What Are We Leaving Our Children?

Dave and SonBy: Dave Hodges, TLB Contributor.

Four years ago when this picture was taken of my son and myself, I still held out hope that the alternative media could rescue this country from the tyrants that have hijacked our government. I had this picture made into a poster where it is now displayed just outside my office where I write and broadcast. The picture formerly symbolized the hope that I held out for the next generation. Today, this picture represents what has been lost and what may never be recovered. It also serves as a reminder of my parental responsibility to adequately prepare my son for what lies ahead as he prepares to become an unwilling citizen in the New World Order.

We Cannot Shield Our Children From the Effects of the NWO

Three months ago, I was telling my son about how his late grandfather joined the Navy at a very young age and made a successful career out of it. He stopped me and asked if I would be upset if he did not want to join the military. At that moment, I realized that I had an important decision to make as a parent. Do I tell my son the truth about the facts related to his question, or do I take the approach we often do with our kids and gloss over the truth? I subsequently wrote an article about that conversation and I strongly lamented that I did not feel that I was prepared to parent a child into the New World Order.

Three months later, the challenge of being a father to a child entering the abyss of a world controlled by immoral central bankers has reared its ugly head. Even though my son is only in 7th grade, his academic choices that he makes now, will seriously impact his options in high school. This in turn will shape his college options.

All Education Must Be Practical

My 12 year old son told me he wanted to learn French. French? Are you kidding me? I was shocked and rather than honor his new found initiative, I did not do a very good job of hiding my disappointment. I asked him why he was interested in French and I got a typical kid answer of, “the language sounds cool,” which is reflective of the harmony and cadence of one of the romance languages.

I am thrilled that my son wants to learn a foreign language and I want to honor his choice, but it did not keep me from trying to get him to process the practicality of his choice. I pointed out to him that his heritage is Norwegian and German. I reminded him that we live in the Southwest and learning to speak Spanish might be a good choice. And of course, Mandarin Chinese came up in the discussion for all the economic reasons. Yet, he was fixated on French. OK, two years of French and four years of something else beginning in the 9th grade. Am I just a controlling parent who is unwilling to release the reigns of control to my maturing son? Or, do I know something that I think that all of you should know?

What kind of country are we collectively leaving our children? I have passionately studied the trends in education and have compared them to the prospects for success in our society. Here is what I am finding.

New Generation, Different Rules

When I was growing up, I could have literally been an average student and still held out hope that the company I would eventually work for would allow me to work my way up the ladder of success. Those days are gone, that ship has sailed.

When I was growing up, I could have performed a little above average in high school, gone to a college, and then assumed my place in the world of work and have had the hope that I could be successful. Those days are gone, with a few exceptions, that ship has also sailed.

For the most part, the end product our schools are producing is grossly substandard. SAT reading scores have declined to 40 year lows and there is no sign of a rebound. Since reading is the key to all knowledge, we are sending our children to a gunfight with a butter knife. Before the defenders of the public school system raise their voices in opposition, everyone needs to realize that our school children have been under attack for decades. Even the best educators have referred to our public education system as “the deliberate dumbing down of America.”

dumbing-downThe educational system is in such dire straits that Charlotte Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor for the Department of Education, stated that there is a deliberate attempt to dumb our children down. Three time New York teacher of the year strongly echoes Iserbyt’s assertion related to the dumbing down of America in a book he released five years ago entitled, Weapons of Mass Instruction. Adding to the stacked deck against our children, is the introduction of Common Core standards. Arizona is only eight weeks into this grand educational experiment, and the outcry has been so loud in opposition to Common Core, that the Arizona Superintendent of Education, John Huppenthal (not an educator, but a career politician) declared that Arizona is sticking with Common Core come hell of high water. However, Huppenthal declared that he was changing Common Core to a different name (Arizona College Ready and Career Standards) in an obvious attempt to fool parents as they hear more legitimate outcries about the unproven claims that Common Core makes kids more college ready in a “lipstick on a pig approach.” And the claims that Common Core is internationally bench-marked are not true, there are no internationally normed benchmarks for the Common Core assessment called PARC. PARC is not even completed and normed. Your children are guinea pigs for these standards which arise from Education for All which emanates from the United Nations. My oh my, does that Kool-Aid ever taste good.

