By: Lawrence Wilson, MD

Vaccination began 200 years ago as an experimental life-saving medical tool.  While it originally had somemerit, today it has become perhaps the leading cause of death and disability among our children.

This article covers many aspects of the vaccine debate. It addresses vaccine history, effectiveness of vaccines, and the side effects of vaccines.  It also discusses other problems of vaccines and some alternatives to vaccination. It also covers how to opt out of vaccination.


Dr. Edward Jenner is credited with the first successful vaccine about 210 years ago.  Smallpox was among the worst diseases of the day.  Medicine had little to offer in the way of a cure or preventive.

Dr. Jenner injected pus into healthy human beings taken from cattle who had cowpox, a form of smallpox that affects only cattle.  By this means, he was able to protect some of those who were vaccinated against smallpox.  The word vaccine derives from the word vaca, meaning cow in Spanish.

As word spread of the new vaccine idea, the world was astonished, just as we would be today if someone suddenly had a cure for cancer.  As a result, vaccination was accepted as a valid medical advance.

Smallpox, typhoid fever, diphtheria and polio have declined in the world.  What we are not told, however, is that vaccination had little to do with it.  If one examines the statistics carefully, the major advances had to do with better hygiene and much better nutrition of the population in the 20th century.

Meanwhile, new vaccines were developed for other conditions such as measles, hepatitis and many other conditions, even though these are not usually life-threatening diseases.  Unfortunately, the vaccines have side effects.  Like so many medical drugs and procedures, vaccination is now creating much more horrible problems for thousands of people, especially children.


From the start, there were problems with vaccines.  These included adverse effects such as fevers, and occasionally death from the very disease the vaccine was designed to protect against.  However, the benefits of vaccines outweighed the problems and the shots helped eradicate certain diseases.

This background is brief, but very important to understand the vaccine situation now.  Today, vaccination is a “protected industry”.  That is, no one has seriously questioned its premises in spite of horrendous problems that we will discuss.  Our federal government protects the vaccine industry by handling its liability problems.

According to the government’s own Vaccine Injury Compensation Program or VICP website, the cost as of January 8, 2008 is $1,749,743,610.45, (about $1.75 billion).  This works out to about $100 million every year and it is growing fast.

Regardless of your feelings or beliefs about vaccination, the mere fact that a major government budget item is paying damage awards due for vaccine injuries means there exists a severe problem with this industry.  Let us examine it in detail.  Before doing so, however, here is a very recent medical article that shows how medical research distorts the value of vaccination.

2008 STUDY SHOWS NO BENEFIT FOR HEALTHY ADULTS OF FLU SHOTS (American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Med 2008;178:527-533)

In this recent study involving 704 people, it first appears that flu shots reduced death from respiratory illness a full 50%.  However, the researchers decided to check an important factor.

They corrected the data for what is called the “healthy user effect”.  This is an extremely important factor in some vaccinations that has not been taken into effect in previous studies.

The healthy user effect refers to the fact that some patients take generally better care of themselves.  They eat well, avoid smoking and drinking, take nutritional supplements and so forth.

When this group was excluded from the vaccine study, it turned out that the difference in the death rate from the flu between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups was 0.  In other words, if you take care of yourself, flu shots, according to this smaller study, had no benefit whatsoever.

Who should be vaccinated?

The answer is no one.

Now let us examine the history of vaccination in America, its nation of origin and still the most vaccinated in the world.


The world of Dr. Jenner (1749-1823) was quite different from ours:

* Doctors did not wash their hands when they touched patients or even when they delivered babies.

* Most deaths were due to infectious diseases.  Cancer, heart disease and diabetes were relatively rare.

* Children died by the thousands in America and Europe from infectious diseases due to bad water, poor food, inadequate shelter and poor hygiene and sanitation.  Rats, mice, ticks and other vermin carried cholera, typhoid and many other diseases everywhere, spreading germs and filth.

* There were few antibacterial or antiviral medicines.  Those that did exist were extremely toxic, such as arsenic and mercury (Calomel).


Filthy conditions still exist in some parts of the world, as do the infectious diseases that go with them.  In these places vaccination may still make good sense.

