TLBTV: Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up! To – Foster Parenting Needed

Rebecca Sounds Reveille – Wake Up – Foster Parenting Needed


By TLB Media Director & RSR Show Host:  Rebecca L. Mahan

Can you remember or have you seen in movies what the life a foster child was way back when? It was commonly known as an Orphanage. The image you may have come to mind is a bunch of kids all housed together waiting for a couple to come a select just the right one. The others just stay there waiting for someone to love them.

Fast foreword to today. There are many children who are no longer with their parents or even a relative. That hasn’t changed, but what has changed is that there is a placement system for children, known as Foster Care. Foster Care is provided to children both on a short term basis, as well, as long term. Children are not all lumped together in one great big area waiting for someone to come in and choose them over the others to provide them with love, structure, and nurturing.

The Foster Care program is designed for the welfare of the child, in addition to, those who want to care for children. This is a much better approach to addressing the individual needs of children who need to be placed in a home. It is also a better approach for those who want to care and provide to children who need to be placed in a home. So, let’s talk about “Foster Parenting.”

Foster parenting starts with an adult couple or individual who desires to care for a child or even children. They then contact an agency who specializes in foster parenting and fills out an application. It doesn’t just stop there though. That is just the beginning. Those interested not only have to show an interest, but they have to prove they will be able to provide a safe, loving environment for the child or children. There are also classes for the potential foster parents to ensure the foster children are taken care of properly and the foster parents have the tools and resources to do so. Foster parenting can lead to adoption for some.

My special guest for todays show is …

Dr. DeGarmo is a leading international expert in foster care, a consultant to several foster care agencies and law firms across the nation, and is a popular speaker and trainer on all things foster care, joins me on this episode to discuss foster care and the need for foster care parents we are currently experiencing across the nation. We also talk about the challenges and how the rewards truly outweigh them. It’s just like any relationship- there are ups and downs, but the joy resulting from fostering is not something to miss!

Dr. DeGarmo is the founder of The Foster Care Institute, as well as, the residential group home “Never Too Late”. This group home is for boys in foster care in the state of Georgia. He and his family have been featured on Good Morning America, The 700 Club, and in other media. He has also been a foster parent for 14 years and has cared for over 50 children, three of which he and his wife, Dr. Kelly DeGarmo (who hails from Australia) adopted from foster care. Dr. DeGarmo and his wife have (between the two of them) six children, both biological and adoptive. They are also current foster parents to five siblings, which brings their household total to eleven children.

Dr. DeGarmo is the author of several books, including the highly inspirational book, “Love and Mayhem: One Big Family’s Uplifting Story of Fostering and Adoption” and the foster care children’s book, “A Different Home: A New Foster Child’s Story”. He has also authored, “Fostering Love: One Foster Parent’s Journey.”

Dr. DeGarmo wrote his dissertation on “Responding to the Needs Foster Children Face While in Rural Schools” and was host of the weekly radio show “Foster Talk with Dr. John”. Dr. DeGarmo is a dynamic speaker and informative trainer on the foster care system who and travels extensively meeting with foster parents, child welfare workers, churches, schools, and organizations.

He writes regularly for many magazines and is a regular contributor to several publications and newsletters, both in the United States and in Europe. He has a passion for foster children, and is driven to bring education and insight into general society about all things foster care.

Please watch this dynamic discussion …

​Dr. DeGarmo’s Bio: Born in 1969, leading international foster care expert and consultant Dr. John DeGarmo has worn many hats throughout his life. Singing and dancing while touring around the world in the international super group, Up With People, serving as a D.J. at four different radio stations on two different continents, working in the professional wrestling industry, teaching English and Drama at the high school level, working as a media specialist,  director of The Foster Care Institute, and founder of Never Too Late, a residential group home for boys in foster care,Dr. DeGarmo has had a variety of experiences … Continue reading HERE

Dr. John DeGarmo can be contacted below:


Facebook: Dr. John DeGarmo

Twitter @drjohndegarmo

His website: Foster Care Institute​ Dr. John DeGarmo


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About your host Rebecca L. Mahan: Rebecca is The Liberty Beacon Project Media Director, Host of TLBTV’s Rebecca Sounds Reveille, a United Stated Marine Corps veteran and a retired police officer of over 10 years. Rebecca is a published author and had been a long running columnist for a community college newspaper. She has also been an award winning radio show host and has produced, booked, and interviewed guests for her shows. Her education includes: Associates degrees in Christian Studies, General Education, General Business Management, and Law Enforcement. Rebecca also has a Bachelor’s degrees in Church Ministry and Occupational Studies -Vocational Arts, as well as a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies. She is a certified Mediator and Event Planner.


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