Liberty: The ability of individuals to have agency (control over their own actions). So is liberty just freedom from tyranny of a repressive, authoritarian government or does it also include the tyranny of GMO’s, Chemtrails, Vaccines, Fluoride or a Mainstream Media bent on serving their oligarch masters?

We at The Liberty Beacon project say “All the above” and more! It is our stated mission to act as a Beacon for all who yearn for liberty by bringing you the latest information on any and all attacks on our ability to have control over our own destiny including our inalienable right to live a healthy life.

We thank you for all your past support and we wish to tell you there is much more on the horizon for this project including an additional website and several new podcast shows. Please join us in this struggle and LIVE FREE !!!

Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon

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  1. Your work is so appreciated…It is clear that you seek truth and obviously give credit to sources of research….which in turn demonstrates your hard work. I enjoy your post and share them on my FB page (s). These things must be shared and without eloquent and informed writers …well it would not be shared…. I like that you said ‘inalienable’ and not ‘unalienable’…..there is quite a difference! Our ‘inalienable’ rights are being taken. Our ‘unalienable’ can’t be taken….Unless, of course we loose so much of the former that the later becomes impossible….Keep up the good work!

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