UN: Colo., Wash. Legal Pot Violates Drug Treaties

A United Nations-based drug agency urged the United States government on Tuesday to challenge the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado and Washington, saying the state laws violate international drug treaties.

The International Narcotics Control Board made its appeal in an annual drug report. It called on Washington, D.C., to act to “ensure full compliance with the international drug control treaties on its entire territory.”

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said last week that he was in the last stages of reviewing the Colorado and Washington state laws. Holder said he was examining policy options and international implications of the issue. Marijuana is illegal under federal law.

The federal government could sue the states over legalization or decide not to mount a court challenge. Washington and Colorado became the first states to pass laws legalizing the recreational use of marijuana in last fall’s elections.

“The entire international system is based on countries respecting the rules, and there’s a broad fabric of international treaties that are part and parcel to that,” said David Johnson, the U.S. delegate to the Vienna-based board.

The control board is the independent monitoring body for the implementation of United Nations drug control conventions. Its head, Raymond Yans, also called on Holder to challenge the laws soon after voters in both states approved them in November.

The director of the Open Society Foundations’ Global Drug Policy Program, Kasia Malinowska-Sempruch, blamed repressive drug laws for millions of arrests and called on the United Nations General Assembly to reconsider its approach when it holds a special session on drugs in 2016.

The U.N. report also cited prescription drug abuse as a continuing problem as well as the emergence of so-called designer drugs that are engineered to fall out of the scope of existing drug controls.

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21 Comments on UN: Colo., Wash. Legal Pot Violates Drug Treaties

  1. When you fools are dying of cancer or from a car accident caused by this dope I will be laughing! I’ll be 115 yrs old and you’ll be rotting in your graves!


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  3. Hey JEB, I think we should declare you and other morons like you illegal, “cuz u affecting my mind and mood; negatively to be honest…I think I’ll have to smoke another joint to get back in a better state of mind. Thank you very much for harshing my evening, you idiot!

  4. CHILL OUT JEB, NO ONE CARES IF YOU USE DRUGS OR BOOZE. If anything that effects your mind should be illegal you should start with the pharmaceutical industry, unnatural mental health meds are far worse that a plant that occurs in nature. Wait until your kids go to college and get a way from your crazy close mind. I am sure they will enjoy an joint or 2.

  5. Notice how the U.N. is silent on the record Heroin crops coming from Afghanistan now that it is under the protection of Coalition forces?
    The Taliban eradicated it. And now it’s back to being a Billion dollar industry.
    Also the only money going through the World Banks after the 2008 Finance crash was drug money.
    Anyone hear of HSBC bank laundering billions in drug money. And only getting a $1.9 billion dollar fine and no one went to jail.
    Anyone notice the hypocrisy?
    The UN/US Fed Gov does not like competition in the drug industry.


  7. Pot DOES NOT KILL PEOPLE! PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE….and no not all people smoke pot to get high ….you can cook the pot and not get high but help alleviate pain etc…and my chemist friend from BAYER says @ BAYER THEY DO NOT EVEN TAKE ASPRIN…6 % OF DRUGS CREATED WILL KILL YOU, 50% OF DRUGS DO NOT WORK AND EVERY OTHER DRUG IS ONLY A TEMPORARY FIX…AND THEY ALL HAVE SIDE EFFECTS…..SO YOU ARE ON DRUGS FOR LIFE…..Bottom line…it is all about PROFIT ! SO WAKE UP PEOPLE

  8. Drunk drivers are the scum of the earth; they are lower then abortion “doctors”! If a drunk EVERY hurts any of my family they will never live to get to court so some soft-hearted judge can set him free. Drunk driving is ATTEMPTED MURDER!

  9. Jeb, you’re obviously a statist and a dumbass. If you believe mandatory executions and 10 year sentences are applicable, you should go live in a communist country. You could use a little wine or pot to ease that very disturbed mind of yours.

  10. Booze and dope is for idiots that don’t have a life! I have never tasted booze or tobacco because I have a good life and don’t need to modify my brain!

    If they had had mandatory execution for making or selling booze in the 20’s it WOULD have worked! People driving drunk should be charged with attempted murder and and serve 10 yrs of HARD LABOR for the FIRST offense. People that kill while drunk should be executed.

  11. When you say ” pot has killed thousands of people in the drug wars in Mexico and the southwestern U.S.” you are slightly mistaken. The effects of prohibition has killed thousands of people, just like the prohibition of alcohol did in the past. The use of marijuana has never killed anyone in over 5000 years of recorded history. As far as using marijuana as a medicine, before it was prohibited in 1937, it was very widely accepted as medicine by the medical community. In more recent years, there have been hundreds of scientific studies proving the medical benefits of marijuana. As for getting a doctors prescription for marijuana, that can only be done if you live in a medical state, which most if the US is still not there yet. As far as getting high, what is wrong with that? It is OK to drink caffeine, use tobacco (kills 430,700 people a year by smoking related causes), use alcohol (kills 24,518 people a year by overdose) , and even pharmaceuticals (kills 22,134 people a year by overdose). Why is it so bad to choose a safer alternative than alcohol or tobacco.