However, America and the developed world have cleaned up the water, the food, and even the air.  It used to contain fecal matter such as horse manure, hoards of flies, mosquitoes and more.  Today, instead of germs in the air we have toxic chemicals and metals, a new situation with different consequences.

Personal hygiene and sanitation are taken for granted in most advanced nations, and many occupational and public health laws protect us from deadly contagious illnesses.

Medicine has advanced tremendously, with modern antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal and other agents that can halt many infections quickly and safely.

The epidemic illnesses are ‘degenerative’, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dementias.


Vaccination can still protect people from some infectious diseases. However, adverse effects of vaccines are increasing.  Possible reasons for this are:

1) The differing conditions explained above.

2) Many more vaccines.  Fifty years ago there were some 8-10 vaccines.  Today, over 40 are recommended in some states.

3) Combinations of vaccines are decidedly deadlier.

4) Other reasons might include more awareness of vaccine-related injuries and more attorneys willing to assist clients in this area.

For all these reasons, it is time to review the benefits versus the problems of vaccination as a public health method.


Vaccine advocates claim that the reduction in certain diseases is mainly due to vaccination.  However, careful studies, such as that by J.B. and S.M. McKinlay, show that the vaccine-related diseases such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, smallpox and others were declining before vaccination came along.  Improved hygiene, better sanitation and better nutrition of the people are the likely factors in their decline.  This has been shown to be the case in many nations since then.

The McKinley study indicated that vaccines accounted for only about 4% of the decline of several important diseases.  However, it can appear that vaccines were of more benefit because they came along about the same time that hygiene, sanitation and nutrition improved.

It is also well-known that vaccines do not protect 100% against a disease, and they offer only temporary or partial immunity.


Vaccines side effects are well-known.  The following was taken from vaccine package inserts and other vaccine company information.  Your doctor is supposed to tell you about them.  How many of the following were you told about?

* HPV or Gardasil: Death reports are beginning to accumulate as this new vaccine is given to more and more teenage girls and even boys, although they cannot get the same condition of cervical cancer, which the vaccine is supposed to prevent, so this is patently insane except to try to prevent transmission of the sexually-transmitted HPV virus.  However, the vaccine only covers some strains of the virus, so it is not even fully effective, if it works at all.

Other “side effects” have so far included: Bells Palsy, Guillan-Barre syndrome, seizures, blood clotting and heart problems, miscarriages and fetal abnormalities amongst pregnant women who received the vaccine.

Thousands have experienced syncope, rashes, facial paralysis, seizures and other effects, especially when this vaccine is combined with any of about 18 others in young girls or boys.

* Polio Vaccine Side Effects: Contracting  polio from the vaccine, spreading the disease to others and Guillian-Barre syndrome.  (Guillain-Barre syndrdome is a severe fever and nerve disease that did not exist prior to vaccination.)

* The “Safe” DaPT (formerly DPT-diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus): This is one of the worst, with many instances of high fevers, shock, convulsions and death.

* Smallpox: Gangrene, smallpox, encephalitis, liver, spleen, pancreas and kidney disorders, herpes and polio.

* HiB (Influenza): When given with the DPT, persistent crying, seizures, hives, asthma and kidney failure.

* MMR (measles, mumps, German measles): Contracting measles, seizures, Guillain-Barre syndrome, arthritis, autism, nerve deafness and death.

* Hepatitis B: Shock, arthritis, Guillain-Barre, bronchospasm, multiple sclerosis, herpes, and possible sudden infant death.

* Chickenpox: Seizures, fevers, death and contracting chickenpox (in 27% of cases), which can cause birth defects if it spreads to pregnant women.

* Flu Shots.  These can cause the flu in people who are healthy.  I know of a person who died as a result of getting the flu right after receiving her “flu shot” vaccine.

My comment is this is one of silliest vaccines.  There is no way to tell which of the hundreds of strains of influenza will be dominant in a particular year.  Companies that make the shots literally guess which strains of flu to put in the vaccine.  They also still contain some mercury, so the patients are poisoned with this as well.  I suggest avoiding these always.

Adverse effects of the 30 or so other “mandated” vaccines would fill another 10 pages, but the point is clear.  Vaccines are not safe at all.  The references contain more information.


