Walking The Kingdom (Show #2): A Weekly Discussion On Drug Education & a 4K Mile Walk To Promote It

Walk The Kingdom

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Walking The Kingdom Episode 2

Hosted by: Roger Landry (TLB) – With TLB’s very own Steve Cook (Walking the Kingdom) & Pete Dwan (Drug Counselor & Educator)

The quest:

No sane person has the goal of getting their kids or Grand-kids hooked on Drugs but many people worry what they can do about it. Some feel they don’t know enough about the subject to talk to their little ones about drugs. Others feel that scaring them or threatening them will do the Trick. Some even think their kids will work it out for themselves and don’t even broach the subject. All told it is a very real problem that faces our Children.

Steve Cook is taking on a huge challenge to help every parent on the Planet keep their kids away for drugs. Walk The Kingdom is a campaign that will take him around 9 months to complete and will require him to walk up to 20 miles a day to achieve the overall target of over 4000 Miles to cover the entire coastline of the UK mainland. Steve, who is in his SIXTIES, wants to raise money and awareness so that no child misses out on what he feels is Vital information to keep our kids drug free. The information he’s talking about is put across to kids from a very unlikely source.

Pete Dwan started drinking and taking drugs at 13 yrs of age. This spiraled out of control to the point where he almost died at the age of 22 after his Liver stopped working. After making a full recovery, through substituting the high of drugs and drink with the high of competing in physical combat sport, Pete became the British Thai Boxing Champion.

Years later Pete was being quizzed about drugs from his own kids when he realized with his own experience he would be in a good position to talk to kids about drugs. So after training as Drug lecturer he started. Fast forward 10 years and Pete, now with his own Drug Education ” Urban Warrior” Radio show has spoken to over 78,000 kids all over the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Belgium (Visit Pete’s website HERE).  After hearing Pete’s talk Steve decided that no kids should miss out on this vital information and has set himself this humongous task to bring attention to Pete’s work.

Steve is about 340 miles into his walk as this show airs.

Each week on this show we will be hearing from Steve out on the coastline road and Pete who will be giving key information you need to keep your kids drug free.


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Image and comment from Dave Jordan

Steve outside the Nags Head, Lower Stoke, Near Rochester, Kent, 0n the May 15, 2015 where the Landlord put him up for the night. In the morning he told me that he was proceeding to Allhallows and then through the villages of Dickens Country to Gravesend where he will board the ferry across the Thames to Essex, and make his way up the East Coast.

We wish him and his cause all the very best, well done so far Steve !!!

Steve Pub


Please visit Steve at his website Walk The Kingdom for daily updates and videos. Donate to this worthwhile cause or help in any way you feel comfortable with, even if just helping to get the word out.

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