BALD EAGLE TO A PIG: The Transformation of America


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

I can remember as a child my proud father (who fought against what he considered tyranny in both WWII and Korea) saying to my siblings and I … We will lose our freedom and be ruled by tyranny in America … WHEN PIGS FLY !!!

Well look around you … The Fundamental Transformation promised to America is progressing at breakneck speed, and momentum, with …

Untold numbers (literally) of illegal’s pouring across our borders, unchecked, into a nation that is broke and unable to afford them, literally transforming our very society.

Unlimited and un-called for hostilities being perpetrated across the planet with no end in sight, draining our coffers at a time when we can’t even take care of our own.

Endless cronyism, corruption and corporatism haunting the halls of Congress in a perpetually expanding cycle.

GMO’s, Chemtrails and Vaccines poisoning the entire population with no escape, leaving America the sickest society on this planet.

And Banksters who benefit from all of this with the GREED of a PIG … beyond comprehension and any conscience … to the point of nonexistence.

This is the ACTUAL change, the Fundamental Transformation promised Americans and delivered in spades … only it is not the change eluded to. No, what we are seeing is a total regimen of all promised and nothing delivered or in actuality the exact opposite of the reality initially presented and promised to We The People by the Obama Administration…

My administration will be the most open in history, and our fundamental decision making will be televised live on CSPAN … Actually delivered just the Opposite.

I will get this runaway spending and soaring deficit under control and rein in this government … Actually delivered just the Opposite.

We will invest in shovel ready projects to put many Americans back to work … Actually delivered just the Opposite.

Through fiscal responsibility we will turn this economy around…. Actually delivered just the Opposite.

I will put an end to these illegal and immoral wars … Actually delivered just the Opposite.

I will put an end to the excessive intrusion of big government into our personal lives … Actually delivered just the Opposite.

I will get GMO’s labeled because Americans deserve to know what they are eating … Actually delivered just the Opposite.

Large Corporations should not and will not receive special treatment from this government … Actually delivered just the Opposite.

A president’s job, my job,  will be to enforce the laws and defend the Constitution … Actually delivered just the Opposite.

It would seem … damn near … EVERY promise, for every wish We The People expressed during the time of the building of false hopes, has been turned on its head to ram exactly the opposite down our over-trusting (or trust through ignorance) throats regardless of the fact that America is fatally choking on this tyranny

Every candidate makes some, a few, promises out of the many, that he or she is well aware cannot be fulfilled … this is after all still politics … BUT this administration has raised the bar on the issuance of blatant lies to such a lofty height that competing to equal or raise  it in the future will be all but impossible. Or have they merely just established the new standard for the bar going forward?

Yet we must always be fair because there are in fact several truths uttered from this disreputable source of so many lies … those being:

We are only days away from the Fundamental Transformation of America … Deliverd 100% on this promise.

Under my administration the cost of energy in America will Skyrocket … Deliverd 100% on this promise.

Gee this list of truths is nowhere near as impressive as the above list of blatant lies (which is only a partial list), but in keeping with the theme of this commentary … they are just as damaging and damning for America as the lies.

Transformation is the key here and this mechanism has facilitated the changing of something we (us baby boomers) all grew up proud of, unafraid of and happy to be associated with, into something ugly, demeaning, selfish, and something to fear.

Now please understand you and I can easily see and understand this and the true media reports on this daily and consistantly … while the MainStream Media ignores this in a show of complicity that should rock the foundation of this country. A free people without a free press … is only a people fooling themselves into thinking they are free, while being governed by those who have entirely too much to hide!

This transformation is now being literally burned into the thoughts and perceptions of We The people and those who look upon us from across this globe … seeing the morphing of our proud national symbol, the Bald Eagle, into something that most give very little respect to or affection for … a Pig … and observing with sadness and reservation … as …



Mona Lidji Fishman is great friend of The Liberty Beacon project, a devout patriot and serious Ron Paul devotee! But where most of us put our thoughts to print or picture, Mona’s talent lies in a different medium, namely music production. This video is so appropriate to this commentary that to not have included it would have done a serious injustice to the entire presentation!

TLB would like to showcase Mona’s unique talent by presenting and promoting this YouTube video.

This music production is great and very entertaining but is enhanced with a great pictorial presentation that is highly entertaining to observe. This production features the band “Randonymous” performing the song “Bald Eagle to a Pig” …

Please take the time to watch this video from a very talented woman and a huge asset to the liberty movement. After you have enjoyed this production be sure to visit “seahorsemomma’s channel” ( to enjoy more of her groundbreaking music and video productions.


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