WATCH: 14yr. Old Drop Kicks ‘The Media’ Into Next Week Over Anti-Trump Bias

Published to TLB via Clash Daily

Ninah J, just 14 years old and more astute than CNN.

This teen does an AMAZING job blasting the ‘Media’ about their pro-Hillary, anti-Trump bias.

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Watch her here:Video by Ninah Jackson

From her video:

Don’t claim that you’re a neutral channel if you’re not going to report the facts.

If you’re in bed with the Democrats, and in bed with Hillary Clinton, just say it, and then we wouldn’t have a problem. I won’t watch you. You won’t ask for my views as a Constitutional Conservative.


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[TLB Editors note: Ninah “Sources” her post much better than many writers and reporters as indicated below.]

Former Secret Service Agent running for Senate:…

CNN Claim SS spoke to Trump:…

Trump Denies SS spoke to Him:…

Trump 2nd Amend Comments:…

David Duke:…

Omar Mateen’s Dad:……

Pay For Play Scandal:…

HRC 2008 Assassination Comment:…


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