Vaccine Injury Story ‘I Was Stupid, Arrogant, and Naive’ For Vaccinating My Children

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By: helenSco

“I must admit, I didn’t approach my research with an open mind. I was sure that my pre-conceived notions were accurate, but it didn’t matter. In the end, the only conclusion I could come to was the same conclusion everyone comes to once they actually do the real research – vaccines are a crime against humanity.”

The above quote is one of the best things I’ve read in a very long time. It comes from an amazing piece written by Joel Edwards. The article is a must read for those who are making considerations for vaccinating their children. Joel discusses carrying “a burden of guilt” for damaging his children by having them vaccinated. These very sad tales are becoming all too common anymore and at the end of the day, they truly are a preventable occurrence. He also discusses his own “arrogance” as being a part of the reason he chose the vaccination option.

I carry a burden of guilt with me. I will carry this guilt until the day I die. I damaged my children.

I was stupid, arrogant, and naive, and my decision may have caused permanent damage to the children I love with all of my heart.

I thought vaccines were more dangerous than most people realized, but I still thought, overall, they were worth the risk. I was too lazy to do the research. Like an idiot, I blindly trusted my doctor. This belief system was what led me to vaccinate three out of four of my children. My twins are now seven years old. They have not completely recovered from their last round of vaccines. (Read the full article)

We get messages all the time from parents who regret making the decision and have to live with the consequences. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome, in my opinion, is the scrutiny you get from friends and family members. Many parents end up simply folding underneath the weight of all that pressure. The best piece of advice I can ever give anyone is to know your audience. You need to know who is advising you and why, as well, how flexible are they? If your aunt has long argued the same politics for 30 years fighting with family members and co-workers, it isn’t likely she will have a flexible or understanding view when it comes to vaccines. Maybe that’s not the best example, but my point is, if you know someone is a staunch vaccine supporter, don’t engage. If and when they engage, try to change the conversation. Once they see you aren’t willing to be baited into heated debates, they are likely to just become more remiss over the matter.


We are living in extremely turbulent times when it comes to vaccines. Many states are opting to force vaccines to school-children and workplaces even want to force flu vaccinations on workers. All parents need to do their research and view both sides openly, not just go by what family members and Doctors tell them to do. Use common sense, be responsible, don’t end up like the writer did.

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