Most vaccine problems are never reported.  Until 1991, no centralized method existed to even report vaccine adverse effects.

According to the FDA, only about 10% of vaccine side effects are reported.  However, other studies reveal that only 1 to 4% of adverse effects are ever reported.

For example, in 1998, the National Vaccine Information Center did a survey of New York pediatric offices and found out that “only one in 40 doctors reports a death or an injury following vaccination.”  That is only a 2.5% reporting rate!  If we extrapolate this percentage of underreporting, one finds that at least 20 million adverse effects have occurred since 1991.

Unfortunately, pediatricians and other doctors have an incentive not to report vaccine problems. Vaccination is the bread and butter of much of the pediatric profession.


A Drug Company Subsidy.  For years, the federal government has “limited the liability” of drug companies that produce vaccines.  This was kept quiet in the past, but is no longer a secret.

I was shocked to visit the website of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program or VICP.  The US government (this means you and me) has paid out over $1.7 billion in vaccine damages to 3466 victims, as of January 2008.

In fact, most claims were dismissed, probably due to the “10-day rule”. This is the insane idea that any injury that you do not report to your doctor within 10 days doesn’t count as vaccine-related.  It is ridiculous because most severe vaccine injuries can take weeks, months or years to develop.

The VICP Mission.  The VICP website states that its mission is to reduce lawsuits aimed at vaccine companies in order to “stabilize” vaccine supplies and promote vaccine research and development.  In other words, drug companies are not responsible for the deaths and disability they cause.

Without this government support, many fewer vaccines, if any, would be on the market due to liability concerns.

The Right To Sue For Damages.  I do not always like the tactics used by lawyers.  However, the right to sue and recover damages is a fundamental legal principle.  It protects all of us from all types of shoddy and dangerous products.  Every medical device, drug, and procedure that I am aware of is subject to legal liability except vaccination.

Meanwhile, our government quietly has been paying the bill to the tune of about $100 million every year out of taxpayer money.  Not only has the cost been rising.  As explained below, it is likely to increase much more.

Autism Damage.  The VICP website states that the $1,749,743,610.45. in damage awards includes just one case of autism, and that occurred in 2008.  This is probably because autism may take weeks or several years to develop after vaccination, so it does not count in court as a vaccine injury.

However, autism did not even exist as a medical diagnosis before widespread vaccination was in place in America and around the world.  Many shocked parents will attest that their child developed normally until after a vaccination.

I expect the damage awards for the hundreds of thousands of autism cases to increase drastically in the years to come.  Interestingly, a study of Amish people found that there were only three cases of autism in the group.  Amish people do not vaccinate their children.  The three cases, it turned out, were all children who had been brought into the Amish community from outside, and had been vaccinated.

Vaccine damage awards are already a major government budget item.  Other staggering costs for parents, insurers and the states include the lifelong treatment of all the autistic children and those with other vaccine-related developmental problems.  Clearly there are serious problems with vaccines.


Extremely toxic chemicals are always added to all vaccines.  They include mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, acetone, lead, cadmium and others.  Most often, they are not listed on the package insert.  However, they are needed as sanitizers, stabilizers and preservatives.

They must be added to reduce contamination of the vaccine with other viruses, bacteria, parasites, fecal matter and other items found in the culture medium on which the vaccine germs are grown.

These additives are themselves deadly, especially for very young children.  However, they are highly toxic for everyone.  For instance, they are all neurotoxic.  This means they impair and can destroy brain function, especially in young, quickly-growing children and infants. Some are toxic for the immune system, for the digestive system and for other body systems as well.

Mercury is probably the worst single offender in the vaccine tragedy now occurring all over the world where vaccination is practiced.  Well-known symptoms of mercury toxicity in young children include autism, ADHD, gut damage, visual disturbances, and delayed myelination of the nerves.  Other problems include thyroid disease, delayed development, learning disorders and even death.

Mercury has been well-studied, despite lies to the contrary by our health agencies such as The Institute For Medicine, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers For Disease Control (CDC).


