TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up! Moving from Fear to Love

With Guest Author, Robert O. Williams

Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up! Moving from Fear to Love – With Guest Author, Robert O. Williams


By TLB Project Media Director & Show Host: Rebecca L. Mahan

Many who have listened to Rebecca Sounds Reveille know I often speak of the onion peeled from layer to layer of emotion and the end result is either love or fear. Others will say there are four emotions, ultimately though, I have found there to be just these two.

On this episode, Robert O. Williams, who is author of Love is the Power and former saxophone player with the Beach Boys, shares some fascinating insight with life from his childhood. Much, like many, he had a number of events in his life he kept to himself. Some of the events he did talk about made others question whether these events were real. However, his journey has proved the validity of them.

Williams journey has led to the unveiling these things, along with how each one of us has a specific purpose. He has found there to be a way for the quality of life to improve, society to become less cruel, and that there is a will that is making its way to surface as a global phenomenon.

We discuss profound reality (“love”) that is in all of us and how it plays into this revelation. He believes there are always hints throughout life of this type of love and even provides a “Beach Boy” concerted feeling as an example. “True love is unconditional.”

Understanding and embracing the hints of love throughout the day, weeks, and over time, allow us to heal. It also allows us to move beyond fear, so much so, Williams even overcame a life striking illness.

Williams’ mission is to provide help to others though his own life’s purpose:

“Love Is the Power: Moving Humanity from Fear to Love”
– Robert O. Williams

“Inspiring True Story Captures the Vivid Memories and Near-Death Experiences of Inventor and Former Beach Boys Musician”

First through his astonishing book: In Love Is the Power, Robert O. Williams takes readers into the intimate journey of his life through the vivid memories of his unique childhood, an inspiring account of his talent and perseverance as a saxophone player, his introduction to Transcendental Meditation (TM), his magical time performing and recording with The Beach Boys, and the extraordinary journey through multiple near-death experiences and visits with other dimensions. Here is where he discovers the art of living AS Love.

Second, and most remarkable, is through the outcome of those three decades of searching and research-his discovery and invention of the Quantum Code Technology™ and the Heart+ App.

This new Heart+ App significantly reduces stress by more than 30% – and opens the heart chakra – helping move humanity from fear to love.

Williams, who is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in subtle energy engineering and technology and has worked with such scientific luminaries as Dr. William Tiller (Stanford), Dr. Beverly Rubik (Berkeley), Dr. Rustum Roy (Penn State) and Dr. Stuart Krassner (UC Irvine), says, “The fact that we were able to develop a proven technology to strengthen our physical hearts – as well as serve in the awakening of our spiritual hearts – is, for me, an indication that we truly can raise consciousness through technology.”

But how he arrived at that defining new technology is a tale worth telling. Readers will be transfixed as they learn of Williams’ numerous near-death and out-of-body experiences, which showed him the answer to the purpose of humanity: to realize love. Love Is the Power is not about the search for love, romantic or otherwise; rather, it is about beinglove.

Williams’ extraordinary talent playing the saxophone eventually landed him his dream job of touring with The Beach Boys. Williams’ search for spirituality reached a pivotal moment when he learned that, despite years of dedication to the saxophone, a physical disability would prevent him for extended periods of time from playing the instrument he loved. It was his search for the rekindling of the spirituality of his childhood and his love of music – the “carrier waves of pure heart love” that led him to discover TM. This discovery was crucial to the events that would happen next: nearly dying multiple times, clear vision and communication with his guru, revelations of sacred geometry, and travels through the dimensions.

With his book Love is the Power, Williams spreads an invaluable message – simple, yet essential. And with his Heart+ App, he ensures that we can move forward on a better path to be heart-driven humans.

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