A Voice From The Grave gives warning about Our American Rights

Posted by TLB Editorial Staff

Hardly an hour goes by for us on the TLB Staff that we do not get a link from one of our readers or from one of our news sources that is not connected to the tyranny being fomented on the American People.

Our “wanna be” Slave Masters have no ethics or moral code. Their drive for total Global Domination is on display day after day and they will “take out” anyone that presents a creditable threat to that aim.

To underscore that truth, we bring back a voice from the grave in the form of LaVoy Finicum… murdered, unarmed, by Federal Agents on a remote highway in Oregon. These sound bites are presented on The Kate Show:

Kate writes: There was a reason that ranchers, hundreds of miles away, left their own working ranches to stand up for the rights of others and stage a protest. Forget the salacious media headlines that were meant to deter you from their real message. This, is what they wanted you to know.

Ranchers are usually not the first ones to voluntarily protest, but here on this episode, listen to the last words of LaVoy Finicum before he was killed in the Oregon standoff. His message is vital. It must be heard. Hear the words, from this man’s heart, as to why he felt compelled to leave his ranch and family to travel to Oregon to stand up for the Hammond family. You will never forget this episode. The Government was hoping you would not hear this message, but every American needs to heed his warning for all of us!


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