TLBTV: Balancing Act Of Life – With Guest Kim Berney, Care Giver

Balancing Act Of Life – With Guest Kim Berney, Care Giver


Presented by your host  Emilie DeAngelo

Kim Burney has been a loving care giver for many years and her deep interview shows and tells about her story. She prides herself also in being one great editor and publicist who is at this moment writing her own book about her life which has much to do with being a care giver. Kim is selfless and teaches us that when we let go and take care of others we tend to forget about our self.

Kim has a BA in computer science and is continuing her education presently. She’s worked with many different companies and entrepreneurs over the years. Helping people is just one of those things she is good at! You can say Kim is a jack of all trades! She’s been in IT for 14 years and is an owner/founder/operator of Attraction Center Publishing LLC. A little more about ACP taken from Linked In ‘Attraction Center Publishing is a business consulting, event management, and publishing company.

“We work with small business owners, early stage companies, entrepreneurs, internationally acclaimed speakers, authors and celebrities to bring their talent to light. What’s the purpose of having a great message, product or service if no one can find you? Our clients come from relationships we establish first. The foundation of ACP is built on having fun, doing what we love, honoring the wonderful talent we find, achieving results, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Our clients are the best in their industry – making it easy for us to succeed in whatever we pursue.

We tend to work with clients who want us to take care of a project from beginning to end …


• Websites

• Email and ad copy

• Editing

• Publishing

• Printing books

• Organizing and running events

• Mind mapping

• Locating assets not being monetized

• Making high level connections

• Creating alliances

• Attracting sponsors

• Creating sales funnels

• Setting up emails and campaigns in Infusionsoft

• Creating products

• Hiring vendors

• Securing venues for live events

… well you get the picture.

While we may be small in size we are huge in personal skills and assets. Oh, and our partner/owners have a background in IT, so there is not much we can’t find a solution for. All these things make us fun to work with and we hold ourselves at such a high level of accountability our clients tend to not worry about the details – yeah, we’ve got it covered. ACP is a family run, faith based, woman owned company – serving God first, family second and our clients always until “they” say we have won!”

Watch this dynamic discussion …

To learn more about Kim Berney, or to contact her, click on the links below.

Linked In

Website: Attraction Center Publishing


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About the Host: Emilie DeAngelo, is an incredible woman, and her TLBTV show “Balancing Act of Life“ helps to prove just this! Emilie is a Survivor of Stage 3 Cancer, Author of “When Living is The Only Option” and “PH Healthy” (a digital book about her journey and how to balance food and lifestyle to regulate the important body levels), and Certified from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, who has developed a Health Tracking Kit using urinalysis test strips to measure, manage, and maintain proper pH levels (acidic/alkaline) and Glucose levels (negative/positive) within the body. Also joining us on the show today is Emilie’s partner and right hand, Mary Margret.

Emilie has done the research to be able to discuss a wide range of health related health topics and solutions that will make getting and being healthy, fun and educational. Her ultimate mission is to get the at home test kits into the hands of as many people as possible so they do not have to face the things she has had to all while providing the audience with the tools needed to stay healthy.

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