What Are Excitotoxins? You Are Probably Eating Them Now – 9 Ingredients To Avoid

So just what are excitotoxins? And what a funny word – almost like a  single-word oxymoron – “excito” sounds great, but “toxins”?

Well, they’re all to do with what ends up in our food – and that happens for  various reasons.

There is no doubt that as a general rule, we have become a nation of  convenience food consumers. Let’s face it. We are busier than we have ever been,  and there are more societal and work demands being placed on us than we care to  think about.

The media is in our face any time we find time to draw breath, with their  ubiquitous advertisements, imploring, begging and cajoling us, so that we give  in to their calls to buy.

And buy we do! Because again, let’s face it. It’s easy. It’s convenient.  Moreover, our children are a captive audience. The food is packaged appealingly  and it tastes great! So why not? The reality is that ‘taste’ is MANUFACTURED  into these foods, in an effort to get us to eat more of it. The addiction  process has begun.

Think! But what if we were to stop, take stock and think about what  might be in that convenience food? Is there any parent on earth who wants less  than the best for their family? Probably not! And yet, perhaps, in giving in to  convenience, we are giving in to our children having a less-than-fair chance at  healthy living, optimal learning, and dare I say it, longevity!

Russell Blaylock – In his book, “Excitotoxins: The Taste that Kills”,  Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon, suggests that everyday additives in food are  anything but benign. Excitotoxins are substances that bind with the neurons in  our brain allowing a build-up of calcium within cells leading to a destruction  of the nervous system.

Additives such as monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein,  aspartame, and ‘natural flavouring’, which are far from natural, over-stimulate  the nerve cells in our brains, an over-stimulation that excites them to death,  causing brain damage of varying degrees!

But, the brain is a chemical factory, according to Doctor Blaylock. It  depends on careful quality-control for its operation. The amount of these  chemicals needed to transmit signals is infinitesimal.

This means that even small fluctuations could result in dramatic alteration  of brain function, perhaps even the death of the cells. How scary is that?

Apparently babies are five times more sensitive than adults, says Blaylock,  and excitotoxicity can be triggered by flu, cold, the West Nile virus, even  measles.

It’s in the process! You see, the reality is that too many of us  ingest these in overly-large amounts through consumption of diet soft drinks and  processed foods, so upsetting the delicate balance, and leading to the dying of  the brain cells.

This may well cause, at a later stage, other degenerative diseases such as  Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s Disease, and stroke – diseases that are on the  increase in our western culture.

The food industry has been very clever in the way in which it has  disguised these additives. It is deception at its worst. But it’s really not all  that hard to decipher them.

Just look for the following 9 ingredients, and learn to avoid them.

  1. Malted barley
  2. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  3. Soy sauce extract and protein
  4. Bouillon
  5. Textured protein
  6. Natural flavourings
  7. Yeast extract
  8. Spices
  9. Caseinate (in baby formula, especially hypoallergenic ones!)


Hard work – Trying to ensure that our children are appropriately fed  and nourished is hard work. With fast-food outlets mushrooming at rates we can’t  control, school canteens still pedalling junk foods in the name of profit, and  with the wealth of processed food sold in supermarkets on the increase, it’s a  recipe for absolute disaster.

It seems like fighting an uphill battle to keep our children healthy when we  are so deliberately (albeit subtly) derailed by the food industry itself, an  industry that puts profits ahead of health.

If you are as yet unconvinced about all of this let me assure you that the  food industry has known for many years that its additives have been implicated  in a myriad of physical problems such as migraines, seizures, obesity, ADD and  ADHD, and Alzheimer’s, to name a few, but it has chosen to ignore the  evidence.

The Glutamate Association even has its own Public Relations Organization,  whose task it is to, “research information on the safety and efficacy of MSG” –  What?

Profit-based – As I said, it’s all about profit. Using additives such  as MSG allows manufacturers to use inferior quality ingredients and then  compensate with unnatural flavour enhancers. And guess what, that heightened  flavouring is addictive! They’ve got us hooked!

We are fast approaching a time when the actuality of food in our ‘food’ is  but a dream. The harsh reality is this. Food manufacturers will stop at nothing  to claim your dollars. If they can add more ‘enticement’ into their products  through chemical additives, rest assured they will.

So, the onus is therefore on you, the consumer. Don’t depend on government  agencies to protect you. They won’t.

Buyer beware! – So now you have an idea of what excitotoxins are, how  do you avoid them?

Begin by removing processed foods from your diet – this is your first step in  safeguarding your family. Concentrating on fruits and vegetables (preferably  organic) and whole grains will ensure that you are not exposing them to  excitotoxins.

That’s where your journey begins. Getting back to cooking from scratch, just  the way our forebears did, is part of that journey.

From your natural health promoter and friend, Maria Renouf.

Understand that food matters. Excitotoxins are but one factor to be aware and  wary of. Don’t blindly resort to drugs. Transform your body into an alkaline  state. This does require, however, an appreciation of a number of contributing  factors. Get your complimentary Mini Acid:Alkaline Awareness course at http://www.alkalinemadeeasy.com. Delivered to your mailbox in  bite-sized chunks over one week. There are some real eye-openers. Go ahead –  it’s free, and you might be spurred on to start your own  investigations.


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  1. Kab, please save your opinion if you are incapable of understanding what you read. Probably you read nothing more than the ingredient list. This are ingredients faked as natural by food manufacturers, here the writer is not even mentioning the other real toxic stuff, we have enough intelligence and resources to read and research each, I mean each listed ingredient and what those are made of, and it’s effect on health.

  2. So organic spices are bad for you? As listed in the above article…..have I got this wrong? This sounds like a load of crap

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