Trump Does Not Accept Comey’s Wiretap Denial: White House

TLB Editorial note: The hue and cry from the Liberals that President Trump has no proof his phones were tapped by Obama at Trump Tower during the election, has some what of a hollow ring when we consider no proof has been offered, Or Found, by those very same liberals that say there was collusion between the Russians and Pres. Trump. But that does not keep them from hanging their hat on “The Russians Did It.”

Indeed, if the phones were tapped and there was evidence of collusion, would not have Obama and/or Hillary been trumpeting what they knew to high heaven?

Final thought… FBI Director Comey works for and at the pleasure of the president. We’ll see how that plays out. (TLB

Trump Does Not Accept Comey’s Wiretap Denial: White House

by Tyler Durden

Having thrown the Justice Department under the bus yesterday, it appears the FBI Director has not managed to pass the hot potato of blame/responsibility for Trump’s wiretap accusations. As The Hill reports, a White House spokeswoman on Monday said she “doesn’t think” Trump accepts Comey’s denial of the president’s claims.

As a reminder, a New York Times report Sunday said  Comey asked the Justice Department to publicly reject the president’s claims. Senior U.S. officials told the Times that Comey has said the president’s wiretapping allegations are false and asked the Justice Department on Saturday to publicly correct the record. The FBI and DOJ declined to comment to the newspaper.

But, as The Hill reports, it appears President Trump is not buying Comey’s denial that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign.

“No, I don’t think he does,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“No I don’t think he does, George.” – @SarahHuckabee on if President Trump accepts Director Comey’s denial on Pres. Obama and wiretapping

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