Trump and The Wayback Machine [videos]

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Two of the greatest research tools to come down the ‘pike’ has been ‘the web’ and YouTube. To the writer, author, reporter or activist it is a boon. To the politician or evil doer it is a curse… unless your are telling the truth. It is a Wayback Machine.

Mr Peabody-Sherm insert

Remember the 60’s cartoon characters Mr. Peabody-and-Sherman and their Wayback Machine? Mr. Peabody being the intellectual talking dog and Sherman… well being Sherman. A few twists of some knobs and pull down of a lever and off they would go into the past to view and listen to Historic events. Todays web and YouTube is our Wayback Machine of 2016. 

Our Wayback Machine starts with present day Donald Trump in this interview:


Now let’s set our Wayback Machine to 30 Years ago and do some comparing: 

Credit: Patrick Henry

We will say this for The Donald… he is consistent. 

One could speculate that if you ask Trump what his favorite color is, He Would Tell You. On the other hand, if you ask Hillary, her reply would be “Plaid.”

Considering Trumps consistency over a 30 year span and considering his “up front” answers about his Russian Connections and other questions posed in the beginning video, we think the Wayback Machine has done it’s job. Mr. Peabody and Sherman would be proud.

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  1. I would not want to be in the room with her. She is so evil. Those voting for her have no idea who and what she is, if they did they would run the other way…

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