Welcome to the 21st Century [Michael Aydinian commentary]

Welcome to the 21st Century

Are We Turning into Robotic Culture Clones?

by Michael Aydinian, TLB Contributing Writer

There is no American justice. What we are all seeing is Israeli justice! Since our politicians allow Israel to commit land theft, incarceration without trial, child kidnapping for the purpose of organ theft & mass-murder; since we fight wars only Israel wants; since the West unconditionally supports this nation even though it is the greatest violator of international law by a mile, what can one honestly conclude? How much longer are we going to bury our heads in the sand?

Yet we all feel how politicians in the West, notably the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia & a host of other nations do not by any stretch of the imagination care for the people they’re supposed to represent. Surely then, one is obliged to ask – WHO DO THEY REPRESENT? This is the point where most people venture no further, even though it’s as clear as daylight – Western politicians have been bought off by Zionists who are all controlled by Rothschild banksters. This effectively means WE ARE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES!

Sure, we’re yet to feel the harsh reality, the unimaginable pain Palestinians are forced to endure. It’s symptomatic of the way humans have been programmed to think – ‘I’m alright Jack. Bad news down in Gaza but what can I do? Got my own shit to worry about!’ Yeah, well more fool you because right now, our politicians are slowly but surely ratifying laws that will render criticism of Israel & these gargantuan Zionist gangsters, an illegal act.

You can be sure too all those who exercise control in the military & the Police will have been carefully hand-picked. They’ll obey orders as opposed to doing what’s morally correct. In the US especially, Obama purged the military of those who flat out stated they wouldn’t open fire on US citizens. Do I have to even mention what’s happened to the US police force? Only that the US Police now receive their ‘training’ from the IDF in Israel. As for the oath to serve & protect – that’s disappeared up the Swanee! 

From July 6 2016 – 

I guarantee if nothing is done about this Zionist stranglehold on power, which quite literally mimics the most virulent carcinogenic strain known to mankind, we’ll soon experience the dawning realisation of what it’s like being a Palestinian! Understand this: 100 years ago these same Khazarian Ashkenazi Zionists massacred 66 million Russians in the Bolshevic Revolution. It’s difficult learning about this because even writers who’ve won the Nobel Prize for literature have fallen foul of Zionist censorship. In his book ‘200 Years Together’, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn gave a harrowing account of the wholesale torture & mutilation. It really is the stuff of nightmares. You cannot have more wicked people!

Herein lies the danger. This is what censorship does – the only thing suppressed is the truth. As a result, few can truly comprehend what these people are really capable of. I’m in no doubt – once a nasty piece of work….. That blithering idiot GW Bush even said it – ‘fool me once,’ blah, blah, blah & the rest of the crap he came out with. If we don’t brave these ridiculous accusations of anti-Semitism, then as soon as they get the green light, they’ll not only make the 66 million they massacred look like chicken feed; THEY’LL RELISH THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO AGAIN WITH OPEN ARMS!

Can’t you see it? Just look at what the IDF are doing right now & GETTING AWAY WITH IT – using innocent civilians for target practice. I mean goodness gracious – what does it take for people to imagine the same thing happening to them – you’re walking down the road, minding you’re own business AND SUDDENLY BAM! IT’S ALL SHE WROTE! How would you like it if someone you loved was snuffed out as if their life was worth nothing? What’s more, that steaming pile of shit Lieberman wants to give these murderers medals! Don’t know whether to laugh or to cry – they openly display just how delusional they are.

Finally I’d like to say thanks to Darryl I. Jones for sending this excellent clip (5.34) – Welcome to the 21st Century. This guy does a great job. It’s up to us to turn around this mess….


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