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9/11/2001 – The Day Science & The Known Laws Of Physics … Died

As we look at another 9/11 glaring back at us from our calendars, I am saddened to state that I am witnessing the light dimming in the eyes of those who fervently swore they would extract justice for the ultimate tyranny perpetrated on We The People. Twenty two years is a long time to wait for answers (truth), which we have not gotten, and if left to the government … will never get.

Today we have an entire generation born around 09/11/01 that are approaching, or in early adulthood not knowing of, or only knowing what, they have been told by a revisionist (govt. controlled) school system. So today, as we approach the 22nd anniversary, I publish the following to hopefully move this vital topic back to the forefront of minds and movements! For each tyranny we allow to go unchallenged, a precedent is set and one more tool against We The People exists going forward.

September 11th 2001 was a day like no other in the history of planet earth as related to the laws of physics & science.

This was a day when the laws that define the very physical makeup and reactions of everything that exists shifted into a reality never experienced, the day science as we know it … died. This dimensional shift was confined to the immediate vicinity of the World Trade Center complex, the Pentagon and the United Airlines flight 93 crash site in a field in Pennsylvania, leaving the rest of the planet unaffected. In this article we will discuss the temporary reality shift focused around the World Trade Center.

Anyone with half a brain, and knowing the hard core information that is available today, would have to consider the above the only viable explanation (a sad state of affairs) for the events that occurred on this day of infamy. That is if we are to believe the information put forth via NIST, the 9/11 Commission Report, and released by this government (with their own unique brand of science). This is just a bold, hard fact!

Never in the history of this country, or the history of this planet for that matter, have so many blatant lies been intentionally and maliciously sold to the public.

How many times must we highlight the inconsistencies (lies) proven so by scientific fact over and over again. In order to facilitate these lies we have all been spoon fed by NIST, the laws that constitute science, the very laws of physics itself as we know it, would have to be rewritten and proven via peer review, based on concepts that are totally foreign to that very science. Yet they stand today by virtue of a government ripe with complicity and guilt. This is not a statement based on conspiracy or even anger, but based on true scientific fact as researched and presented by many of this planet’s best and most respected scientists, architects and structural engineers.

I never thought I would make a comment such as this, but it appears we live in a country populated mostly by individuals with a lack of testicular fortitude. A poll conducted several years ago states that the number of people living in this country today who believe the NIST findings or the 9/11 Commission Report and our government’s stance on this event … are now a minority that is shrinking yearly. So if this is the new truth … a fact, where is the blow-back in mass? Why hasn’t this government been forced by an angry and focused public into conducting a second, independent and thorough investigation?


Click HERE to continue reading and watch vital videos.

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

In the last newsletter, we discussed the true meaning of the word “Patriot” and how our natural rights come from God, not government. If people believe that government grants their rights then they must understand that government, can then, take them away. If you don’t fully understand natural law and where your rights come from then they will, eventually be taken from you. That is exactly why it is vital to have this basic fundamental understanding.

In the days of the founding of the U.S., there was a principle that was understood by the people. It is called “Federalism” but, unfortunately, most people haven’t a clue what it means.

It goes like this. At the top of any authoritative system, is God…then the power lies in the hands of the sovereign individual…then the local government, state, and at the bottom was the federal government which was extremely limited!!

“Federalism” was also protected by another principle of the founding era and it is known as the principle of “Allegiance and Protection.”

Under “allegiance and protection” everyone has a responsibility to protect “the sovereign.” The purpose of the militia is to protect the sovereign. It is their DUTY to do so! The United States is NOT a sovereign nation. People say this is crazy but it is the states (…and the people) that are sovereign, not the nation. This is where the ‘duty’ of the states comes in.

People misunderstand all of this and, wrongly, think that the answer is state nullification. This is because many lies have been spread from and organization referring to themselves as the “Tenth Amendment Center.” They are not teaching people according to the truth of the Constitution. Their model laws say that the states and the U.S. have a contract agreement. The “Supremacy Clause” of the Constitution (Article 6, clause 2) makes it crystal clear because is automatically nullifies any piece of legislation that is contrary to anything else in the Constitution. Also, case law says that if it’s not passed “in pursuance” with the Constitution, it is not a law. This is, exactly, why most of the modernist “executive orders” are completely illegal…yet the people do nothing about it.

The “Supremacy Clause” of the U.S. Constitution (i.e., Article VI, clause 2) is an automatic nullification clause against unconstitutional federal “enactments” because there is no such thing as an unconstitutional federal “law.”

