Vote Like Your Life Depends on It … Because it Does!

Vote Like Your Life Depends on It – Because it Does!

By: Brian C. Joondeph

This is it, the “most important election of our lifetime,” which is how most national elections are described. But this year’s Congressional midterm elections may be just that important. Much rides on which party controls Congress, state legislatures, and many state governorships in terms of the country’s direction and what everyday life looks like for Americans over the remainder of the decade and beyond.

President Barack Obama described the original plan as “the fundamental transformation of America.” It was supposed to be eight years of Obama followed by eight more years of a President Hillary Clinton, to complete the “great reset” from freedom, liberty, and prosperity for much of the Western world, to a top-down command and control society, more in line with a George Orwell novel than the vision of America’s founding fathers.

Will it be a red wave, a blue wave, or a purple trickle? I already made my case predicting a red wave, but given the propensity for Democrat electoral shenanigans, Republicans and conservatives (not necessarily the same group) need to vote like their lives and well-being depend on it because they certainly do. Libertarians too.

Hugh Hewitt summed it up in the title of his 2012 book, “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat: Crushing The Democrats In Every Election And Why Your Life Depends On It.” President Biden hinted at such cheating in recent remarks at the Columbus Club in Washington, DC.

We know that many states don’t start counting those ballots until after the polls close on November 8. That means in some cases we won’t know the winner of the election until a few days after the election. It takes time to count all legitimate ballots in a legal and orderly manner. Huh?

Days to count ballots? Since when? Since any close election where the Republican candidate is ahead, beginning with Bush v Gore in Florida in 2000 to Trump v Biden in 2020. The Mega Millions lottery can identify the winner almost immediately and know where in America he purchased the winning ticket. Most countries, including a previously more honest America, know the election winner hours after the polls close.

Image: Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi. YouTube screen grab.

Biden’s comment about “a few days” suggests that once the votes are counted the first time, if the Republican candidate is the winner, counting stops until additional votes can be found or manufactured, enough to put the Democrat over the top. This is why voting is so important and that every vote counts to so overwhelm the tally that cheating is impossible, as Hugh Hewitt described.

What’s in store for the country if Democrats control Congress and, in essence, all three branches of government? Yes, the US Supreme Court is supposed to be independent, but even the high court can be pressured and politicized. Court decisions are often ignored, as in New York City Mayor Eric Adams having no interest in following the ruling of a NY Supreme Court justice requiring reinstatement of municipal employees fired for not taking the COVID vaccine.

So how do your country and life depend on the November 8 election outcome? What would Democrat majorities in Congress mean for America? All tricks and no treats.

Abortion on demand, up to and perhaps even beyond birth, would be codified into national law. Democrats had 50 years post-Roe v Wade to legalize abortion legislatively, many of those years when Democrats controlled Congress and the White House, but they didn’t. After the recent SCOTUS decision repealing Roe, turning the decision over to the states as prescribed by the Tenth Amendment, expect a donkey Congress to legalize killing babies.

Censorship is the new norm, with unelected and unaccountable social media behemoths determining “truth” and acceptable conversation. Asking questions of or disagreeing with those in charge leads to censorship or worse. Noted cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny may lose their medical licenses and board certifications over having the temerity to challenge Dr. Fauci, and the three-letter medical agencies, just as Galileo was imprisoned for questioning the leading scientists of the day over the earth-revolving around the sun rather than vice versa.

Taxes will rise under a Democrat Congress. The government is spending money it does not have, now financing a $31 trillion national debt at an interest rate of 4 percent and rising. This translates to $1.4 trillion in annual interest payments on the debt, consuming 29 percent of federal tax receipts according to Zero Hedge. Given that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell suggested additional interest rate hikes to combat inflation, expect debt service to grow, leaving little money for other government spending priorities, with tax hikes as the only solution for Democrats to make ends meet.

Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for US adults. Democrat open borders and sanctuary city policies are supporting the Fentanyl supply chain, while other Democrat policies are choking the supply chain for the essential and non-lethal goods and services that Americans depend on.

Speaking of the border, expect Democrats to leave the border wide open, flooding America with low-skilled migrants, unable to assimilate into American culture, bringing criminal activity and economic dependence, all of which will be supported by already overtaxed American citizens.

From Trump era energy independence, when America was a net energy exporter, to the Democrat President begging the Saudis for more oil and depleting our strategic petroleum reserves, expect this trend to continue spiraling downward. Remember gasoline under $2 a gallon during a Republican administration to a doubling of gasoline prices under the current Democrat cabal? With a deliberate effort to reduce energy supplies, expect energy prices to continue rising while Biden licks his ice cream cones “like a boss” according to ABC News.

What’s the Democrat solution to unaffordable gasoline? Electric vehicles, as if electricity and EV batteries magically grow on trees. California can’t keep its lights on, but the state has mandated 100 percent new EV sales by 2035. But don’t worry if the lights go out. President Biden claims that EVs can light your homes. Aside from such a practice voiding a Tesla warranty, how will you recharge your batteries during a brownout? How will you drive to work with a dead EV battery? This is what passes for Democrat leadership these days.

Democrats have no solution for inflation, other than calling it “transitory.” Or there’s Biden’s recent proposal of windfall profit taxes on oil companies, a tactic that has been tried and was an abject failure. Democrats in charge going forward means higher prices for virtually everything.

But rest assured, government tax revenues, when not supporting interest payments on the national debt, will be sent to Ukraine to finance a proxy war against Russia, an endeavor for which America has no compelling national interest, and that could possibly escalate into a nuclear holocaust that, by comparison, would make the COVID pandemic look like a day at the beach.

Don’t forget the children. Democrats want unnecessary COVID vaccines for your children. Drag queen story hour and encouraging gender confusion, followed by surgical castration, are Democrat priorities and likely to be codified into law if Democrats control Congress.

Lastly, Democrats want to defund the police, leading to increased crime and violence. How ironic that the husband of the US Speaker of the House, herself calling for police defunding, was “allegedly” violently attacked (the emerging details are becoming dodgier by the day) in his own home. With an election ahead, Democrats deny their calls for defunding the police, but here is a 7-minute video of them advocating for that from which they now run.

Democrats will turn America into, at best, a socialist state and, at worst, a communist dictatorship with a handful of them in charge, much like the capital city in the Hunger Games.

Electoral reform is happening, but will it be enough to ensure a fair and honest election? Election reform advocate and attorney Lin Wood cries, “Fix 2020 or bust.” Does this mean we shouldn’t vote as elections are still sketchy but likely better than in 2020? Or because every GOP candidate is not the perfect solution to our current problems? How can we fix anything without electing leaders who acknowledge the problem and have the cojones to actually fix the broken and fraudulent electoral system?

Perfect is the enemy of good, and that applies to candidates as well. An imperfect Republican official will do far less damage than any Democrat and may even do some good. Leave principles and convictions in the chatrooms and think tanks.

Voting libertarian out of conviction will only split the Republican vote and likely elect the Democrat candidate. This election is a call for action, or else there may be nothing of America left to salvage after two more years of Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer in charge. Vote Republican or get the government and country you deserve.

On election day, vote like your country and life depend on it because they do! America needs and deserves better than the modern Democrat party.


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