Using the Virus to Put Social Security in Danger, Hospitals Under Attack

ER Editor: Dr. Nicole Delepine (pictured) is a French children’s oncologist and very forthright in her ongoing articles about covid and just about anything else related to healthcare. Below, she describes the neoliberal assault on French healthcare that has been going on over decades, even under ‘socialist’ administrations, but which seems to have got wind in its sails from the manufactured panic over the virus.

We’re not sure of all the details here, but she describes the calculated attack on hospital staff, government employees effectively, and sneaky ways to fire them, thus reducing the number of civil servants – presumably, to pick up medical staff at a future date under some private hiring scheme; the plan to regroup hospitals into regional centres under contract, where services are not duplicated, but which is clearly a way of reducing health services to local people, which she says have proved to be neither cost effective nor efficient, in sum. She also mentions how the free access to pointless covid tests, at 73 euros a piece (86 dollars), is a way to help bankrupt the existing Social Security system. Again, we’re not sure of the details, but it seems the government wants to bring a system with diverse elements into a fully nationalized, government-controlled ‘rationalized’ scheme. Insidiously, it seems French pensions are being brought under this new scheme, too.

Bring health and pension schemes, among other services, under one centralized umbrella, change the rules, and then allow private health insurers to move in such that citizens are left high and dry to pay privately, while also paying colossal taxes, which only go up. (And what about pensions? Payments to citizens can only go down.) This is our prediction. A few years ago, Dutch citizens had the healthcare system privatized on them so that, in addition to regular taxes, they also had to fork out monthly health insurance payments on top of that, plus medical bills. It went unnoticed in the media.

Rumblings are afoot that this is what will happen to the NHS in Britain.


Danger warning: Social Security in danger, hospitals under attack

THE SLOW DEATH OF SOCIAL SECURITY AND THE PUBLIC HOSPITAL: an expensive theatrical staging of masks, and at the same time the destruction of the status of the hospital civil servant.


Were the nursing staff naive enough to believe in the twenty-hour cinema and the applause imposed by the TV channels and the hateful looks against those who, on the sets, tried to resist this masquerade before the masks appeared? For the past six months, it has been almost every day a tragicomedy “at the theater tonight” in its aspect more tragic than comic?

The war against the 1946 Social Security program began in 1967. But the legacy of the Resistance fighters and their “happy days” program, the social security system resisted many blows over the years… The citizens who were still awake and not completely submissive had, through their union and popular struggles, saved what was left of them. But today, the peril is major since the government, after having confused people’s minds with the so-called contradictory opinions of doctors and scientists, allows itself any aggression from the people on whom it has imposed the mask, while this epidemic, finally no worse than the other great flus, has been over for 4 months.

Confusing the people, a proven technique of totalitarian governments

The contradictions are, in fact, nothing more than the daily outbidding in lies and falsifications, as much about the epidemic that would ‘come back to full bloom’, as about the deaths of the day. Hospital departments that had forgotten to declare these deaths over several months, but who need to show their beds are full for funding purposes, had ‘moved’ patients from other departments into their intensive care stats.

Honest physicians do say that the profile of inpatients is not the same as it was in April. Deaths will surely rise again if the order comes, as it did during the real pandemic to note everything Covid (the Americans, the British have just admitted the deception). In short, anyone who wants to see the manipulations can, but if you have your ear glued to BFMTV or France Info (ER: French MSM), you can continue to be afraid. To each one his choice.

Instilled fear of panic versus a few adjustments to try to save the economy

It’s true that they play the tightrope walker. The masquerade continues, with small adjustments all the same because the economy is rocking dangerously. The Scientific Council of Emmanuel Macron admits that children do not transmit the virus, and only experience benign forms, and rarely moreover. Nevertheless, they have not decided to abolish this shameful and useless obligation to wear masks in schools, and make it more expensive by the obligation for staff in nurseries to wear masks, who will panic and upset the babies. We are right in the middle of the “at the same time” but the terror of the virus that has been instilled in us has affected too many people and the fear of physical attack this time in public demonstrations makes the citizens who care about them cautious and we understand them.