The problem with “nullification” is that there is no authority for states to nullify federal law – one sovereign does not have ability to nullify another sovereign. Nowhere in the Constitution does it give any authority to the states to nullify. America is the first and only country where the people were created as sovereign. The term “sovereign” means “subject to the allegiance”…the only one that could severe that relationship with the government is the sovereign, not the other way around. The worst crime is TREASON but they still can’t take away our allegiance and protection. We owe each other the duties of allegiance and protection because we are, all, sovereign.

WE ARE THE SOVEREIGN – the people!

The federal government can’t make states pass legislation and they can’t force agents (sheriffs) to enforce laws…it violates federalism.

Constitutional nullification is far more powerful than state nullification!!! ***

“[T]he only foundation for a useful education in a republic is to be laid in Religion. Without this there can be no virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty, and liberty is the object and life of all republican governments. “– Dr. Benjamin Rush, On the Mode of Education Proper in a Republic

Dr. Rush was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Take the “Patriot’s Corner” Challenge:

Who refused to attend the Constitutional Convention because he said, “I smell a rat” and why?? What do you think?

By: Judy Spady

Genocide In Lahaina

“The Hawaiian people were setting up to be sovereign and bring back their own government. working toward this for years. They had come to that place one year ago, and this fire, the murder of the next generation children was deliberate. The US stealers of land and NATO leaders of genocide of indigenous nations didn’t like that the people were standing up for themselves… So they sent them a message at Lahiana .. The native people were getting too strong, speaking up and too determined. now I pray and I do that strongly cause I know the truth of a greater force… That those people do not lose hope, do not give up – You know, the children’s murders are the hardest! It hits the hardest. How many Elders were burned?  How many of those who were helping their people to bring back their own governing body … burned?”

Barbara Threecrow, Elder

Submitted by: Luca Majno


AP Sept 5, 2023

Former President Donald J. Trump has once again been indicted, now for a 5th time.

Sources close to President Trump spoke with anonymity regarding the additional and extremely serious new charges!“It’s even more serious this time than any of the previous 4 indictments”, said one anonymous source, who asked to not be named. These charges could put the former 45th President behind bars for more than a century if convicted.

One agent on the Former President’s Secret Service detail commented, “The previous 4 indictments seemed ridiculous to me, and should easily proven to be fake charges, in an attempt to interfere with Mr. Trumps upcoming election run, but these new charges are very serious and have me concerned he will likely be convicted”.

The Justice Department, along with over 35 agents from the FBI, executed a new search warrant at Mar-O-Lago looking for evidence. The search continued for almost 7 hours, combing through every inch of the luxury estate, but came up empty.

By chance, nearing the end of the search, one of the Presidents Secret Service detail was searching one of the estates numerous storage areas, alongside one of the agents from the FBI, and spotted Mr. Trumps’ golf bag in the storage room. The FBI agent removed, and was admiring one of the more spectacular looking clubs, showed it to the Secret Service agent, and when he tried to put it back in the bag, the club would only go into the bag about half way. The agent reached into the bag, and was shocked at what he found, the evidence they had been searching for all day! The agent found over 117 separate pieces of evidence stuffed into the bottom of the bag! The agent collected all the evidence and returned to the main area where they met with the senior agent, who confirmed that they had found what they had been searching for all day.

Another anonymous statement from one of the staff, told this reporter that she had accidentally discovered the crime, but wasn’t sure exactly who was responsible, but now that the agents had found the evidence hidden in Mr. Trumps golf bag, she was confident that he was responsible. Additionally, she told me that she was extremely angry, but also saddened at the same time, that Mr. Trump could have committed such a heinous crime. She also reported that the destruction of some of the items were incomplete, and it appeared to her, to be in an almost hurried attempt to remove them, but sufficient fragments were left behind, but the FBI forensics team found DNA as well as a partial fingerprint from the former President.

After discovering the evidence at Mar-O-Lago, the FBI and the Justice department felt confident they would find even more evidence, and additional search warrants were issued and executed at all of the Trump properties. The searches revealed evidence of additional crimes, but this time, the evidence was discovered quickly.

If convicted, the penalty for the removal of the mattress tags is imprisonment for at least 1 year per tag. So far, between all of Trump’s properties, over 500 mattress tags have been found to have been illegally removed, which could mean more than 500 years behind bars!The FBI stated that they will be checking all the beds at the Whitehouse and Camp David next! The Trump organization had no comment at this time!

By: SpyTom

We have made the decision to omit GlobaLunacy from this month’s edition, as we believe it is necessary to give our Eyes Wide Open article the attention it deserves. Rest assured, we will be back in the next newsletter with our customary engrossing content!

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