US Commander in Europe: We Need More Troops to Fight The Russians [video]

US Commander in Europe: We Need More Troops to Fight The Russians

Written by Daniel McAdams

US Commander of the Europe Command, Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti, has called for thousands more US troops to “deter Russian aggression” in Europe. He has even suggested that the US troops should be pulled off of counter-terrorism duty and sent to Europe. Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced a massive shipment of military equipment to Europe, including tanks and other tracked vehicles. Do US military officials really believe that Russia is about to invade western Europe? Are we back in the 1940s? Or is Washington’s military-industrial complex looking for new ways to justify an ever-expanding military budget? Tune in to today’s Liberty Report:


(TLB) published this video report from The Ron Paul Institute with our gratitude to Dr. Paul for making it available.


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1 Comment on US Commander in Europe: We Need More Troops to Fight The Russians [video]

  1. How about you go fight sir… You see back in the day, at least, the Generals were killed on the battlefield. These days, they push game pieces on a flat earth map and make plans and strategies for the paupers’ sons and daughters to go and die for the Big Brave New World Order.

    There is a 3rd World War coming though. This can NOT be doubted. That is why our beloved war whore sellouts in congress have discussed the military draft time and time again.

    Oh, I know, let’s have the Pentagramagon find all of those trillions lost over the past 20 years, and demand that Europe repay all of the monies that those nations have received for rebuilding and bank bailouts, et al, and then take that money to train and pay peasant armies, like the CIA does to start internal mayhem in targeted nations, and let that army get paid by that money and those lives rather than our sons and daughters blood.

    And what rights have we gained, or retained since 9-11? Our beloved America has long since become AmeriKa… then again, it is the War Whore of the New World Order.

    Perhaps, Trumps feet have feel better now and he and his kids can go fight. He loves thumping his chest about being good at war, or being a wartime commander and chief. Yet, when he had a chance to lead on the battlefield his feet hurt.

    Yeah, this we know…

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