Bernard Rimland, PhD, is director of the Autism Research Institute and founder of the Autism Society of America.  He wrote:

“The FDA, CDC and various medical associations have failed miserably in their duty to protect our children (from the horrors of vaccination, editors note).  Rather than acknowledge their role in creating the immense, catastrophic rise in autism, they have resorted to denial and obstruction.  They stand to lose their credibility and billions of dollars in liability suits that will soon reach our courts.  The truth must and will emerge.”

The gravest symptom of mercury, according to many studies, is a worldwide epidemic of a “new” disease, autism. It was totally unknown before about 1940, before mass vaccination began.  In the 1980s, the incidence was about 1 in 10,000 children.  Today  it is diagnosed in 1 in 150 children, about 80% of which are boys.  In fact, the incidence is much higher in vaccinated boys, according to a 2007 study of 17,674 children in California and Oregon.

Treatment for mercury toxicity is not always successful, so autism and several other conditions possibly related to it such as ADHD, developmental delays and learning problems are extremely  costly and in many instances hard to treat.

Thimerisol-Free Vaccines. Some vaccines are now available without thimerisol or mercury-free.  However, many doctors and hospitals do not stock them.

Also, this is often a lie.  For example, those who have requested thimerisol-free vaccines are told incorrectly that they are receving them, when, in fact, they are not.  Thimerisol-free can mean the vaccine just contains less mercury.  Even most flu shots still contain 25 mcg of mercury as thimerisol.

Also, if thimerisol mercury is not present in your vaccine, something has replaced it that may not be listed on the label and could be as toxic or moreso than thimerisol.

For all the documentation on the link between mercury as thimerisol and autism, please read Evidence of HarmThe Story of Thimerisol by David Kirby.


Aluminum is commonly used to stabilize vaccines.  It is associated with dementia and other brain problems.  Lead and cadmium found in some vaccines and other pharmaceutical preparations cause severe tissue damage to the liver, kidneys and other organs and systems of the body.  Acetone, another vaccine component, also used as nail polish remover, damages the liver, kidneys and most other organs of the body.

Cumulative Poisons.  Health authorities tell us the amount of mercury, aluminum and other toxins in vaccines is small.  Let us review the numbers.

The recommended exposure to mercury for a newborn is 1-4 micrograms or mcg. It is estimated that today’s child receives up to 212 mcg of mercury from his recommended vaccines!  Similar huge exposures occur to aluminum, cadmium, lead and other toxic chemicals and metals.

Add to this that most children born today already have excessive levels of these toxins in their bodies.  This is due to vaccines given to the mother, along with environmental exposures that range from silver amalgam dental fillings that are half mercury to eating too much fish.  Many pharmaceutical drugs also contain the same preservatives and chemicals as vaccines.  Childhood is also a time of extreme vulnerability to toxic chemicals of any kind because the nervous system and other body systems are growing fast.


The greatest incidence of AIDS happens to be in the most intense regions of smallpox vaccination in Africa, Brazil and Haiti.  Scientists believe this may have occurred because African monkeys were imported to the United States and elsewhere to produce certain vaccines.

These shots may have accidentally transmitted the SV40 monkey virus to the people.  This is a close relative of the AIDS virus.  Let us explain why this could have happened.  Vaccines are grown on dog and monkey kidneys, horse and calf serums (including pus), rabbits’ brains, even animal urine .  This can introduce the DNA of other species directly into the blood of young human children.  This is akin to genetic engineering, but with no controls and unknown long-term consequences.  This could be the origin of AIDS and many other strange new diseases today.

Beware, there are no long-term studies done on today’s vaccines before they are introduced and recommended by our public health authorities.  Read that sentence over and over before you go for your next flu shot or vaccine for your child.

Mixing animal organs and tissues directly with a child’s blood also introduces a wide variety of random viruses, bacteria, parasites and other material that is contained in these body fluids and tissues.  It is impossible to purify tissues completely.  Even if it is done correctly, one can never know when contamination has occurred.

Gulf War Syndrome. This has taken the vitality and even the lives of many of our best young men and women.  Is it about vaccines?  You decide.  Our troops received about 15 “experimental” vaccines.  Even those who were never deployed to the Middle East developed gulf war syndrome.

Troops from France, however, did not receive the experimental vaccines.  They did not develop Gulf War syndrome, even though they fought against Saddam Hussein’s army with its possible use of chemical and biological weapons.

