Video: The Elite Knew Mass Unemployment and Unrest Was Coming Long Ago

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They knew, but they did nothing to stop it. The technocrats and robber barons have been steering the ship for some time now.

Now the problems – of too few jobs, and of fewer people necessary to engage in solving the problems of society, and the existential crisis of uncertainty about the purpose of those individuals who make up society – have become ranking challenges of our time.

What happens when the jobs are gone? What will people do, and how will they afford to live?

The technology of the day has caught up to us sooner than anybody realized, and now robots and automation is destroying hundreds of millions of human jobs across the globe.

NAFTA, GATT, WTO and other multi-national trade agreements are just shuffling the deck, and have forced nations and populations to compete to the bottom for the lowest possible wages in order to hold onto work at all.

Entire sectors will no longer be employed, and desperate people will turn to riots, looting and unruly behavior. Some may even turn on the “Davos elite” and other ruling members of the oligarchy.

As the talking points of their latest discussions at Davos indicate, they are worried about the revolutionary potential as wave of mass unemployment prepares to hit. The ultra wealthy control more now than ever, as the Middle Class is completely destroyed and the struggling and poor turn to government for help.

Yet the scientists and technicians who unleashed Cybernetics brought it upon the population intentionally, or at least knowingly.

Norbert Wiener, the foremost expert in this field, discusses the violent potential of technological revolution for jobs and economic survival at a management symposium in 1950 concerning the arrival of cybernetics.


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