Tommy Robinson publicly stings the BBC, then gets an instant ban on social media – curious timing

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Tommy Robinson has done an effective job of exposing journalist John Sweeney (pictured below) and Panorama, a long-running and distinguished documentary series on the BBC. See Robinson’s one-hour ‘Panodrama‘ for how this was done, how Sweeney does set up a source (a Robinson colleague) to say certain things for their upcoming documentary on Robinson and to paint him in a false light. And while this is not committing any journalistic crime, check out how distinguished reporters like Sweeney effectively get themselves and their sources completely loaded up with the best alcohol a BBC expense account can buy to loosen tongues. Also, it’s pretty clear that the BBC are in bed with far left organisation Hope Not Hate (it receives funding from Soros) who are seeking to do a hatchet job on Robinson. It’s all pretty grubby, and one certainly would have expected more from the BBC. (But then Robinson reminds us that the BBC covered up for media celebrity Jimmy Savile for decades, who turned out to be an extremely prolific paedophile with establishment connections.) At the end of Panodrama, Robinson shows us what to do to give up the ‘compulsory’ BBC TV licence (it’s not) for which British people pay dearly every year.

Check out Tim Pool‘s 13-minute analysis of the situation in a video titled Tommy Robinson BANNED On Facebook, BBC Host Claims Responsibility. Pool’s account seems fair and balanced, especially as there has been a disagreement of sorts between Robinson and Pool online. Pool arrives at the conclusion that it does seem that MSM and social media are colluding against Robinson.

Robinson is expecting to get completely banned across a number of platforms. Here is the site he has set up for when that time comes:

As Paul Joseph Watson observes below, the timing of the ban coincides nicely with the BBC hit piece that is about to come out, thus preventing Robinson from publicly defending himself.


Tommy Robinson Upstages “Radical Far Left” BBC Hit Piece; Gets Immediate Facebook Ban

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Days after UK conservative activist Tommy Robinson upstaged an upcoming BBC “hit piece” on him with his own documentary, Facebook banned him from their platform – including Instagram, after a BBC contributor contacted them.

Robinson’s hour-long Exposé, Panodrama, features undercover footage of BBC journalist John Sweeney making racist and classist statements, and reveals how the BBC collaborated with a “radical far left” organization, HOPE not Hate (funded in part by George Soros) to take Robinson down.

The BBC is also accused in Panodrama of bribery, blackmail and intimidation tactics against former Robinson employees to “invent stories” against the former English Defence League leader.

“This is massive. This is Britain’s leading investigative journalist documentary by the BBC, that we pay for, creating, editing news, in order to destroy my life,” said Robinson.

Panodrama is out!” announced Robinson in a YouTube video. “Go on my Facebook page, it’s pinned to the top.

Unfortunately for Robinson, Facebook – which is currently under tremendous pressure by UK lawmakers for violating privacy laws, may have gotten a tap on the shoulder after BBC contributor Mohammed Shafiq took action.

BBC contributor Mohammed Shafiq acknowledged contacting Facebook to discuss Robinson’s pages “and their impact in brainwashing his supporters to become terrorist and use violence against Muslims.”

As journalist Nick Monroe points out, Shafiq has been outed as a “religious extremist” who supports blasphemy laws (Monroe has been documenting the entire Robinson takedown, click on tweets below and scroll up for more).

In Panodrama, Robinson can be seen confronting Sweeney about a misleadingly edited segment in the BBC documentary concerning a past dispute with an employee.

You find it fun to tell someone that an innocent comment is sexualised — do you know what that would do to my family? Do you know what that would do to my children? Do you know what you are doing to my family? You’ve no idea what you’re doing to my family,” Robinson yelled at Sweeney.

“They’re scripting the documentary. They’re also creating and inventing news — ‘sexual thing’ against Tommy Robinson… What else was going to be said? What are lies and manufactured evidence would there have been on this documentary?

“We’ve seen the BBC, who pride themselves on being impartial and reporting the truth, you’ve witnessed the main man from Panorama telling someone what to say, brokering a deal on what they have to say about me,” Robinson concludes.

Sweeney can also be heard calling working-class men “cannibals from Amazonia” along with other offensive remarks, which the BBC admitted: “some of the footage which has been released was recorded without our knowledge during this investigation and John Sweeney made some offensive and inappropriate remarks, for which he apologises.”

Responding to the ban, Robinson told Breitbart London: “…the reasons they’ve given are just complete lies. They’re saying I incited violence and that I openly called for violence against Muslims, that’s just a lie. If that was the case then they could show evidence of messages where I’d said that but I never have.”

“This is continued censorship which we all knew was coming but it’s been done instantly because of my documentary which exposed the establishment working with Hope not Hate, working with the BBC in order to destroy my name to the nation. When I exposed what they were doing they’ve put down the pressure to completely delete me from the internet. This has to show people the levels they’re gonna go to silence any opposition to mass migration and the Islamisation of this nation.”

Robinson’s removal from the platform is only the latest in a series of bans targeting the campaigner in recent years. He was de-platformed by Twitter in May 2018, banned from receiving payments by Paypal in November of that year, and had Youtube videos blocked from earning revenue in January 2019.

Mr Robinson told Breitbart London that he would be working on his own mobile app for live streaming after his removal from several social media sites. –Breitbart London

Facebook claimed in a nebulous statement that their decision to ban Robinson because his Facebook page “has repeatedly broken these standards, posting material that uses dehumanizing language and calls for violence targeted at Muslims. He has also behaved in ways that violate our policies around organized hate. As a result, in accordance with our policies, we have removed Tommy Robinson’s official Facebook Page and Instagram profile.”

Meanwhile, thousands of people attended a Sunday rally against the BBC in support of Robinson, where Panodrama was unveiled to the public for the first time.

More bannings

Also of note, British political activist and former editor-in-chief of Breitbart News London Raheem Kasaam, as well as Inforwars host Owen Shroyer have had their Facebook pages taken down as well.

After intervention from Donald Trump Jr., however, Facebook reinstated Kassam’s account.


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