Trumpeting a Conflict of Interest: Bill Gates Officially Ursula von der Leyen For Her Financial Support

ER Editor: Without irony, without awareness of the world we actually live in. We agree with the author that it IS difficult to believe.

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A reminder of some of the recent reporting we’ve put out on von der Leyen:

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Conflict of interest: Bill Gates officially rewards Ursula von der Leyen for her financial support

It’s hard to believe: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has just officially thanked Ursula von der Leyen for her vaccine purchases by presenting her with the annual “Global Goalkeeper” award, which is not reminiscent of the “world champion” of the Dîner de cons (ER: Dinner of idiots, a famous French movie). This award ceremony gave Ursula the opportunity to deliver a hallucinating speech that we are broadcasting, and of which we quote the pearls. Once again, the question of conflicts of interest in vaccine purchases poses a real problem.

One must read the presentation that the Gates Foundation gives of the prize given to Ursula is without ambiguity: 

In June 2020, at the Global Vaccine Summit, von der Leyen also announced a new European Commission contribution of €300 million to GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance. This is more than the sum of all previous EU contributions to GAVI.

(In June 2020, at the Global Vaccine Summit, von der Leyen also announced a new contribution from the European Commission of €300 million to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. That’s more than the sum of all previous EU contributions to Gavi.)

In other words, on the one hand, Ursula von der Leyen pays 300 million € of public money to a foundation created by Bill Gates; on the other, the Gates foundation gives a prize (of an unspecified amount…) to Ursula von der Leyen, for her intervention.

This is called a conflict of interest, the main merit of which is that it’s not hidden but totally assumed and proclaimed. 

The hallucinatory discourse of Ursula von der Leyen

In her acceptance speech, Ursula von der Leyen dared to declare:

we introduced a transparency mechanism. This created trust.

(We introduced a transparency mechanism <for vaccine procurement>. This created trust)

This assertion is a real provocation after the special report of the European Court of Auditors (ER: linked to above) which denounced the opacity of the Community process. It should be remembered that Deputy Virginie Joron is threatening to launch criminal proceedings against the President of the Commission on this subject. 



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