This would tend to rule out chemical weapons, depleted uranium or food-borne illness as causes of Gulf War Syndrome.  In spite of these facts, the American military vaccine program continues today.


In 2005, Julie Gerberding, director the Centers For Disease Control, stated that studying the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children would be “something that could be done”.  Yet no such studies have been begun by our government, in spite of begging and pleading by several groups of concerned citizens.

In October, 2007, however, Generation Rescue, a private group, spent their own money to conduct a survey of 17,674 children in California and Oregon from ages 4-17.  911 unvaccinated children were found.  The study showed that the incidence of ADHD among the older unvaccinated boys was less than one fourth that of the vaccinated boys.  The incidence of autism among boys who were not vaccinated was less than half that of boys who were vaccinated.

This is extremely damming evidence, and quite easily verified by more studies, but so far the government refuses to do the studies.

The California-Oregon study was conducted based on an earlier smaller study of Amish people in 2005.  The Amish do not allow their children to be vaccinated.  This study revealed only three cases of autism.

Upon further investigation, all three of these children had been vaccinated.  Two were adopted into the community after vaccination.  The third was a boy whose mother joined the Amish community after he was vaccinated .  In other words, no autism at all was found among the Amish!

Privately funds an unvaccinated children are desperately needed for more studies of this kind.  Anyone who has an unvaccinated a child may inquire about participating in such a study by contacting Mary Tocco at


The cause of Sudden Infant Death, or SIDS, is not known.  It is increasing, however, wherever vaccination is practiced.  A revealing study was conducted in Australia in the 1970s.  Due to safety concerns, vaccination was made voluntary in Australia.  Almost immediately half the population stopped vaccinating.

The same year, the incidence of Sudden Infant Death also decreased in Australia by about 50%.  Obviously, this is an area in need of greater research to confirm or disprove a link between SIDS and vaccination.


Vaccination Is Not Immunization.  When vaccines are effective, they do not confer complete or “natural” immunity.  This is well-known, but hardly ever explained to parents and others.

In fact, vaccines only confer an artificial, partial or temporary immunity.  The only way to obtain full immunity from an infectious illness is if one actually goes through the illness and recovers fully.

Vaccine-based “immunity”, by way of contrast, diminishes in its protective effect after one or more years, assuming it was effective at all.  As stated in an earlier section of this article, one does not know if one’s vaccination was or is ever effective or not.  There is no easy way to tell.

The Need For Boosters.  Natural immunity occurs due to contracting a case of mumps or chickenpox.  You are in no danger of another episode later in life.

Vaccines, however, reduce in effectiveness after a number of years.  So you can get the disease unless you keep getting vaccinated repeatedly, hoping each time that the vaccine works well.  This is costly and exposes one repeatedly to all the problems associated with vaccines.

More Serious Diseases Later In Life.  Since one does not obtain full immunity to disease from a vaccine and may forget even one booster shot, many people get mumps, chickenpox or rubella (German measles) later in life.  This is far worse than having it as a child and is associated with deafness, birth defects and even death.  Other side effects later in life might include multiple sclerosis, adult ADHD, and much more.


Spreading Diseases.  Sadly, vaccination can spread disease in three ways:

1) People get the disease they are being vaccinated against.  Most cases of polio, whooping cough, diphtheria and even tuberculosis are in people who have been vaccinated.

2) People who are vaccinated get a mild case of the disease and spread it to someone else by contagion.

3) Vaccines can spread germs and even cause new types of diseases when they are made by sloppiness during their manufacture.  Viral cultures must be reproduced or grown on eggs, animals and other media.  Occasionally slip-ups, contamination and other problems occur that are potentially very dangerous, such as the AIDS possibility discussed above.

4) Vaccination spreads all disease by weakening people’s immune systems.  This is a very serious problem in itself.

“Killed” Vaccines.  This is not so much a problem in itself as much as it is a deliberate lie to make vaccines more acceptable to the public.  Vaccines never contain just killed micro-organisms.  If they did, they would be ineffective.   Instead, they contain very weakened or attenuated organisms.  So the term “killed” vaccines is definitely incorrect.

