Undercover Video Exposes Washington Post’s Hidden Agenda #AmericanPravda

Undercover Video Exposes Washington Post’s Hidden Agenda #AmericanPravda

by IWB

[In newly released undercover video, Washington Post National Security Correspondent Dan Lamothe and Director of Product Joey Marburger speak to the paper’s hidden agenda. Evidently, covering Trump the way they do is good business, even though it’s fake news. ~TLB ed.]

Here’s a partial transcript of the conversation with Joey Marburger, director of product at Washington Post:

JOEY: The big thing that I can say with our tagline of “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” which was really driven by Jeff.

VERITAS: That was driven by Jeff?

JOEY: Yeah.


JOEY: We narrowed it down to three different taglines, and, Jeff was like, you know what? I think we’re just going to to with “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” You know why? Because it’s dying in darkness right now. And we’re like, fuck it, let’s do it. So we did it.


JOEY: If Trump just disappeared tomorrow our traffic would drop by forty percent. So, yeah, we think about that.

VERITAS: Of course. Well, the tagline itself is an affirmation. It’s sort of like, we get it. Right? I mean, that’s what Bezos was saying that day when he said democracy is dying in darkness, so let’s go with “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

JOEY: Yeah.

VERITAS: Right? I mean that was basically…

JOEY: Yeah, it’s what it is, so it’s crazy. So the best thing we can do is try to educate people. And it goes way beyond Trump. I mean, we can spend a year just investigating senators.

VERITAS: But in that context he was speaking about Trump.

JOEY: Oh, yeah. Totally.

Watch the video if you get a chance, since there’s a bit more.


This video report was furnished by IWB with our gratitude for making it available. 

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