Two police officers murdered outside Paris by jihadist well-known to security services

The Matrix just ramped up another notch

By Pam Barker | TLB staff writer

France has seen another ‘terrorist’ attack, this coming less than 48 hours after the Orlando, FL night club shooting at the weekend, both of which have come during the time of Ramadan.

In contrast to last year’s Charlie Hebdo shootings and the attacks involving the Bataclan Theatre last November, the details are relatively simple.

Yesterday evening in Magnanville, a small town in the western suburbs of Paris, the deputy chief of judicial police at Les Mureaux, Jean-Baptiste Salvaing was stabbed multiple times by a single assailant on returning home at around 8pm.

His partner and young son were then taken hostage inside the house, negotiations ensued but failed, and at 11pm, police entered the house amid sounds of shots and an explosion. Elite police commandos from the RAID unit were at the scene.

Salvaing’s partner was found dead but their 3 year old son survived. Salvaing’s partner is reported as being another police officer according to local rolling news reports.


Magnanville this morning

Within hours, ISIS had claimed responsibility for the murders according to the New York Times:

A statement issued in Arabic by the Amaq News Agency, which is linked to the Islamic State, said: “Islamic State fighter kills deputy chief of the police station in the city of Les Mureaux and his wife with blade weapons,” according to a translation provided by the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist websites.

Police killed the shooter, who had been heard to shout ‘Allah u Akhba’ during the attacks according to eye witnesses.

The man has just been identified in the French media as 25 year old French citizen, Larossi Abballa. An updated RT report shows how much on the radar of the police and intelligence services he was for jihadist as well as criminal activities :

The man was reportedly accused of recruiting would-be jihadists in France for carrying out attacks in Pakistan…

According to the channel, Abballa was previously known to French authorities for theft, violence and radicalization. 

The suspect was sentenced on terrorism charges in 2013. The report at the time in Le Figaro newspaper mentions a certain Larossi Abballa, 22, who was convicted along with seven jihadists. They were sentenced for “conspiracy to prepare terrorist acts”, recruiting would-be jihadists in France, physical and ideological training in Pakistan and sending young volunteers to armed jihad, according to the paper. 

Le Figaro then reported that Abballa was sentenced to three years in prison, and also received a six-month suspended sentence and probation for two years. It is not yet clear how long he eventually spent in prison.

iTele has just reported that Abballa was or had been ‘sur écoute’ meaning his phone had been tapped.  Can we expect another mea culpa by the government who yet again will promise to do better next time in protecting us?

This of course follows on from the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015, the multiple-site attacks in Paris on Friday, November 13, and much more recently the Brussels’ airport attacks on March 22. Here in France we’re in the middle of continuing strikes against the government’s proposed changes to the controversial labour code which has turned into a veritable war between government and unions. We’re also recovering from massive flooding – the worst in Paris since 1910 – which has all the hallmarks of extensive geoengineering practices both here and across Europe (think: tornadoes in Germany!), and Euro 2016 has just got underway amid some heavy fan violence. Then Orlando, then this. It’s quite dizzying.

Already, details of the story confirm a predictable pattern: a) a lone young assailant that b) shouts Allah u Akbah during the attack, who c) ends up dead and can say nothing, who is d) affiliated with ISIS, that dubiously trained and funded ‘terrorist’ organization, which e) quickly claims responsibility, and f) who is well-known to the security services.

Slam, dunk.

And a new sector of victim has been created:  the police, in their private family lives.

What on earth can come next?  Something surely will.



link to New York Times report

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Pam Barker is a TLB staff writer/analyst based in France. She has an extensive background in the educational systems of several countries at the college and university level as a teacher and administrator.


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  1. I see no end to all this senseless killing because so much of the corrupt Government in all Nations.. They care nothing about the People and care less who gets killed. These People in high office want to stay on their free gravy train ride at the people’s cost and suffering.

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