Most of our children are grossly unprepared for college and life when they complete their education. As a result, we have provided our son with tutors and speed reading classes when appropriate in order to compensate for an inadequate system that is failing so many of our students. However, as we consider just how bad things are going to be for the majority of our children, let’s look at some economic trends which illustrate the crises of life in America for our young adults.

Economic Armageddon

Nearly 25 million adults, or 57 percent of all young adults between 18 and 24 still live at home with their parents because they’re unemployed or underemployed. These adults are attempting to pay off student loans or save money to buy a home, save money for school or to save money for any number of other reasons. While having your parents as your roommates may make financial sense, it is devastating for a person’s self-esteem and it is the kiss of death for one’s marriage choices. Trulia’s survey found that only 5% of unmarried adults would consider dating someone who lived at home with their parents.

The majority of college graduates considered their college experience a waste of time as 70% of all surveyed college graduateswish that they had spent more time preparing for real jobs skills rather than the purely academic focus they pursued while in school. 

“We have very little direction because we are playing in a rigged game with no rules.”

gen-yIt would appear that the regret expressed by so many college students is well-grounded in fact, as there are more than 100,000janitors and 317,000 waiters and waitressesthat have college degrees. In the year 2000, 80 percent of men in their late 20′s had a full-time job, by 2012, only 65 percentof this population had full-time work. And what will happen as Obamacare kicks in and employers continue the trend to reduce their workforce to part-time?

These statistics are only the tip of the iceberg, but the message here is clear. Be prepared my fellow parents to support your children well into their 30′s. There is an additional consideration, the Obama administration and friends are posturing to eliminate the generational transmission of wealth. Even though we have allowed the central bankers through such nefarious strategies as the blatant implementation of free trade agreements to export many of our jobs overseas, we could have still passed along our acquired wealth to our children. However, if our pensions and 401K funds are confiscated and placed into a national redistribution of wealth center, your child will see little, if anything, of your accumulated wealth. This is an obvious ploy to impoverish this new generation and make them totally dependent on government for everything. If Obama has his way, our welfare ranks will grow from one in two working age Americans to a 100% rate of dependency upon the government.

What’s a Parent To Do?

Now, we are back to square one in which I was helping my son to weigh his options with regard to a foreign language. Parents can help their children to become focused on a career choice at an early age, by ninth or tenth grade at the latest. If college is the only way to achieve this career aspiration, then seek alternative methods of funding the early days of college which will be cheaper. Choose a high school which offers dual enrollment opportunities in which students can earn college credit for an inexpensive price. Consider going to a community college for the first two years. The savings can be astronomical. Finally, if you have a college near your home which matches the preferred path of study, have your adult children live at home and save even more money. Discourage the taking of personal interest courses as they only drive up the cost of education.

If your child does not express a legitimate career choice in high school, discourage college until they have that direction. College has become too expensive for young adults to use the experience of attending college to find themselves. These students would be better off finding a job skills training program and then going to work immediately. And forget the military as an option. Increasingly, our troops are used as the central banker’s occupation army who think nothing of throwing away their lives. And if they do survive the experience, as they complete their fourth tour of duty in Afghanistan, much of their youth will be gone and what will they have to show for it.

I estimate the odds of a child living a comfortable life by 2013 standards to be about 1 in 3 based on the existing statistics. The odds can be significantly increased in their favor if a child chooses a high demand field, at an early age, and is willing to commit to the academic effort needed to meet that success. One should always be mindful that our children are playing a rigged game which is purposely putting our economy in a permanent state of demise. It is not going to get any better.

“Mommy, I have no future without your help.”

education-rips-off-childrenToo many parents are still raising their children in the old paradigm. The subjugation of our government by the central bankers has changed everything. The sooner you adapt as a parent, the sooner your children can begin to prepare. And having said that, there is no guarantee that the steps I am taking to prepare my son are always going to be the right steps because at the end of the day, I have no control over what the lunatics who run our government are going to do.

Someday, we will collectively look at 2013 as the good ‘ole days.

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