Violence is NOT the Answer: A Video Message from Eric Sayward of We Are Change

1012713_10151486534491968_963917127_n[1]TLB Preface by: Roger Landry, The liberty Beacon

Violence is NOT the answer to what we face in America today.

(Picture of Eric Sayward: We Are Change)

We are all aware that our government is prepared for war with We The People. This is shockingly apparent by there purchase of 2.2 Billion rounds of ammunition, close to 3.000 heavily armored vehicles, tens of thousands of assault rifles, body armor, drones in our sky’s, 600+ internment camps, the hiring of tens of thousands of thugs and a slew of tyrannical laws and executive orders granting dictatorial powers to BHO in the event of a national crisis.

Violence is not the answer 01

So why perpetrate violence and give these tyrants the excuse they need to implement martial law and close this circle of tyranny? We are 320 Million strong and if we can unite the voices of even 20% of this massive number to speak as a unified entity … we become an unbeatable force, without affording this government the excuse to perpetrate violence upon us. The mechanisms of change are available to all of us outside the realm of violence and should be exercised to their fullest extent.

These times are fraught with danger and tyranny, and those who would subjugate us are looking for any excuse to silence us forever! Please DON’T hand them that excuse.

Please listen as Eric Sayward of We Are Change speaks his mind on the subject.

Eric Sayward from We Are Change calling for potential violent protestors to STAND DOWN!

See original video here:

1 Comment on Violence is NOT the Answer: A Video Message from Eric Sayward of We Are Change

  1. When the government is ready they will send their trained puppets to masquerade the violence needed with the news cameras which they will use to give themselves the validated excuse they need in the eyes of the world watching, to implement martial law and close their circle of tyranny? They have an agenda planned and will be implementing it when they feel all the pieces are in place.

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