  12. Saying pot killed those people in the drug wars is like saying gold killed the pirates. The very reason there are “drug wars” is because governments have made drugs illegal, thus forcing the emergence of a black market to meet demand. There are no “alcohol wars” because you can go buy it at the store, but alcohol does kill people in a physiological sense, marijuana does not. Regardless of the medicinal qualities (which are SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN and numerous), it is outside the realm of government power to prohibit a plant. I think this extends to all things contraband, but marijuana is the most glaring example.

    Smoking pot has far less serious side effects than alcohol or cigarettes and MANY pharmaceutical drugs. The effects of prohibition are far more serious than the recreational usage.

    Your logic as far as there being “many alternatives for something that people only want to use to get high” falls far short in this argument. It is simply outside of the realm of responsible government to dictate what individuals do in the privacy of their own homes. If you truly believe in liberty, then you must acknowledge that the end game of drug prohibition is not for the betterment of society, but rather a means to increase government control over society. If you study Ayn Rand, you will find that her philosophy on this matter is that government cannot control “innocent” citizens, only criminals. Sweeping drug prohibitions simply make more people criminals (as do speed limits, seat belt laws, minimum drinking ages, etc) and allow for the government to consume more people’s wealth through the criminal justice system. I have a degree in criminal justice and this is TAUGHT in universities.

    Wake up people. This is not about your right to smoke a joint, is about your right to self determination and liberty. This is about halting the rise of the NWO and limiting the role of international governance in our daily lives.

  13. this should be a red flag to every American, marijuana is as harmless as wine but because the federal government and industrial corporations didn’t want hemp in any fabric,and paper, any rope, anything period they have pursuit relentless attacks and propaganda against marijuana. not to mention 1million American in prison a year over marijuana offenses.

  14. Wow I guess no more love…it effects your mind….no more sugar.that shrinks your brain so that would be a good thing….no more war, that effects your mind….no more football , concussions effect your mind…..and so on and so on

  15. Wake up…just more Gov control….prob in cahoots with big PHARMA as well since it is a cheap cure for cancer and illnesses ……GOV is making billions on drugs from Middle East as well so…….scare the dumb downed( because of eating chemically processed toxic foods) Americans into slavery….how many pot heads killed people in the 70s.????

  16. I’m against ANYTHING the UN has to say and I think this issue is between the feds and the states, but you’re wrong, pot has killed thousands of people in the drug wars in Mexico and the southwestern U.S. However, you’re making the same old argument that marijuana has all these positive uses simply because it grows naturally. There are many naturally occurring substances that make people high that are also illegal without a prescription but nobody’s making a stink about them. And the thing about pot is, if you REALLY need it for medical reasons, which I’m not fully convinced of the benefits of, you can get a prescription from your doctor. I knew a lady who, under normal circumstances, would never smoke pot, but as a terminal cancer patient, was prescribed some, no questions asked. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m with you on the dangers of prescription drugs, but not all drugs are bad or at least the benefits outweigh the risks in many cases. But the whole pot argument falls short in my book. There are many alternatives for something that people only want to use to get high. Isn’t that the reason people smoke, or otherwise use it in the first place?

  17. Prohibition doesn’t work on anything, never has, never will. You need a lesson in history. Why don’t you study the American prohibition of alcohol in the 1930s and see the wonderful effect it had on violent crime statistics, alcohol related deaths, federally funded law enforcement expansion, and the growth of organized crime.

    Liberty is the ability to make decisions for ones self, as long as those decisions don’t infringe on the rights of others. Your fears about your progeny being subjected to some sort of harm from someone who has smoked a joint are about as well founded as fears that they will be killed by an astroid.

    In fact, statistics say that there is a 51% chance that one of your offspring has already smoked marijuana at least once in his/her life, and there is an 80%+ chance they have consumed alcohol. I suppose you think they should be in jail for that?

    You obviously do not understand supply and demand economics or liberty. While it may be foolish to use drugs or alcohol, it is far more foolish to fill up prisons with nonviolent users, to spend trillions on a drug war that has failed miserably, and to turn over your constitutionally protected rights out some sort misplaced fear for the safety of your family.

    I have a feeling the biggest FOOL you know may be the one staring at you in the mirror.

  18. People who use booze or pot are FOOLS and dope-heads! If a boozer or a doper every harms one of my kids or grandkids they won’t live to make it to trial!


  19. Pot has never killed anyone IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. The UN and the US Federal government are attempting to further marginalize average citizens by continuing a failed prohibition on marijuana. Marijuana is a plant that has more industrial applications than almost any other crop on the planet, grows in numerous climates, and has a host of positive medical uses, yet it is a schedule 1 narcotic. Industrial hemp can be used to make paper, rope, cloth, lubricants, beauty products, and even biofuel with much more of a minimal environmental impact than timber or corn production. This prohibition is beyond insanity, and anyone foolish enough to believe the propaganda that the UN and the Feds constantly pumps out needs to wake up and realize the most dangerous drugs you can take are the ones prescribed at the doctor’s office.

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