Vaccines and Sports Don’t Mix Well – Why Graphene Attacks the Heart [VIDEO]

ER Editor: This 5-minute video by the Spanish team of La Quinta Columna (Ricardo Delgado and Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano) covers the topic of the special connection that graphene in the vaccines has to the heart, and shows a slideshow of professional athletes in their 20s, 30s and 40s who have either died or had cardiac problems after being vaccinated. We remind readers that graphene is what was found in the vaccines after discovery of the magnetic effect in vaccinated people.

We’ve supplied our own notes to the video below.

We remind readers of a report we published yesterday showing the level of expected heart problems among the vaccinated from a new study published by the University of Ottawa’s Heart Institute. See

Study Shows 1 in Every 1000 People who Take the Vax will Develop Heart Disease



Graphene oxide, already found in the vaccines, generates electricity. From a scientific paper it is known that the amount of electricity graphene produces can be controlled by external energy stimulation, such as light. ‘Graphene oxide has an affinity for the electrical currents of the heart, and acts on external electromagnetic fields remotely’ (Sevillano). Thus cardiac cells, with graphene in them, can be altered or stimulated remotely through pulsed electromagnetic fields from outside the person.

Sevillano uses a house metaphor to explain the 3 parts of the heart: walls/masonry/structure; electrical wiring; plumbing. Readers with medical knowledge will appreciate his explanation.

‘The walls are damaged because graphene looks for everything that has bio-electric activity’. All cells in the body have this bio-electric activity, but the heart cells are constantly depolarizing and polarizing. So the heart is subject to a heightened level of activity. Graphene oxide blindly looks for that level of activity and stays there once it finds it. It invades the heart and is found everywhere inside. It stays inside the walls. It gets in through the arteries and damages them, too. The damage is done on 3 levels:

  • Sudden deaths caused by ‘conduction tissue
  • Muscle tissue is compromised; it spontaneously generates a current. (Sevillano gives a technical explanation here regarding the types of electrical current given off within the heart.) Myocarditis is damage to the heart muscle. Graphene enters each cell and begins to damage the muscle fibres immediately. Some cells die; others become inflamed.
  • Coronary arteries, which are generally compromised in older people with a thicker density and an inclination to thrombogenicity in the blood. This gets enhanced immediately by the graphene.

Cardiologists must be sick of seeing patients with these problems, Sevillano adds, but they’ll tell you that the damage from the virus would be worse.

(We remind readers that graphene oxide has also been found in flu vaccines, food, medicines, water treatment and cosmetics according to the La Quinta Columna team. The same surely applies to graphene coming from these other sources, that once inside the body, it has a special affinity for the heart because of its heightened electrical activity.)



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3 Comments on Vaccines and Sports Don’t Mix Well – Why Graphene Attacks the Heart [VIDEO]

  1. Hi
    I saw someone do it on the Internet and decided to try it myself as I had the magnets and a good digital microscope. I used the cereals that I had in the kitchen and these were Ready Brek, Cornflakes, Crunchy Nut and whole Earth Golden Organic Corn Flakes.
    All had obvious amounts of graphene, except for the Whole Earth Organic one.There were some minute magnetic particles in it, but they did not look like graphene. Some may say that it is just iron that is being removed, but they had the exact shape and translucent hue of Graphene.

  2. If the Graphene is generating electrical currents in the muscles, could this be why people who have been vaccinated are seen with muscle tremors, Graphene is in all cereals, you can grind the cereal up, pick up the graphene with a powerful magnet, scrape it onto some white paper and watch it move as you move the magnet under the paper. I have also checked it under a microscope and the shape and colouring is exactly the same as the examples on the Internet.

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