make it illegal to subject a foster child to medical or genetic experimentation, or to give a foster child any medication not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This is another step in the right direction and we applaud Representative Kelly Townsend, Mark A Cardenas, Sonny Borrelli, Mark Finchem and J. Lawrence.

This bill was shut down, inappropriately so by a father on the legislative committee whose son works for “Tgen.”

October 3rd, 2014 Phoenix Children’s Hospital announces its partnership with the Chan Soon-Shiong Institute of Molecular Medicine.

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong’s vision is to apply genomics to different disorders. Phoenix Children’s Hospital President and CEO Robert Meyer mentions there are only 300 young patients with tumors each year who come in to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Soon-Shiong said, what “we need to be able to do 4,000 to 6,000 patients a day because there’s 2 million, plus or minus, cancer patients a year.”

“A supercomputer will be housed at PCH to provide genomic sequencing and analysis. It will have the ability to conduct full genome sequencing and proteomics analysis in less than seven days. The Chan Soon-Shiong Children’s Precision Medicine Institute at PCH will also be responsible for providing supercomputer services for other children’s hospitals. Soon-Shiong named former Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon as vice chairman of National LambdaRail, that owns and operates a 12,000-mile fiber-optic network used by 300 research laboratories and universities, including Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. Gordon’s role is facilitating Arizona joint ventures, such as the PCH deal.

It will be the first of its kind in the nation to really create this collaboration,” Gordon said.” -Phoenix Business Journal

BETHANY REED/CRONKITE NEWS: Phoenix Children’s Hospital is one of the first to heavily focus genomics testing on children. The equipment will be fully functional by the second quarter of 2015. The hospital has partnered with Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong to create the testing center.”

ROBERT L. MEYER/CEO PHOENIX CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL: He’s got a vision to develop a genomic one-size or one-shop stop for everything you would need for genomic medicine, from the sequencing to the informatics, the interpretation, the access to various pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy agents, etc.”

BETHANY REED/CRONKITE NEWS: While the testing won’t cure cancer, it provides something he says is more valuable for parents.” -Cronkite News

Arizona – Meet Lisa Meltzer

Pic 31

Lisa Meltzer is the mom of 5 children, but the state only took her special needs child away. “Joey Kangaroo” has Apert syndrome, a genetic disorder in which the bones of his skull and face prematurely fuse, requiring multiple surgeries and hospitalizations. The job of caring for a child with Apert’s is very intensive, and requires constant care. Lisa received 8.5 hours a day of nursing care, yet the state claimed she might get too overwhelmed and took her son away. Sadly, we think there is a more sinister reason why Joey was taken……Barrows Neurological Institute under Phoenix Children’s hospital specializes in Craniofacial Disorders like Aperts syndrome. Because of her son’s condition he required multiple surgeries, which he has had since being Medically Kidnapped. One of the surgeries that little Joey had was to help reconstruct the bones in his skull. It was described as being so painful that you could not lift him to comfort or hold him, he was in so much pain. One of the clinical trials available on the market at that time was testing a new pain medication, to see if it was effective after that kind of surgery, the mother was never asked if she wanted him to possibly participate- she had already lost her ability to have an opinion because the state had the authority to authorize a clinical trial such as this. “Members of the Barrow Craniofacial Center are actively involved in research related to craniofacial disorders. For example, some clinical trials underway aim to discover genetic causes of craniofacial disorders and state-of-the-art techniques in the treatment of patients with cleft palate.”* The following link will lead you to several craniofacial trials going on in multiple hospitals currently around the country, not just at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Craniosynostosis Trials

Lisa’s parental rights have been severed. She is in the process of an appeal.

Joey Kangaroo Meltzer Apert Syndrome

Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

“Barrow at Phoenix Children’s multidisciplinary approach to neuroscience care includes the development of strategic partnerships with clinical research groups and research groups (yes they put that twice), locally, nationally and internationally. Barrow at Phoenix Children’s is continually improving care through research and education. State-of-the-art clinical and translational research. In 2014, neurosurgery and neurology continued to gain further national reputation as a Center of Excellence, being awarded the U.S. News and World Report Best Children’s Hospitals ranking.” *

Barrow at Phoenix Children’s Research Collaborations Arizona Biomedical Research Commission Arizona State University – Schools of Bioengineering, Education, Nursing, Biodesign, Bioinformatics Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical CenterFirst Things First, Arizona Mayo Clinic Arizona National Institute of Health (NIH) Phoenix VA Healthcare System Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center Translational Genomics (TGEN) Univeristy of Arizona – College of Medicine, Phoenix University of Arizona – College of Medicine, Tucson*

On 2/13/14 Robert Meyer signed a contract with the Department of Economic Security in Arizona contracting that for every child they turn over to CPS/ DCS the hospital receives $865. DES contract # DE14067095. In essence Phoenix Children’s Hospital is tripple profiting off of the children!

1. They get reinbursed through DCS for every “child turned they over.”
2. They are billing for hospital services for sick/ disabled children. Regular insurance, every procedure.
3. They bill wards of the state through DCS for hospital services for sick or disabled children. For every procedure and visit to Phoenix Childrens’s Hospital.
4. They receive grants, contracts and donations to do drug trials on children which in turn brings in more collaborative agreements, revenue and prestige to the hospital..

Arizona – Meet Robert Meyers

Pic 32

Bob Meyers serves as Chief Executive Officer for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Phoenix Children’s is one of largest children’s hospitals in the country, with 385 licensed beds and a medical staff of nearly 1,000 practitioners across 75 pediatric specialties. Meyer joined Phoenix Children’s Hospital in 2003, taking over the leadership of current operations and is responsible for the future growth of Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix Children’s Medical Group and the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation.

According to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital website:

“Meyer’s commitment to pediatric medical research and education is clear.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital vision is to be the premier regional pediatric center in the Southwest. Nationally recognized as one of the best for pediatric care, innovative research and medical education.

Be recognized for innovative research supported by leading clinical trials of new treatment and diagnostic methods. Be recognized for providing advanced education and training for clinical providers.
Be known as an effective advocate for Arizona’s children. Phoenix Children’s will grow by expanding service lines; enhancing geographic coverage; aligning with physicians, hospitals and networks; expanding research and academic programs; and improving financial performance.”

Is History Repeating Itself?

Collaborative research agreements, coupled with a doctor’s fascination in genetically unique children’s conditions is quite terrifying. Research doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies must only be seeing these poor children as dollar signs or guinea pigs, instead of the actual family unit as a whole or the child as an individual. In the early 1940’s the Nazi’s preformed human experimentation’s on large numbers of prisoners, mainly Jews (INCLUDING MANY CHILDREN) from across Europe during World War II and the Holocaust. Prisoners were coerced into participating; they never willingly volunteered and they never gave their informed consent. Typically, the experiments resulted in death, disfigurement or permanent disability, this is an example of medical torture. After the war, these crimes were tried at what became known as the Doctors’ Trial, and a review of the abuses led to the development of the Nuremberg Code of medical ethics.–999

The Truth: History is repeating itself.

Perhaps we have just shed some light on this subject. Nobody really wants to talk about it, but it is happening. Children are not guinea pigs, they are a phenomenal blessing and a parent’s greatest treasure.

Now if we could only just work on returning those children who have been‬ taken for those experiments. Haven’t they been through enough?

Pic 33

This article is dedicated to my two daughters who have been subjected to clinical trials at PCH who have not yet been returned.



‬ @MelissaDiegel

A Miracle For two Sisters



A Lot of the information above can also be found on Health Impact News & Medical Kidnap along with additional information concerning this topic. TLB highly recommends you visit these informative websites.


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