Combinations of vaccines.  Administering several vaccines at once, of combination vaccines like the DPT is an even greater recipe for disaster.  Reports from the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (see references) indicate that the most deaths have occurred with combination vaccines.  These include the DPT, DaPT and the MMR.

Also, combination of individual vaccines are often given at a single doctor’s visit to save time and trouble.  This is also an very unwise and insane practice, according to government statistics.

Healthy People Are Much Less Susceptible to All Illness.  This should be obvious but bears repeating.  There is no substitute for eating well, resting adequately and living healthfully.  Any other approach to your health is risky at best.  Vaccines are known to weaken the body and thus worsen general health.

Most Infectious Diseases Are Benign.  This includes such “killer” diseases like polio, which is completely benign in over 95% of cases.  Many people have had it and don’t ever know it.  It appears as a flu-like syndrome that passes without a problem if treated correctly.  Most cases of polio since the 1980s are in vaccinated children.

Another illness that occurs mostly in vaccinated children in whooping cough.  It, too, can be handled with conventional medical and natural methods without the need for vaccination in almost all cases.

Measles, mumps and chickenpox are also totally benign in most cases.  In fact, it is far better to contract it harmlessly as a child than to be vaccinated and run the risk that the vaccine loses its effect after 10 or 20 years.  When that happens, on may contract the disease as an adult, when these illnesses are far more severe than in childhood.

The same is true of hepatitis, infant diarrhea, diphtheria, tetanus, flu shots, human papilla virus, herpes, and the other diseases for which vaccinations are suggested.

In summary, the side effects of the vaccines tend to be far worse than the illnesses they are designed to protect against.  Also, there are no guarantees the vaccines are even effective.  In one vaccine package insert, I read that in 42% of cases, the vaccine did not “take”, meaning it was not effective.

All Diseases Are Treatable.  Doctors may say that some diseases, such as polio, are “untreatable” and thus vaccination is needed.  This is absolutely untrue, as is some other information available about infectious diseases.  “Untreatable” means only that the doctor doesn’t know how to treat it.

Most all infections, bacterial and viral, can be handled safely and quickly by modern emergency medicine.  This was not the case, however, 50 years ago when many vaccines were developed.,

Natural approaches can enhance treatment, and at times is far better than any drugs or other medical therapies, especially if used at the first sign of illness.  The basics of natural treatment for infections include:

1) Plenty of rest.  Keep your child home from school or, if you are the one who is ill, stay home from work.  This alone helps the body fight the infection more than any other single measure.

2) Natural Remedies.  Colloidal silver, herbs such as Echinacea, and golden seal, vitamins A and C, bee propolis, and other natural remedies can be used immediately.  They must be given in sufficient amounts for the age and weight of the person.

Chiropractic, colon therapy, energy balancing and many other natural therapies can also greatly assist the body to fight any infection.

Once again, natural methods of treatment can and should be applied immediately and aggressively.  This is true even if one will visit a doctor and take an antibiotic or antiviral medicine.

An older natural healing book, Back To Eden by Jethro Kloss is one resource for old-fashioned ways to cope with infectious diseases in a gentle, safe manner.

Newer natural remedies include colloidal silver and especially vitamins A and C in high doses.  According to the book, Curing The Incurable, Vitamin C, Infections and Toxins by Thomas E. Levy, vitamin C in high doses will stop most all infections.

Exercise caution with vitamin C drips, however.  This is not something to do lightly and I hardly ever recommend it because other methods are much safer, less expensive and even better. For example, I much prefer to use sauna therapy for deep, chronic infections and obtain excellent results. The point is, there are plenty of ways besides conventional medicine to cope with infections without resorting to vaccination with all its problems we have elaborated above.

3) Drink lots of water and eat lightly.  Preferably drink distilled or spring water.  Do not eat too much of anything when feverish.  Favor soups and liquids.  Do not eat any junk food, as it just makes fighting the infection that much harder.

For much more information about treating infections naturally, read Boosting The Immune System.


Anyone in America who does not wish to be vaccinated can still opt out – either on philosophical or on religious grounds.  You need not submit yourself or your children to the horror that is vaccination today.  Here is a link to find Vaccine Refusal Forms.  The references below also list websites that offer vaccine refusal forms for every state.  Some schools have them as well.  Do not allow yourself and your child to be bullied.