Ideal period to pass the horrors that we have never managed to pass…

Dismissal of a hospital official: we’re getting there
Promulgated in 1986, the law which provided for the dismissal of a hospital civil servant in the event of the abolition of a post had been awaiting its implementing decree for more than 30 years. Bravo Véran (ER: French health minister), the man who breaks everything that hinders high finance.
On Sept. 9, Véran discreetly published a decree that sounds the death knell for the status of hospital civil servants. Véran’s appointment was not fortuitous. He is the man of the moment who is pushing through the decrees of application that Jospin did in 1998 and even Agnès Buzyn at the end of 2017 under pressure from the FO and CGT health federations.

And the Orwellian language triumphs: Légifrance presents this published decree as social! By detailing the accompanying measures during a dismissal for job loss!

This has been brewing for a long time, as the latest articles from 2018 show. This decree waited for Minister Véran to be instituted. This destructive project had been in the planning stage for 34 years. It authorizes the dismissal of a hospital civil servant whose position is abolished. The Fabius government had promulgated the law renewing the status of the hospital function on January 9, 1986. In the face of resistance from the unions, the implementing decrees had never been published.

It is clear that if some hospital workers, probably among the youngest, believed in the miracle of the promises of the Ségur de la Santé (ER: a large grouping of several players, including government, unions and health professionals), they must have been disillusioned since July, because the government is clearly determined to continue closing beds, and even hospitals, even though the health system is drained of blood. They want to continue the regroupings into huge GHTs (ER: Since 2016, hospitals have been grouped regionally into ‘GHTs’ on a contract basis to offer a range of services across a number of hospitals in a region), which have however largely demonstrated their inefficiency in terms of quality of care and even savings. They therefore need this decree to facilitate layoffs, with a few social measures. But over the past forty years, we have understood what the ‘social plan’ means.

Why this union silence?

Curiously, the trade union has remained silent on this decree, even though it has been published in the OJ since September 4, two weeks ago. Scattered demonstrations continue to try to obtain the reopening of beds or to oppose the closures as in Laval, Saint-Brieuc, Beauvais etc. but of the decree, no news and no signs… In any case, it’s not seen.


Unfortunately, as long as the movements are partial against the local leadership and as long as a large general movement throughout the territory does not call into question the calamitous and bureaucratic management of the Regional Health Agencies (RHAs) and the imperative need to abolish them, there will be no way out.

It’s “keep talking” and not too strongly, otherwise it’s tear gas, LBD and batons. Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron and his faithful servant Véran are doing the job they are there for. Quietly, silently, efficiently and safely, for the billionaires and the stock market. Bravo, Mr. Virus, and bravo the propaganda and the fear instilled with astonishment, everything is allowed thanks to you.


At the same time, thanks to the panic well-orchestrated by the media based on the government’s statements, the multiplication of useless tests ruins the Social Security by its 73 € per test, free for the citizen even if he does it three times a week… when it is useless except to maintain fear.

Neurologist, LREM deputy, former socialist deputy, general rapporteur of the social affairs commission of the Touraine law that definitively destroyed the health boat, Agnès Buzyn’s replacement at the Ministry of Health (ER: Olivier Veran) is the one who was at the heart of a controversy in early summer 2018.

“He then tabled an amendment to the draft law on constitutional reform in the Law Commission of the National Assembly. He replaces the term social security with the term social protection seven times in the basic law. The sole aim, according to Olivier Véran’s words at the time, was to integrate dependency into social spending and to adapt the constitutional framework to the universal pension system desired by the executive.”

A whole symbol, to kill the Social Security, is practically done, but moreover it must disappear from the texts.

Why such a relentlessness attack against this old lady?

“There was an outcry from the left-wing opposition and the CDFT, CGT and FO unions, who saw in this amendment the open door to a dismantling of the financing of the Social Security system by a nationalization of the system. Concerns were already strong as the share of taxes (CSG) progressed in the financing of the social security system at the expense of the share of contributions, burdened by employers’ exemptions. A phenomenon that has been amplified since then with the abolition in 2019 of overtime contributions. (ER: we admit to confusion over this part.)

On July 6, 2018, the controversial amendment was withdrawn in favor of a rewrite. This rewrite was based on the removal of the term social security for the term social protection. It also included the universal pension system.”

Then what to think of the multiplication of unreliable, poorly approved Covid tests, pushed at will by the minister who makes them “free” and freely available when the epidemic is over. Who will pay? The Social Security, which will quickly declare irreparable bankruptcy for the greatest benefit of private insurances, which are already salivating in front of the opening of a colossal market. QED.


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