Veterans Day 2016 – Vets Publicly Honored by VA, Not So in Private

by Ralph Ely | TLB Editor-at-large

No one in their right mind wants to go to war. I say that from a perspective of one who has served. We will not rehash the reasons for war as it has a wide range platform from arms dealing to legitimate border security. To examine the reasons in between is a life-time project and is a subject for another time.

Today America Honors our fallen Military as well as those Veterans that returned home after completion of their tour of duty. More after our opening video…

We cannot think of a better way to Honor our Veterans than to expose the shocking way The Veterans Administration treats “America’s Finest” upon their return home…

“As free Americans, we are in debt to the long line of American veterans who sacrificed for our liberty and prosperity.” ~ Concerned Veterans for America

Changes are coming in the way Vets are treated and their cases are processed by the VA. Some are already in place and President Elect Donald Trump has said “help is on the way.” As concerned Americans we need to keep up the pressure on our state and federal representatives to assure the “rights and promises” made to Veterans are kept.

To that end Concerned Veterans for America has launched a new project page titled My VA Story.



By Emilye Bell

This week CVA launched a new website – – as a platform for veterans to share their experiences with Department of Veterans Affairs’ facilities nationwide. Since the launch on Monday, we have already received an outpouring of stories and experiences – nearly one hundred so far, and counting!

Over two years ago the news of manipulated waitlist times broke in Phoenix, leading to the exposure of scandal after scandal at the VA. Many stories have come to light since then, including multiple veterans deaths due to extended wait times, millions spent on lavish artwork, medical records being mailed to incorrect recipients, and facilities using dirty surgical tools, just to name a few. We seem to learn about a new failure on the part of the VA just about every week.

But there is more going on at the VA than we are learning from the news; your stories are showing us that. Check out just a few of stories veterans are telling us about their experience at VAs:

Valentin, Kansas: “In all the years I have been going to the VA…I don’t understand why they don’t read your files.” “Recently I called for medication which I need for diabetes and for my usual diabetic shoes. The answer for my shoes which I have been getting for about eight years was ‘we don’t think you qualify’.”

Travis, Arizona: “I have two years of backed up medical bills the VA won’t pay.” “I try to use my ‘Choice Card’ and have all procedures done local since I am 90 miles from my VA hospital…My wife has to battle the Choice Program just to keep the paperwork going. Gaps in the paperwork being delayed which I end up in the emergency room being tapped and drained. Then the VA won’t pay for those ER visits because they delayed the paperwork.”

Jay, Pennsylvania: “VA employees not involved in my medical care began repeatedly and frequently accessing my medical records.” “I am both a severely disabled veteran and an employee of the VA. A few years ago I reported concerns of patient care and safety at the small VA hospital where I worked. In response, VA began calling my consults for care related to my service connected disability.”

Philip, Maine: “I have been in the VA system for nearly 20 years.” “Granted most of my healthcare is obtained locally from ‘civilian’ facilities because of the distance to my VA clinic, but I have never had a poor experience with the VA system to date. All positive and professional.”

Mike, California: “Medically retired in March 2016. Didn’t get in to see my VA doctor until September.” “[I’m] tired of getting asked what my disability is every time I walk into a clinic. Can’t see a VA mental therapist until November. Some respect and appreciation for my sacrifice, as opposed to attitude and condescension would be refreshing.”

A few of the stories are positive. But most stories pouring in detailing poor quality of care, retaliation, delays in wait times and benefits at VA facilities across the country.

What have your experiences been at your local VA? Tell us at


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1 Comment on Veterans Day 2016 – Vets Publicly Honored by VA, Not So in Private

  1. In the name of dignity honor and courage I admire and thank you for your service. However I do not like the way you were used for corporate profit and kicked to the curb. We have a foreign enemy that has controlled this government for too long now and we the people are calling on all vets to protect and serve the citizens of the USA against tyranny and injustice.
    God bless the Vets. Without you we would be just like Mexico.
    And we are almost like it now so please reach out and help these forgotten heroes. We love you.

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