If you still choose to have yourself or your child vaccinated and problems arise, report them quickly to a physician and insist that he report them to the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System or VAERS.

Filing A Vaccine Injury Claim.  If you wish to file a claim for vaccine injury, our benevolent government will pay your legal cost, even if you do not win your case.  Most cases are dismissed, probably because of the 10-day rule.  But at least there is some legal recourse.  A website in the references specifically deals with legal defense for those injured by vaccines. 


If you choose to vaccinate, here are some important and perhaps life-saving suggestions:

1) Never vaccinate unless the person is very healthy.  If your child is sniffling or has an upset stomach on the day of the doctor’s appointment, call and reschedule when the child is totally well.

2) Never, ever give a child more than once vaccine at a time.  Combinations are far more lethal, according to all statistical studies of vaccination.

3) Always request mercury and thimerisol-free vaccines and ask to see the package insert to verify this.  Do not trust the doctor or nurse on this one.  Many doctors are simply not informed on this topic.

Also, check what was used as the replacement for thimerisol.  It could be just as bad as thimerisol or worse.  Remember, something must be used to reduce vaccine contaminants.


One may ask, What if I do not eat well and must work a lot as well?  Then should I get vaccinated and vaccinate my children?  The answer is a definite no, in my view.  Instead, take better care of yourself and your children, because the resources to nourish yourselves better, detoxify the body, and heal the body naturally are readily available.

You may also ask, What about vaccines for the starving children in Africa, pars of Asia and other undeveloped nations?  They cannot afford good food, healthful water to drink and clean homes.  The answer is that while vaccines may save a few lives, this must be weighed against the problems vaccines cause.  Studies show that many poor children have infections, and this means vaccination is probably even more dangerous among them.  So many die anyway that good studies of vaccine-related injuries among them are difficult.  The money for vaccines would be far better spent on bringing them better food, better water, better homes and vitamin and mineral supplements.

Many years ago I lived in Mexico and worked there as a medical student and intern.  I found it sad that most of the children who developed polio were the ones who were vaccinated.

I cannot think of any times I would recommend vaccination.


Vaccines distract us from raising healthy children naturally.  This topic is large.  Much more information about raising healthy children is available in several other articles on this website.  Here is basic information if you wish to have healthy children:

Prenatal Care.  This should begin long before having children. The only adequate prenatal care, in my experience of 30 years, is to embark on a nutritional balancing program of the type I design.  Preferably do this a year or more before you want to have children.  Both mothers and fathers, too, could use this, although it is most critical for a ll young women who ever hope to have children.  Nothing less will do, although eating many more cooked, not raw vegetables, (and not fruits) and caring for the body much better are always helpful.

Taking a “pre-natal vitamin” when a woman is pregnant is far too little too late.  This style of prenatal care is laughable.  By this time, most of the baby’s nervous system is already quite far along in development, although the baby is still very tiny.

It takes months to years to build up the body’s nutritional state, especially after the ravages of the teenage years.  Most teens eat terribly, do not sleep enough and may engage in often stupid and dangerous behavior like premarital sex and other activities.

Our governments and most health educators encourage teens to eat poorly by allowing the sale of all manner of junk foods in school cafeterias and in the supermarkets.  Sadly, this is how we prepare our young women, in particular, to have healthful children.  It is no wonder so many mothers and their children have physical and emotional problems.

Farmers and ranchers all know that one must prepare the adult animals well, with superior nutrition, to produce healthy offspring.  Dog breeders know this, too.  In some “primitive” cultures girls begin preparing for pregnancy when they reach puberty.  The only ones that seem to be in the dark are our medical and other government health “authorities”.

Breastfeeding is another obvious way to improve the health of children.  This tends to run in fads in medicine.  Right now it is “in”, although mothers are told that a few months of breast feeding is adequate.  It is not.  One should breastfeed for two to three years for optimum immune system development.

La Leche League International is one of the best resources on our planet because it helps many mothers to keep breastfeeding when they develop difficulties and have no one else to consult.  This is a very worthwhile organization to support.

