12/19 TWITTER STORM: If Julian Assange Falls … It Is OUR Fault

And the Ramifications will be a Clear Message!


If Julian Assange Falls … It Is OUR Fault … And the Ramifications will be a Clear Message !!!

Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Note: First off most of this is being republished due to its serious urgency, and to promote a critical Twitter Storm led by Ariyana Love, made necessary by the aberrant treatment, and the failing health of Julian Assange (info below this article).

So … I want to talk about a Concept … an Idea, I wish to discuss a belief, and no I am not about to segue into a religious tirade! No this strikes right at the core of our ability to be free of tyranny.

I also want to discuss the unmitigated failure of the most powerful entity globally … “We The People of Planet Earth” via our apathy, complacency and inaction. So let’s discuss this failure, and what we need to do to rectify this issue.

Since the advent of modern instant communications (TV, Radio, Telephones, Smartphones, Internet, etc…) and thus gratification, we have seen a steady gravitation from a physically interactive and thriving society, to a digitally interacting society that literally depends on what they are told on a daily basis by MainStream Media yes … but more so today by social media and tech giants … who all (admittedly) have stated political motivations (agendas).

Here at TLB we call that Programmed Ignorance and America suffers this malady more than any other society on this planet (not that others don’t suffer this affliction as well to a very large degree) … and believe me when I say that NONE of this is to our benefit, and is simply a means to keep the masses occupied and out of the way of their masters plans.

At this point in time most Americans (and to a large degree, people globally) wouldn’t recognize the truth (by design) if they were slapped across the face with it … then came Wikileaks and Julian Assange

So lets delve into the programmed ignorance so many suffer. Everyone who is reading this (because of the title) is expecting bushel baskets of Julian Assange facts and rants such as, who did its, responsibility claims and cross complaint crap … NOPE (but there is a great link to a virtual library below this article). This is not about Julian Assange the man, it is about Julian Assange the Concept, the Idea or the Belief in the need for TRUTH! To which the following questions apply:

How much do you know about what governments and those who pull the strings of governments have planned for humanity’s short term future … ?

How much do you know about existing global military actions present … or planned for said future … ?

How much do you know about the hidden pay for play (Clinton and cronies) and seditious/treasonous international dealings perpetrated by those we elect to serve us … ?

How much do you know about an international cabal of Elitists that pull the strings of every existing global government (directly or indirectly) with no exceptions … ?

How much do you know about a group of elitists (Such as Soros & Gates) who feel that their concept of America supersedes the wishes of We The People … ?

etc…, etc…, etc…

The answer to far too many of the questions above is a plain and simple … “Very little to nothing” … and any reply usually looks something like this:

But only a conspiracy nut would subscribe to all the above scenarios … Right ???

After all those kind of things can’t happen in America … Right ???

And even if they are real … the MainStream Media would tell us … Right ???

There will always be someone or some org. to look out for We The People … Right ???

The… Right ???” at the end of most replies is indicative of their general ignorance, and heard far too often …

So let’s refocus back to one of my original comments … “This is not about Julian Assange the man, it is about Julian Assange the Concept!” So lets define what this concept is:

It is about (what should be) the unalienable right to inform any and all who are having injustice perpetrated upon them.

It is about the ability to do as stated above without the fear of crime, prison or death.

It is about the ability to do so because enough of humanity (with any survival instinct) approves.

If We The People allow this man to continue suffering (or see this escalate) for the crime of making us aware of tyranny and treason being committed blatantly by those we trust to prevent this very scenario … then I truly hope this all revisits you every time you ever look in the mirror again! But that will certainly not be the worst ramification resulting from this historic screw-up, because of far more consequence will be the serious retardation of anyone even thinking of whistle-blowing in any (even limited) fashion going forward. WHY … because of the precedent we the people “allowed” by the utter ruination and total destruction of a human being ultimately for caring … for us … !!!

What looms in front of us is a deciding moment in time …

If we gather enough strength globally we can do anything (7.5 Billion Strong) and if through this mechanism we can extricate this man from his hell on earth … WE will have set a precedent that will be a serious thorn in the side of any elitist plans moving forward. In essence we will have sent a message to those who would play God with humanity … WE RULE !!!

OR …

If we sit idly by and let a seriously reliable source of truth We The People could actually depend on, be buried under the lies of elitist puppets, and watch as the one most accused of international and national high crimes for accomplishing the above, is crushed under the gross weight of elitist (who are actually guilty of said crimes) greed for power … then we will have only enforced the strong-arm silencing of any future dire warnings, and humanities enslavement or peril (by today’s actions) is all but ensured … FACT !!!

Long after Assange is dead and buried (we pray of natural causes) historians will still be discussing the Assange Concept of appealing to enough of humanity’s true needs and desires to gain victory, as the turning point for humanity … when it was decided enough was enough and a blatant message was sent to the elite …

… but that is only a reality if our (decided) inaction today does not facilitate more power into the hands of these so called elite, by permanently silencing those who would actually serve We The People Of Planet Earth!

QUESTION: Do “We The People of Planet Earth” have the intestinal fortitude to step up, not only for Julian’s sake, but for our sake, the sake of our children, and ALL of humanity?

ANSWER: (to be determined)


So what can we do … and do NOW?

Below is more information on the December 19th Twitter Storm. We would like to thank our friend and contributor Ariyana Love for NOT letting us forget our responsibility to Julian … but in the long-sight, also our responsibility to all of humanity!



Let’s amplify Doctors4Assange’s open letter calling for #WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange to be released and medically treated, urgently.

Immune System Suppression can strike #Wikileaks founder, #JulianAssange, any moment, according to well over one hundred Doctors!

Join us this Thursday, December 19th (GTMO) at 9:00 PM, London time, (4PM Eastern time), for a #Twitter Storm, led by Ariyana Love, calling on UK Home Secretary to release Mr Assange on emergency Medical grounds.




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