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The Money Changers – Banksters

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By: Roger Landry (TLB) – Show Host

Today on Eradicating Programmed Ignorance we present a two hour discussion on the system of money and banking, and their influence and ramifications on humanity throughout history..

My guests include:

Randy Maugans: TLB IT Director and TLB Radio Network Director, Facilitator of Off Planet Radio and Off Planet TV, a great Personal friend and heavy hitter in the research and intellect departments.

TLB is proud to welcome a new staff member into the project as Science Adviser and writer: Professor James McCanney

Professor James McCanney: Taught the following mathematics courses at the University level in addition to Physics, Computer Science and Astronomy; Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Matrix Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Statistics for Computing, Mathematical Logic, Theory of Numbers, Calculus I, II and III, Engineering Math I and II, Advanced Topics in Geometry and Topology.

He has worked about half of his lengthy career in the telecommunications industry as a Systems Engineer. Much of this was accomplished in multi-lingual settings, having worked in the USA, Latin America and with high-level Russian scientists. He has presented his research at international conferences and is a regular presenter at American Geophysical Union meetings. He has also lectured at Los Alamos National Laboratories, the Air-Space/America International Air show and International Electric Propulsion conferences.



The Money Changers – Banksters

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By TLB Science Adviser: James McCanney

The history of money control starts in pre-history. The “rule book” was written long ago. Everything happening today has happened many times before. Monetary control requires control of what I call “SCEPTER”. Imagine the Rothschild (Red Shield of the world wide Vatican Banking Empire) Royal Throne with the Pope (representing the Vatican) behind and the kingly scepter in hand with the point stuck into a bleeding world and tentacles coming out of the base of the throne surrounding the earth.

This is the modern reality that is driven by the WAR – LOANS WITH INTEREST – TAXATION cycle operating since the middle ages and whose history goes back thousands of years to ancient Babylon and its secret cult orders. Those in power require continual chaos and diversions to keep the masses at bay. The leaders of countries know that if they step out of line a simple shift in support will bring their demise.  In the midst of ALL in today’s complex world is the CIA which is the information gathering core and secret enforcement police force of the Rothschild Banking empire (housed in the United States), leaving a path of destruction and chaos necessary for the World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund) world-wide program of control. The CIA fixes elections, assassinates political and social leaders, creates and supports terrorist groups, creates financial “situations” for international corporations to take control of natural resources, operates the media with extensive disinformation programs and undermines any effort for locals to control their future, but most of all … maintains the monetary systems in compliance with the one world banking system. The SCEPTER of control is and has always been based on the control of the SCEPTER bullets.

Science – Communications – Engineering – Press (Media) – Technology – Education – Resources

Note that ALL of these control elements feature layers of information flow:

Tier 1 layer information goes up from controlled workers to the top of the chain of command (you never see this layer). The simple rule is “if you see their names or faces, they are not at the top or in Tier 1” … they are pawns usually ego controlled or by personal gain.

Tier 2 is the layer meant for “visible” top leaders in SCEPTER which leads to Tier 3.

Tier 3 is the information propagated to the general populous (the visible leaders are controlled by “handlers” and have no view of the Tier 1 layer above them). This is where massive disinformation engines operate continually.

Tier 4 is populated with “scholars”, glossy magazines, the History Channel, National Geographic, etc ., etc. who repeat what they are told which I call “text book geniuses” or “text book repeaters” the so called “experts”. This is why in “Education” literally everything you are taught is completely askew and wrong.   There is nothing “educational” about it.  You are taught to be person in a box that takes orders and a body of “knowledge” that could not possibly be true. What I call “Flat Earth” or “Tier 2 Fairy Tale Science”. Modern communications control is all encompassing with newly added features such as Google, Wikipedia, Social Media and internet control.

The myth of “economic cycles” is central to the extraction of wealth from a working populous. Economic Collapses are controlled planned events to periodically rob the populous of their years of hard labor. Numerology, Cult Worship, Astrology and other ancient rituals are used to plan dates for these social engineering events. Slavery takes many forms. The controllers are extremely paranoid since their power rests on a very frail deck of stacked cards. Keeping the man behind the curtain from the public requires constant vigilance.

Enter the insane world we live in today. Remember that the ancient texts specifically outlaw all the actions of SCEPTER, however through control of information the people have lost touch of their true history and thus history repeats itself. Controlled “leadership” prevents the populous from reaching their birthright on this planet and ultimately their pursuit amongst the stars.

The proof of SCEPTER comes from the fact that the very top interest of the Vatican is not your eternal soul but technology and SCIENCE especially Astronomy – Space Science and Astrophysics. Only by breaking and completely destroying the people, institutions and SCEPTER control can there be a future for our children and the human race. It must be completely destroyed and never allowed to return.


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