Children’s Diets.  This should be an obvious way to keep children healthy, rather than vaccinate them repeatedly.  Most children’s diets are so bad I wonder how the children survive as they do.

In particular, children require plenty of quality fats and oils and, in particular, DHA, one of the essential fatty acids found in cod liver oil, an old remedy for children that works wonders for infections, both as a preventive and as treatment.  It comes in flavors, and even in capsules if needed, so the taste is no longer an issue.

Vegetables are important as well, as is some fruit for vitamin C.  Meats are important for many nutrients, and whole grains are okay in moderation only. Soda pop, fruit juices, water and beverages tainted with fluorides and chlorine, refined sugars and white flour products, in contrast, ruin children’s health.

Lifestyle.  Children also need plenty of rest, especially the teenagers, and a lot of peace and quiet.  They need human interaction and not just computer games.  They need to stay away from cell phones as much as possible as well.  These simple measures, diet and lifestyle, are critical at all ages, but especially for today’s children.


Books and Periodicals:

1. Australian Vaccination Network, Informed Voice Magazine.

2. Butler, H., Just A Little Prick. (496 pages, excellent but hard to find).

3. Coulter, H., 1999, Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American BrainAlso by Dr. Coulter: A Shot In The Dark.

4. DeLatte, Y., 1990, Vaccinations, The Untold Truth. (superb research).

5. Deodati, C., Immunization: History, Ethics, Law and Health.

6. Dye, M., Vaccinations: Deception & Tragedy.

7. Halvorsen, R., The Truth About Vaccines: How We Are Used as Guinea Pigs Without Knowing It.

8. Kirby, D., Evidence Of Harm. (excellent book on the mercury/thimerisol controversy)

9. Koch, W.F., 1961,The Survival Factor in Neoplastic and Viral Disease. Excellent discussion of vaccines and antibiotics.

10. Matsumoto, G., Vaccine-A: The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers–And Why GI’s Are Only The First Victims.

11. McBean, E., 1993, The Poisoned Needle.

12. Mendelsohn, R.S., 1987, How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor.

13. Miller, N., 2002, Vaccines: Are They Really Safe and Effective.

14. Miller, N., 1995, Immunization Theory Vs. Reality: Expose on Vaccinations.

15. Mullins, E., 1988, Murder By Injection.

16.  Olmsted, D., paper on autism among the Amish people of Pennsylvania, April 19, 2005.

17. O’Shea, T., 2005, The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination Is Not Immunization, 9th edition.

18. Schreibner, V., PhD., (studies on vaccines and Sudden Infant Death).

19. Tocco, Mary, <em>“Are Vaccines Safe”</em>, excellent presentation video, available from <a href=”” data-mce-href=””></a> or 231-642-7984.

20. Tuite, James, (studies of Gulf War Syndrome).

21. Wakefield, Andrew (studies on autism caused by vaccines, specifically related to gut problems).


Private Groups:

1. (excellent site operated by Neil Miller) 2. (National Vaccine Information Center)

2., (American)

3. (American)

4. (vaccine legal defense)

5. (excellent Canadian site)

6. (excellent for new developments)

7. (offers for sale an excellent presentation on DVD).


1. (The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program)

2. (The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System)


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  1. ome, come, no revisionism re Jenner, please:

    “Dr. Edward Jenner is credited with the first successful vaccine about 210 years ago. Smallpox was among the worst diseases of the day. Medicine had little to offer in the way of a cure or preventive.

    “Dr. Jenner injected pus into healthy human beings taken from cattle who had cowpox, a form of smallpox that affects only cattle. By this means, he was able to protect some of those who were vaccinated against smallpox. The word vaccine derives from the word vaca, meaning cow in Spanish.

    “As word spread of the new vaccine idea, the world was astonished, just as we would be today if someone suddenly had a cure for cancer. As a result, vaccination was accepted as a valid medical advance.”

    Jenner smeared cow pox puss into an open wound he cut into lower arm tissue and bandaged over said puss. The wonder is that any victims survived but medics then as medics now were the strongest trades union of the lot. Even so it took some twenty to thirty years to obtain government support.

    The syringe was only invented half a century later to give us the current insanity.

    Chris Hemmings

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