Vaccinations: What is informed consent?

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As I talk to people who have gotten the flu shot I ask them – Did they tell you about the mercury content of the flu shot?   Every time I am told no.  I then tell them how much mercury is in each shot & Dr. Hugh Fudenberg’s study that getting the flu shot 5 years in a row increases your chances of getting Alzheimer’s by 10 fold.   At this point, people are usually upset that they weren’t told this info.

So this leads us to informed consent.   What is informed consent?  Informed consent is when a patient is fully informed of the risks & benefits of a medical procedure.  Now, look back over that last sentence then go back to the first paragraph of this blog entry.  If someone is not told the mercury content of the flu shot is that informed consent?  The answer is a resounding no.

When a parent takes their child in for their well child check ups & the doctor gives them the consent forms for vaccinations, does the doctor inform them of the ingredients in vaccines?  Of course not.  Most of the time they don’t even know what is in them.  They provide a glossed over version of the insert provided by the CDC but it doesn’t even touch on the real dangers that are listed on the insert that comes with the vaccine.

107300print_000[1]Its very easy for pediatricians to use coercion when it comes to getting a parent to vaccinate their child.  They use scare tactics like your child could die from all these childhood illnesses.   Or they could be handicapped for life if they do catch a disease like Polio.  I know of one father that went with his wife & daughter to a well child visit.  The doctor had the mom in tears because the father was wavering on the vaccine decision.  That is coercion – using emotions in order to get the child

I want you to keep in mind a couple of things here.  First off, there is no federal requirement for vaccinations, none.  It’s all on a state by state basis.  Second, the the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was put into place to serve as a shield for medical professionals & vaccine manufacturers from liability if anyone got injured after receiving a vaccine.

Read that last sentence again.  Those filing claim that their child was injured by a vaccine don’t have to prove negligence or failure to warn just that the injury was vaccine related.

So, if a vaccine provider doesn’t tell you the toxins that are in vaccines its ok.   They aren’t liable for failure to warn.

What is wrong with this picture?

One doctor by name of Dr. Chad Rohlfson that I interviewed a couple of years ago told me that when you get a vaccine not only do you need to be informed of risks & benefits of getting the vaccine but also the risk & benefits of not getting it.  Do you ever hear of this – The risk & benefits of NOT getting a vaccine?  Of course not.

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So, what is informed consent when it comes to vaccines.

1.  You should be fully informed of all ingredients in vaccines.

2.  You should be informed of the side affects that are listed in the insert.  (I think you should actually read the insert)

3.  Be informed about how to file a adverse reaction report with VAERS.  (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)

4.  That all cases that are filed with the Vaccine Injury Court be made public.

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