What Should Useful News Consist Of?

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By Ken Kemmerer

According to the American Heritage dictionary, News is Information about recent events or happenings, especially as reported by newspapers, periodicals, radio, or television.

So by definition, news can be sports news, entertainment news, business news, etc..  However, it would also include information which people living under a representative form of government such as we do in America, need, in order to make informed decisions about proposed laws, which politicians to support and so forth.  In a free society living under a representative form of government, the latter type of news is the most important.  And such news would include the following:

–       Who owns and/or controls the Main Stream Media (the MSM) in America and what is their agenda?

–       Complete coverage of the various politically involved secret societies and their influence on society.  Such information is readily available via independent publishers and investigative reporters who are never featured in the MSM.

–       What is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and how and why was it started?

–       Who controls the CFR?

–       What is the Trilateral Commission (TC) and who controls it?

–       What is the Bilderberg group and who controls it.

–       What is the RIIA (known as “Chatham House”) and how does it relate to the above three groups.

–       What are the products of the many “think tanks” and research institutes such as the RAND corp, the Brookings Institute, the Hudson Institute, the Heritage Foundation, Stanford Research Institute (SRI), etc.?  Would you be surprised to find that most of them do research on ways to implement various laws which nullify or bypass the Constitution and which our representatives then pass into law?

–       Who controls what these “think tanks” do?

–       Which politicians belong to or are (or ever were) affiliated with any of the above groups or think tanks?  Unfortunately, that would include most of them, including the current and most past Presidents.

–       What is the background of each political candidate and where does their major financial backing come from?

–       The full and complete background of all candidates for political office, including education, what organizations they belong to (or ever belonged to), current or past personal affiliations, who or where they are getting their major financing from and any past voting record.  This is important because with very few exceptions (such as Ron Paul), virtually all politicians tell people what the polls show the people want to hear, and not what they themselves believe or intend to do.  Therefore, listening to their speeches is virtually useless because they rarely do what they talk about doing.  That’s why most people don’t find out what a politician really intends to do until it’s too late.  So we need to know their past track record as that will predict their future actions much better than their speeches ever will.

–       A full and complete background on any of the major financial backers of any politician.

–       A complete and unbiased analysis of the economic and/or political ramifications of proposed laws.

–       A breakdown of exactly how our government is spending our tax dollars and on what.

–       Who owns the Federal Reserve and what effect does it have on our economy.

–       An analysis of how the Fed has been used to whipsaw the economy to the detriment of the American people and to the benefit of the insiders, since its inception.

–       How the various mental health organizations are backed by the international bankers and what their real purpose is (it’s not about improving people’s mental functioning).

–       What is the super secret Tavistock Institute and what does it do?

–       How do the psy-war operations carried out against America by the Tavistock Institute affect us?

–       Who controls the curriculum of our medical schools?

–       Who controls the history departments of our major universities and when did they start doing so?

The above are the types of things which every American citizen needs to know and which the news should focus on if it is to be useful to them.  However, in the current scene, if any of the above are mentioned at all, they are either misrepresented or outright lied about.  But mostly they are just not mentioned at all.  Instead what we get, and which is passed off as useful news, are stories about the latest scandal in sports, talk about the latest Hollywood divorce, speculation about who killed who and why, etc..  And regarding politics, we get beautiful speeches which sound great but which don’t represent the person’s real intentions or beliefs.

So here’s a project for you: the next time you read a newspaper, listen to a news broadcast on radio or TV, or see something on AOL, MSN or major other internet news source, ask yourself if any of what you read or heard covers any of the above points in such a way as to be useful.  In fact, try doing that for a week, and keep track of any news stories you encounter in that week which covered any of the above in a forthright manner.

I’ve tried this for months and so far I haven’t been able to find even one story in any of the major media which covered any of the above points in such a way as to be useful to me (or to anyone else).

See if you can beat that and actually find at least one thing in a week that covered any of the above points and then tell me what it was.  After that, decide whether what passes for news is merely entertainment or is actually useful to you.  Then you should decide whether or not it might be a good idea to abandon the media as a source of useful news and start to do some outside reading in order to become informed about those things a person needs to know in order to be a good citizen under a representative form of government.


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